Midnight Lover


sarNie Granny
CH 20

She must had slept for days as her eye slowly open , she could smell the smoke from the camp fire within a few feet where she laid . The crackle sound from the burn wood make her ear ring and she struggle to sit up from the leaves like bed, there was a warm hand rubbing her temple , it smooth the headaches , until she realize it wasn't her hand . She turn over her shoulder and saw those familiar wolfish grin of his , with her up-most strength she scoop herself far away till her back was halt by a rock. She was in a cave and she couldn't summon the strength to bolt her abductor .

"I know what you are thinking" he held his palms face up innocently , as if there was such gesture for him and then assure her "Take advantage of sleeping beauty isn't in my category , I didn't even use my hand"

"Oh! And what precisely did you use!" her eye piercing.

"My mouth" he wet his lip in a suggesting manner. It was enough to make his captive rose in flame , she was wildly enrage and he stare up at her with his amuse smile.

"Take me home this instance! Or else I will have to hurt you!" she shout as if to let  the world know where she is hidden.

Lucus rise from the ground and stood firmly with his arm cross , his express was serious and determine "No" he said it calmly

"Do you realize what my father will do to you when he found us!"

His face soften , "Are you worry that your father will shred me to bit ? I'm sure --"

She rudely interrupt his conceited thought of her coming to care for him ," I do not worry about you! I'm worry that my father will have to dirty his hand to save me!"

He was unamused by that bit of information and was annoyed by her on going talk of her ruin wedding and her groom to be is somewhere out there looking for her. It remained him why he have to kidnap her again , he was going take her to the Tiberian's tribe , to his mother . He dread the thought of facing his mother again after 5 long year he try to avoid her and the irony of it , he now the one looking forward to see her! Madam was his mother title name , a widow for over 30 years and the leader of the tribe . In his childhood memory she was never a doting mother but more as a chief leader and treated him like any another people of their kind with old fashion regulation , boring lecture , duty and honor ect. And just like the people of their kind she wanted to control him and keep him from the outside world . When she found out he was poison because he disobey her and enter the forbidden valley , she was even more determine to see him bend to her will in exchange for the Phoenix pill , a temporary relief medicine to control the spread of the poison in his body but not completely cure it . Enrage by her lack of compassion , he stole the remaining pills and the Ancient manual script from the hidden wall and took off.

"Well..?!" she repeated.

"What ?"

"Didn't you hear what I just said ? What I was ranting about?!"

He frown , "The answer is no"

"Then I will have to fight you" her chin went up a notch and the challenge in her eye make his knee weak , not because of fear but of laughter and he manage to hide the smile. Obviously , she didn't know he had reduce her strength to human ability. While she was sleeping , he had mix a herb potion according to the Ancient manual script and chanted the spell that require to entice it. She was right about not believing him when he said he didn't took advantage of sleeping beauty but he didn't use his hand , instead he use his mouth to pour the potion thru her lip .

"My body is your, do whatever your heart desire" he smile roguishly and brace himself for the blow he know will be nothing than an ant bit, therefore he close his eye and fake pain when he felt her small fist pounding through his chest and stomach . The heavy breathing she made had his eye open , she was exhausted and frustrated with the sudden change in her physical ability.

"What did you do to me!" her accuse glare shot to his face .

"It's temporary until we reach the mountain" he assure her and gather her in his arm , patting her on the back once we become soul-mate , everything will be alright he pamper voice was cooing her as if she a child , which ten fold her already rising anger and frustration to near insanity . How can he just come into her life and take away her choices soul mate ? What does that mean ? She abruptly shove him and try to run toward the cave exit but her feet got tangle with the tail of her wedding gown, she trip and nearly fall flat to the ground but Lucus caught her in the nick of time. First she loses her super strength and now she became a clumsy vampire.

"Take your hands away from me"

"I was just trying to help" he release his hold and she coil away as if the sight of him repulse her.

"Your help is killing me!"

"You are being unreasonable"

"Can you blame me for being unreasonable? I'm in the middle of noway and away from my family with an animal"

He flinch and bolted out his anger , "You broke our promise! Went behind my back and marry that bastard! How does that make me feel ? Animal have feeling just like a vampire too , Missy"

She gape in a fit of his unbelievable statement , he talk as if he the victim of a spouse abuse "I never promise anything! Your arrogant mind assume everything out of proportion . What we have was just physical bonding , I don't owe you anything and same with you . I'm a vampire . You offer me blood , I was hungry and lust after a man" she blush from the head down to her curl toes , the last part wasn't meant to be said.

