Midnight Lover


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the sequel begin ...


When night fall she left the mansion un-detected , as she move thru the thick forest like an owl with hawk eye vision she came across the mystical lake , mesmerize by the crystal clear water she bend down to run her finger thru it . The lake replicate the beautiful moon , like a mirror of itself in another time and space , the cool water was perfect for swimming in this hot summer night . She smile at her own reflection and her green eye brighten . Her face was solid white , flawless , cold and her curly light brown hair reaches to her waist , she had on a white night gown that fall just above her knee , a thin linen with transparent long sleeves .

Legend had it that the lake was haunted and her father had forbidden her to come here alone at night but she had always been a curious child . How can this paradise place be anything but enchanting ? She often had dream of swimming in the cold lake and feeling languish against the soft wave . There was something within her dream that kept alluring her back to the mystical lake . Jade had never disobey her father order , so she pray her secret pleasure will remain a secret until she found out what it is about the lake that captivated her. In the distance she heard a howling “OOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!”, it sound as if it was crying or calling their mate . Her instinct was immediately alert as her greenish eye glow furiously and cautiously she listen . Night creature doesn’t frighten her , nothing does because her strength alone can over power anything and she is confidence within her heritage, surely nothing can scar a vampire born from a human mother ? ---- Her senses went wild , something is coming toward her with deceptive speed , she can feel it’s aroma , musty , male , powerful , angry and she know she must take cover or risk taking the creature down . She quickly shield herself behind a huge rock and glance from the side . The ground began to tremble as if there a stampede , she keep her eye across the lake , waiting for what ever it is to appear and when she saw the glance of the creature merging from the opposite forest -- her breath was caught .

The creature was massive beyond anything she had ever saw , his large sharp teeth glister when it come in contact with the moonlight , drool flowing on it’s either mouth like a blood thirsting hound dog , the thick fur coat was black as sin , it’s paw was gripping the ground as if shedding it to pieces and for the first time in her life , she was terrify . The creature leap out of the forest in such an incredible speed with it’s tighten jaw ready to kill , the beast howl like a mad dog before jumping into the crystal lake , creating a whirlpool pool of tidal wave . She gasped and draw back against the shielded rock .

There was no other sound . She held her breath and listen to silent . Within a few heart beat she heard lapping water or splashes ? She decided to take one last peep from behind the stone , she didn’t saw the creature but what she did saw was a man , very dark , he was swimming causal and peacefully . And then her first sight of the wicked man was when he rise from the lake , startled her immensely , for he was breathtakingly nude . Water cascading from his hard muscled frame , flowing down the corded bicep and toward his long firm legs . He turn just then and she caught the sight of his flaunted buttock , flexed muscle clinging . Then her jaw snapped shut when he turn toward her, the hot , hungry look in his black eye alarm her but the masculine part down below was even more shocking , quickly she jerk her eye away , with her back pressing against the rock , she pray he doesn't saw her just now .


She heard a female voice calling out a name and a male grunted out a reply “Go away White Fox” . And then there was movement in the water , Jade cautiously peep from behind the rock and saw the man’s back was facing her while a strange woman stood in front of him . Jade wasn’t sure how the woman suddenly appear from no where but for sure , this was no original sprit-free woman who just happen to wonder around in a isolated forest . She was incredibly tall , skin white as snow , with silver long hair , feline eye and her lip was wickedly black. There was also something very authority about her feature , her back was extremely straight with level shoulder , chin high , eye lashes low and narrowing. She was slowly walking thru the water as if she was on land , “Lucas” she repeated .

“What is it you want!” he shouted as his chest furiously rise and fall with anger streaking through him .

“You know better not to abandon the tribes”

“I’m a free man . I do as I wishes!” he hissed while his fist clench and unclench.

White Fox pierce her gaze upon the naked man , startle by his profound of freedom and then she twisted her lip in disgust , “Your soul itself belong to the tribe! No Tiberian can declare himself free unless his transformation is completed”

“Choosing a soul-mate for life is death sentencing. I will not be tie down for eternal nor will I allow any human or animal into my mind. A man need it‘s varies of woman …” he cross his huge arm , cord with muscular strength , his smirk was dangerously seductive and his smoky black eye could kill anyone with just a stare .

“I had… warn you … Lucas” she drifted her gaze lower , checking his profit with tantalizing pleasure being ripe through her . The man was magnificently sculpture with breath-taking image of sexiness and an object of very woman fantasy . White Fox simply licked her lip , she could almost taste ecstasy with just a glance of his fully aroused body. He chuckle conceitedly and parted his leg while his hand rest lazily on his hip .Bracing himself with a smile of pure male satisfaction.