He struggle to hold his delight by her last confession and continue his serious tone , "Are you trying to say , I was just food and pleasure until you found someone new to replace me. How very convenience of me to be on the list"

She akimbo her hand above her hip , "You make me sound as if I'm a loose woman"

"A woman with two husband , does sound like a woman with moral value" he was being sarcastic .

"Oh! It no point of arguing with you! Just take me home! Please!"

"I will take you home later after we visit my mother and after you become mine"

"I'm not an object . You can't own me."

"Once our blood bond together , our soul , mind and body will become one. All Tiberian goes through this transformation with their mate , to insure the safety of an unconditional need of one another without infidelity . You will no longer want another lover nor will u able to live without the presence of me and the same goes for me as well." he slowly more toward her with his hand reaching out to touch her cheek.

"Are you proposing to me?" she couldn't stop the pounding of her heart nor the knot of anguish and tremor of emotion . She wasn't sure if she is ready to accept his proposal , she never thought of them being together forever , it never occur to her if love can sprung from their lasion and the fact he didn't mention marriage but instead a brief description of what to be expected when she become his soul-mate , which basically , sound like a marriage proposal to her unless she misunderstand him.

Lucus suck in his breath and bit the corner of his lip , he felt awkward and couldn't seen to find the right phase to correct the woman , not that it need correcting because it's true but his pride was just a bit too high to give this child-like-woman some form of amusement for his sudden change of affection and he doesn't want to admit too much of his feeling for her . His silence left her waiting for his reply . After what seen a life time he clear his throat ," It's not a proposal . A proposal , you have an option to say yes or no . I'm clearly forcing you against your will to become my soul-mate and a life time of bed activity" he smile proudly .

If there was a huge rock around and if she is able to pick it up , she will smash his head with it. The man is clearly unromantic and arrogant to the root, despite his twist of words , his long silent a few minute age , meant he was scrambling for way to tarnish a rather awkward yet undeniable sight into his feeling for her and she was disappointed with his lack of passion . She know men are suppose to be strong and cringe away from any emotional expression but he is making her confuse by doing so. His action and behavior are clearly out of jealous but he justify it as if she a possession and her so sole propose in life is to satisfy his carnal pleasure.

"I decline" she spoke firmly .

"It wasn't a proposal , you can't decline me !" he exclaim with complete annoyance , surely the woman doesn't know how dangerously he is close to drag her by the hair and up the mountain ! There was a challenge in her deep green eye and the height of her nose that hung in the air bore a stubborn feature of a woman, he couldn't help but grow more frustrated by the minute. He approach her with such a speed that by the time she shriek in alarm , the beast himself had swung her over his shoulder like a sack of rice and march out the cave into the distant forest night . She was dangling with her head bumping to his back side and her legs cling to his front. She twist and kick with the little strength she had left but was receive with a warm slap on the buttock from her abductor . Had never been treated so savagely she flush furiously for such humiliation and to her horror the man continue his sinuous with a gentle rub on her buttock to smooth the sting , though in truth the sting was more like an ant bit but yet he took considerately to much care to tender her as if she would humbly thank him for such advantage !

"I would highly appreciated it if you take your hand away from me !"

Though his laughter was a low mummer but she heard it all to clear in her head . The rest of the night he travel in rapid speed , jumping and turning thru pathway and forestry . He was indeed a night predator with alert vision and incredible strength, after all he is a werewolf of an unknown origin that's beyond her understanding of their ways of life . Though she always expected there are other unseen thing that exist in the world because she the vampire itself is the living proof of such possibility. She dread the thought of meeting his mother and worst of all is what he intend to do to her .

It been days. The Nawahdee 's servant was send out to cover all area within the 500 mile range and the police official had rampage Lucus's ranch but all search turn empty . The worker in the ranch refuse to cooperate and remain silent where their boss is concern. The disaster wedding was on every newspaper in the small town and creative gossip amongst the guest that was there.

For century our family name remain untarnished , despite some old rumor that was never confirm , we had always maintain a good image in the human world said grandmother while fanning herself furiously in the living room parlor with the rest of the family . The two brother was at their wit searching for their sister and fall terribly to comfort their crying mother while their father was pacing around the room like a mad man.

"This is all my fault! I should had never release him. I done this to my family!" cries the father with his worries brow bend . "I can't track his scent ! How on earth I suppose to find this man!." He turn to his wife and his heart nearly sink at the sight of her teary face.

"Im so worries about her" said his wife in a hopeless tone and brought another sob from her. The two son wrap their arm around their mother on either side and brought their head down to her.

"Stone ! You the bookworm of the family . What information you gather from this stupid tribe!" said grandmother.

Stone release his hold from his mother and adjust his eye glass ," Well, it said the ancient tribe live on the mountain but it was never confirm if there really people up there . It's a legend that was pass on by word of mouth and put into text book"

"It's the same goes for vampire and we do exist . At this point , I'm willing to believe anything. The man hold a sorcery power that's beyond anything I had ever seen , he was able to put everyone to sleep and defeat your father" said grandmother and give an accusing look at her son.

"He did not defeat me. I was under a spell and fall a sleep like everyone else. In a single hand combat I can crush his bone to piece !" the father protest hotly.

"Why don't we search the mountain ?" said Lime and every one turn to consider his idea.

"I'll leave tonight then" said the father

"We'll come too!" the brothers said in union

"What the hell. This old lady is coming too then" said the grandmother

"Mother---"  the father was about to protest but was cut short

"Not a word. She my grand-daughter and no bastard going take her away from me that easy. But I think it's best for your wife to stay. She in no state to travel" said the grandmother . Everyone agreed and make their plan to travel that night.

It was on the forth day of Jade captivity when she realize she can't avoid the hunger crawling inside her anymore. She needed blood. It's a basic need for all vampire of course but she wasn't comfortable seeking his blood and she know she was losing to the battle. They had stop to rest in one of the cave some where in the forest , how far they travel she wasn't sure but she know it's high! He was serious about taking her to the mountain . As Lucus gather up the wood and start a fire she was biting her lip not tell him but the temptation at staring at his neck rule over modesty,

"I'm hungry" she mummer, pulling her knee upward and wrap her arm around them as she press back against the cold stone.

He turn around on his swat feet , "You just ate. You want more ? ". He waited for her reply with a puzzle stare and when she didn't say anything else beside turning rosy red is when it hit him with a flash of satisfaction. Dusting his hand and move to kneel in front of her , "Is it blood you want ? You want a taste of me ? Is im reading you right , sweetie ?" his grin got widen .

Embarrassment evidently written on her face as she burrow her head within the circle of her arm. It was his choice of words that make her stomach knot and her skin tingle . A taste of him, as if he was the most delicious meal in the world , which by far , he was but she would never admit such a thing.

"Do you mind I haven't bath in four days? At least you got a swim in the lake last night to cleanse yourself but I can't afford to have such leisure without the constant fear you will take off the minute I jump into the water" he complain.

She lift her head to watch him remove his shirt . Those muscular bicep and sculpted torso of his was string up unwanted memory of a not so long ago night when he held her in his arm. Unwanted memory indeed!

"It's not necessary to undress . I only want a little nibble" she finally said.

"Sweetie, it's unhealthy to eat unclean food" he tease and pretend to smell the air around his body and frown

"I'll manage just fine" she press on and stood on her feet .

He wave a naughty finger at her as if she was a child that was about to do something bad , "I thought you have to make love to me first ?" he ask innocently with teasing eye.

"Oh! Shut up and just come here!"

He slowly shook his head , "You come here" he beckon . There was something wick in the tone of his voice. There was red flag of course but she was too hungry and too eager to sink her fang into his neck. All caution was flung out the window as she approach him. Her finger grip his arm and she stood on her toe to reach for his neck but instead of him bending down for her reaching , he was pulling his head backward with amusement. Oh, how she hated him in that moment . She felt as if she was a kid begging for the bully to give her doll back. Without his cooperation it's impossible for her to reach his neck with the height difference . She give up and step away from him with raging tempter .

"What good is a meal with out the ingredient" he draw her body toward him .

Though she should resist his advantage but the touch of his hand against her arm left her weak in the knee. She gaze upward into his smolder eye , "I prefer...it plain" . He bend his head down and her hand quickly push against his bare chest in protest.

"Why" he whisper .

"I.. " she doesn't know where to begin . They are not romanticly involve though she expect he have some kind feeling toward her , a possession of such but until he clearly state it in his own word she was not ready to understand him. And there was another factor , she is promise to another man though the wedding was a disaster but she is obligate to be an honest woman until other wise. Yet when she stare into those black eye of his , whether he had cast another spell to bind them together or simply being himself , she was attractive to him in every way a woman is to a man. She would never admit such a thing to him , no. He will have to much power on her if that happen.

"I have every intention to have you as my soul mate. What we do now or later will not change what I intend to do , if that is what your are afraid of" he assure 

" I'm a married woman"

"Almost" he corrected.

"And I have never agreed to become your soul-mate"

"You have no say so in the matter. I make the decision" he warn her .

He was arrogant , conceited , snobby, controlling and a terribly rude man . She almost want to kick her self for finding him so damn sexy . If she didn't kept on fighting him at every angle , she might in jeopardy of losing her heart and she can't bear to let that happen. And he surely isn't helping by constantly reminding her of what to become once they reach the mountain . Soul-mate as in forever and forever with the same partner til death do they part . If only he had just proposal instead. She sigh inwardly and gaze into his handsome face, "Lucus ...do you love me ?" she search every inch of his face to find the answer . He remain silent , perhaps shock and surprise. And then he begin to speak,

"You woman have the strangest question. What do a man have to do to express such feeling without saying those darn words ? If a man kidnap you on your wedding day to another man , what the devil do you think posses him to do so ? And if that same man threaten to take you back to his mother and make her belong to him forever , what do u think he meant by that ?" he arc one questionable brow and smirk . His hand tighten around her waist and press a soft kiss on her forehead. Then his eye level her .

It wasn't the answer she expected but the effect of it was all the same . The tightness in her throat and tear that threaten to spill from her eye could not be more noticeable than the quick kiss she give him on his lip.

"Is that a permission I can take you right now" he was teasing her with his wick smile.

"After dinner , I might let you" she whisper shyly . He close his eye and bend down to give her his neck. He felt a sting of pain , sucking of her tongue and then wetness around his neck . When nothing but air surrounding him , he drawn back his head and open his eye in time to see the wiping of her mouth with the back of her hand . Then she lower her eye and said "I said ...I might...oh my ...I'm tier" she feign a yawn . Then without another words she move to her rest spot on the ground and laid down to sleep . He was left alone and cold . Woman! When a man expose to much of his inter emotion they will wrap him around their little finger . Disappointed he move to his private area but sleep never came. Tomorrow they will reach their destination and he will see his mother after five long years. He will have to step down his pride a little bit when he present Jade to his mother. What can possibly goes wrong...


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CH 21

It was nearly dawn when they reach the Tiberian's tribe. The sanctuary was located on a flat valley not on top of the mountain as she thought but it would be impossible to reach the sanctuary without crossing the mountain range and cutting through the forest . As they stood on the steep hill she was able to observe the beauty of the landscape , lavish with green vegetation , the rivers flow down the mountain like a veil and then carve itself around the land. The valleys blocked the winds and shaded the inhabitants, creating cooler temperatures in the daytime, and warmer temperatures at night. Stone structures of temples and guard towers appear ancient . They went inside the temple , the floor was made of white marble with an image of two wolf dancing or perhaps fighting each other , Jade wasn't sure but she was amaze by the art work . The only light in the room was from the row of burning torch along the stone wall of the temple and the only piece of furniture was a throne like chair on the upper platform in front of them.

"Is this your home?" she asked

"Yes. It get scarier at night" he said teasingly and then reach over to pull her toward him and whisper "So , stay very close to me. I'll take care of you" his cunning eye spoke more of his intention . Ever since his love confession in the cave, well , close enough to one, she find herself breathless and bubbling with happiness when ever he grin or tease her intimately. It could only mean one thing , she realize and no longer find it necessary to pretend those feeling doesn't exist . She love him. She had known it for awhile but refuse to accept it and now that his feeling are some what the same , though he only hint it and interpret it like a stubborn man would , she found herself caught in a web of love. She had not told him yet of her feeling because she are not quite confidence with his true motive , if he really sincere or playing mind game with her . Everything about him is such a mystery.

"Who goes there!" cries a woman voice that seen to balance off the hollow wall and send a chill down ones spine. The wall to the side turn and a woman appear at the entrance , she was dress in a red velvet robe that reaches to the floor with white and gold trim run it's length down the fabric. The black hair was smooth back with a two stripe of gray that mark her as an elderly woman but her face was stern and full of authority . When the woman came forward and settle herself on the throne , her pose was of a royal queen and the malice in her eye could strike fear into anyone who dare appose her . "Lucus!"

He shrug lazily and accept his fate "Yes , mother and I did not came alone" He turn to pull Jade beside him and announce "I brought my mate as well ." The old woman stare in total shock and then let out a loud laugh .

"This child ? Lucus , you could not be serious? Return her to her parent" she wave a dismiss hand.

Whether that was an insult or a joke , Jade was turning red with embarrassment and with her already pale completion it was quite noticeable .

"She of age mother. I'm ready to do the transformation now . She will be my soul-mate" he turn to smile at her and back to grim at his mother.

"After 5 years , this is how you return to me ? What happen to the proud warrior who once swore indifference and refuse to mate among his tribe ?" she lean back in her throne .

Jade whisper to him , "Is she really your mother ?"

He lean to her ear , "Yes. You don't see the similarity ?"

"Silent!" the woman voice tolled in the couple ear like a death knell , as she rose from the throne ." How old are you!" she demanded .

"She turn 28 this year" said Lucus

"She can speak for her self !" his mother cut him off with a deadly stare and snap her attention back to the child-like-woman.

"I will be 28 in October" said Jade and then all the sudden felt her neck was being choke , the woman astound speed had reach her within second . Jade grab on to the wrinkle hands that was being wrap around her throat . She can see the predator glare in the old woman eye and felt the nail cutting through her skin .

"Mother! Release her!" fear swamp him as he stare into Jade pleading eye and his heart was torn .

"You stay right there ! Or else I'll kill her" his mother hissed over her shoulder and heard her son growl in retaliation . The woman draw her face close to examine the young girl with great curiosity , she notice the eye color , green and bright . The pale completion , youthful face of a woman not more than 16 years of age and what is that strange smell that seen so inhuman . "Tell me . Why do you have green eye"

Jade couldn't hardly breath , left along answer the question and when the old woman loose her grip , was when she reply "our ancestor are foreigner and my father have green eye as well"

"You're a vampire" the woman realized , her eye lit up with great satisfaction and surprise

Lucus swoop in and break the contract , he stood as a shield between his mother and Jade . "I will not let you hurt her" he said harshly . Jade was overwhelm by his determination to protect her , then he look over his shoulder and whisper "Stay behind me ." She shyly smile at him but he was to focus on his mother to notice it.

The woman laugh became a phantom of evil, halting them in a frozen death stare. The huge stone door behind the couple automatic shut itself , leaving the room dark with only the burning torch light , casting a red silhouette of his mother robe .

"You will not have her as your soul-mate" said his mother shooting a side glance while her lip twist disgustedly

"Why!" he roar and clench his fist , remembering the reason why he detested his mother at the first place. The old woman had not change one bit , still bitter as a snake envenom.

"We can not bond with a vampire but I have other good usage for her" she let the last word hung in suspense and took a step forward .

"Then we're leaving" Lucus declare and grab Jade's hand in a tight grip .

"There no where to run , my ill-temper child . The wall is seal off"

Lucus spun in all direction in fit of a bull raging , searching desperately for an exit and then his heart pound against his ear at the thought of putting Jade in danger . If it were his alone , to hell with it but with her it another matter . He know the power his mother posses and to go against her will only provoke her fury . He turn to face the child-like woman he come to love , with such torment expression he cup her pale cheek , "I should had not brought you here" he close his eye briefly and drop his head to her .

"Next time , when a woman said she doesn't want to meet your mother . Listen to them" said Jade .

If their situation wasn't so life threatening he would had laugh at that statement. He was the one that insist on coming here when she clearly demand he return her back home. What does a man do when he crazy in love with a vampire , who have no earthly idea the important his kind must undergoes to posses her ? In her world , marriage would honor any love sprung between a couple but in his world the Tibel leader decide their soul-mate . Only with the leader approve will he be able to have her as one of them and without his mother content , Lucus could not laid claim on her.

"She will stay in a separate room from your. I will not harm her for now"

"Then what are your plan for her ? I need answer mother!"

"I will be frank with you then my dear son , its her blood that I want ! For century rumor of vampire existence plague our ancestor mind. The wise one are correct in their prediction . One day , a green eye demon will appear at our temple and with their blood the curse will be lift"

"Nonsense ! I read the transcript hundred of time . The curse in Death Valley can not be lift. And even if it were true , I will not stand a side and let you harm her . The curse been there for hundred of years and I see no reason to remove it , let it stay there as a reminder to all Tiberian."

"Do you realize you are contradicting yourself? Wasnt it you that refuse to abide by the Tiberians rule , a rebellious who seek an adventurous life and got himself poison be entering the forbidden valley ? Wasnt it you , who shout in rage at the ancestor for having such a place cursed as a warning for all future Tiberian ? And now you are saying it should stay as it is ?" the woman begin to laugh , it was a sound of mockery of his past self . It was true . He hate to admit it but his mother was right . Hell with it . Jade was more important than anything he ever stand for .

He suck in his pride, "Fine. I was wrong. I was a idiot 5 years ago . Are you happy now ? Im willing to be punish for stealing the manual script as well . You can have it back" he took a step forward , his expression desperate "But in return , leave Jade out of this. She had done nothing wrong. I kidnap her from her wedding and I temporary reduce her strength to human ability. She will cause no harm to our people"

There was a moment of silent as her son word being to sink in . She had intend on using the young woman for a ritual ceremony to remove the curse from Death Valley and to punish her son for disobeying the elder . She turn to the young woman , "I believe my son have a fondest for you. I can play a wick mother from hell and kill you this instance but Im going to reconsider his words. For 5 years he had remain un-capture and refuse to return home , therefore, I will spare your life for bringing him to me. Now , leave before I change my mind !" she slam her palm on the arm of the chair and the entrance wall begin to push out , daylight pour into the room , Lucus move to stand in front of Jade , blocking the sunlight . His height shaded her as she look up into his face .

"I take it , she cant be expose to sunlight?" his mother voiced her observant .

"She can be expose to sunlight but not directly . If to much is expose she need to be feed to recover the lost energy and then she be fine" his statement was meant for Jade . If he let her leave alone she will get lost in the forest and without anything to feed on she will lose her energy to the sunlight . He cant bear to let anything happen to her . The concern in his eye was readable . She felt it with deep sadness and his finger touch her pale cheek , a gentle stoke that left her aching to be held for one last time.

"What are you waiting for . Leave." came his mother impatience voice.

"She will not survive out there without my blood, mother" he retorted and sigh "Please , mother. This is the only woman for me . Let her be my soul-mate."

"You want me to spare her life .I have not even decided on your punishment yet and now you asking for more favor ? Beside , bonding a vampire to a wolf is unheard of . Absurd . Such a thing had never been done."

"Just never been done but not impossible ? Im willing to take a risk . Lets us be together and I will do what ever you wishes"

"I understand your urgent but what of her ? She had not said one word where you are concern. Do she even agreed to a lifetime of your possession ? If I heard you correctly the first time , you mention about kidnapping her from a wedding ?"

Damn. He shouldnt have leak out that bit of information. And of course she would refuse him. He was hoping to force her into a lifetime of him , "She agreed!" he answer for Jade . Since his back was to her , the expression she held he would not know but it doesn't matter .

"I had not said anything yet" Jade protested , annoyed with him for speaking for her and when he turn to frown at her as a warning , her chin lift challengingly but remain silent .

"Then it settle . You can have her. In return you and your mate can never return to the outside world. In no condition will I allow the both of you the freedom to roam outside this wall. I will have to discuss with the counselor to arrange a date for the ceremony . In the mean time , she can stay with you in your bedchamber" she rose from the throne and left .

Lucus was able to breath again . He was smugly satisfied . Deep down his mother cold heart was a softer side for a son like him as well . He had known his mother will never harm him because he is the only heir to the tribe , he was important . He turn to his mate and held her hands . There was saddness in her eye and he was suddenly worry .

"Whats wrong?"

"Becoming your soul-mate will mean I can never return to my family.." her voice was fainted

"You will have me ? The tribe will be your new family . There many places I can take you to go see ! You will never get lonely or bore " he fail miserably . Of course , it wouldnt be like her own family and home.His selfishness tore the guilt from him and he quickly push the thought away because he love her to much to be apart from her .

"I want to go home" she whisper

He squeeze her hand and his words was in a rush , "I will talk to mother about visitation , I mean , not now but later on down the road . I will figure something out. Just trust me ." he know its wrong to give false hope , his mother will never allow such a thing , he had just throw his freedom out the window when he agreed to any term his mother wishes . He pull her into arm and held her as if he was hanging from a cliff . He whisper endure and promises . She begin to relax in his arm . How much truth there are she was not sure but she want to believe him because a part of her want to be with him as well.

"The entrance is this way !" a man voice was heard from the outside .

"Grandma hurry up !!" said another voice

The voice sound familiar. Jade turn toward the entrance door . "Father ? Grandma ?!" Jade cried out. Stone and Lime run inside the temple , follow by Grandma and Aum. The family reunion was full of hug and kisses , tear was still in her eye as she embrace her grandma. Lime runt on and on about how his hunting skill was put into good use and of course their fathers super sense was able to track part of the trail and Stones book knowledge lead them to the right located where the Tiberian's tribe might exist , according to legend and history document .

"This is fascinating!" Stone curiosity lead him to break away from the crowded reunion to admire the ancient drawing on the marble floor and wall of the temple . Of all the book he read about ancient lost city and mystical creature , this by far the most astonish discovery!

"We come to take you home" said the father

"She not going anywhere" Lucus snarled .The anguish between both male intensify .

"She doesnt want to be with you. Ill make this easy on you . Leave her alone and I will not press charges or mention of this place to anyone." said the father

"We love each other" Lucus announced

The whole family turn to stare at Jade , searching for her confirmation and caught her blushing . In fact , she had not speak of love to Lucus, therefore he would not know whats in her heart and his arrogant assumption was terribly miss use to win her family approve and to avoid being thrash by her father . "I--I It's like this ----" she stumble with words

"And we are expecting a child" Lucus rush the words in , going for the kill , not allowing for Jade to deny any of his fault accusation .

"A child !!!" the family shout in union .

Jade was completely lost --- flabbergasted and couldnt even form a words . That coward! That liar ! She is not pregnant ! She reach down and touch her stomach . The family watch her movement in silent suspend , as if the climax drum was beating for their conclusion to finalize .

She shook her head , "I'm not sure.."

"After I was release from the mansion. I return back to her . I went into her room every night and we make passionate love .She enjoy it as much and then she feed on me" he speak as if he was a victim and then he turn his head to the side and show the fresh wound on his neck. Everyone lean forward to exam the evidence and silently draw an conclusion.

If her face get any hotter she would need an iceberg to crawl under afterward , "That bit mark was from last night . I needed blood but nothing happen!" she explain

"Do you deny we didnt make passionate love in your bedroom late at night." he ask innocently , concealing the delight feeling to tease her to a blink of madness .

"Oh! You are not playing fair !" she snapped , frustrated and embarrassed . That bit of information she had hidden from her family . She had not told anyone about her late night treat .

"I even saw you change into your true demon form" he added with a grin .

Grandma gasped , "Of all thing that is holy. He saw your true form?! You mean to tell us , you continue seeing each other even after your father warn him not to ever set foot at the mansion again ? We thought you hated this man because of what he done to you and your father was kind enough to release him the first time! This midnight liaison was not just a one time affair I assume"

It was over . Everyone in the family know, there only two way for Lucus to know she could transform during a full moon , one he part of the family or two he was there in her room. In that very moment she wanted to bolt a stake into Lucuss chest . He even have the audacity to smile smugly while her cheek burn from pure humiliation by his blunt runt !

"Big sis ! And we thought you need rescuing !" said Lime

"I do --- but"

"But you love him!" said Stone , finishing the scene for his poor sister 

"Well, I--I" she was fumbling with words

"A child . Goodness . This is a good thing . Hopefully this Lucuss blood is good , we need a vamprie offspring!" said Grandma delightfully after carefully thinking of the whole ordeal .

The father loosen his combat pose . There no point of fighting when your own daughter is pregnant and love the bastard that cause it . Great! He going be a grandfather -- wait till his wife hear about this .

"Stay for the ceremony . I will speak to mother to arrange room for everyone" said Lucus and before he left he wag his brow at his soul-mate . She caught his damn look and gape in disbelief . Of all the dirty trick ! Pregnant ? Even with that said , she could not help but wonder if she indeed had sprung a life inside her . She could have deny it but in truth she was not sure herself .

"Jade!" came another familiar voice

It was Raven. Good lord. It cant get any more worst than this . She was surprise and didnt even realize he had rush in to hug her tightly in his arm . His big warm body cover her completely and his gentle voice was saying all kind of relief statement , to finally found her .

Lime have to interrupt his brother exploration from the ancient drawing on the wall to whisper in his ear , "I think we are about to see two dog fighting for their master"

Stone turn to watch Raven with his sister , "Husband vs. Lover . Interesting"