Jade watch silently from behind the rock , not sure what was happening and all she saw was the man ‘s back side , he seem to parted his leg and stand more firmly , she can tell by his body language , that the man is not only cocky and think he is god-gift-to-woman but an arrogant one as well. O’ how she deeply despise man of his type !


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who's the main lead, sarN? I'll read this fanfic tomorrow since I'm tired. looking forward to another exciting and hot sarN fanfic! :drool: :slapandkissse3: :baby-scene-pop-corn: :r-scene-pop-corn: :w-scene-pop-corn:


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I'm not going name the leading male , ya' just have to figure it out . And aikoden u don't have to read the first one cuz this is a completely difference story starring the daughter of the previous couple.


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this is a sequel to midnight mistress? I like it so far.


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a sequel now thats definitely gonna be hot.....will be back to read this for sure


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haha lol dont worry sarn.. imma have to read your other fics aniwaise since theyre so addicting lol xp..


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OMG, how could i miss this .. the intro sound super exciting ..
Jade and her curiosity -- remind me so much of her mother.

i can't wait to see who this sexy fox man -- sound so hot with all those characteristic !!!
Please update .. (curious to know who the pranang are)


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CH 2

Her palm was pressing against the rock as she lean closer for a better view , not because she was curious of the nude man , it was the woman with silver hair that fascinate her . “White Fox” she mummer . Even the name itself sound mysterious and nonhuman -- could it be she a vampire too ? Her father had said there are no other vampire in Thailand beside the Nawahdee family and she is the only heir left in the line , if she doesn’t breed a vampire’s child then it’s the end of their kind. A vampire can only mate with human to produce a child and the chances their off spring are vampire are rare because they are more likely to be human even though they are a mix breed they will not possess any vampire ‘s power or characteristic.

Jade’s mother is a human and her father is a vampire . The couple had two other son, Stone and Lime but they are born human , she is the only one born a vampire and was left with the burden of breeding a vampire child when the time come . The pressure wasn’t as much by her parent but it’s her grandmother , who also a vampire had insist it’s time she learn how. She always ignore the conversation when ever possible and at time she wishes the task is left to her two younger brother but since they are human it’s impossible unless there another female vampire out there looking for a human’s mate to produce an offspring, because her two brother will be a perfect candidate. But the age difference might be a problem , White Fox must be in her early 30’s , though still beautiful but the maturity level seem more advanced than her two naughty brother .

Another deep male voice came from behind White Fox . Jade turn to watch the new comer , the man was shirtless , his pant was ripped up to his knee and there was a ragged scar that run from his chest down his mid section . He was tall , 6’2 , black wavy hair that fall nearly to the shoulder and his torso was absolutely solid muscle. The air seem to flicker with violence , and there was that danger sense again, making her skin shiver and her heart race. Something was going on here , there are two impossibly gorgeous half naked men staring at each other like century old rival and she is witnessing it .

“Save me the nightmare and put some clothes on” said the new comer

Lucus groan. “ Are you jealous , Raven ?”

“Please humor me another time. You must return to the tribes now” Raven ‘s jaw was tighten , his hand fisted ready to do combat .

Lucus slowly crossed his arm , narrow his gaze and teasingly said “Make me”

“Wear this. I hate to fight naked man ” Raven throw a black slack pant , Lucus receive it with one hand and shove into it while keeping his eye on the target .

“It’s unnecessary to solve this thru violent . Come with us Lucus and everything will be fine ” said White Fox .

“Come on Raven, I’m ready !” shouted Lucus , spreading his leg side way and putting his fist up . Raven snorted and charge in, his legs slice thru the water in full speed , the splashes erupt in midair creating a sonic wave that shoot forward like a bullet. White Fox was thrown aside by the sudden force , her whole body dive into the lake , as she struggle upward thru the water she saw Lucus had sprung around to escape Raven powerful attack .

“You bastard ! Is that all you got!” shouted Lucus as he dock punches after punches , he can hear the vibration from Raven’s fist missing him by an inch or two . He can see the anger in Raven ‘s dark face , the clenching of his teeth , the frustration in his eye and the animal within him .

“LUCUS !” Raven bitterly scream as he leap high in the air , his finger became claws with razor sharp edges , using his weapon he folk it downward like a tiger attacking his prey but Lucus was to quick and escape in time . Raven turn around , exhausted , breathing heavily like a dragon blowing smoke, he charge again and swing left , right , uppercut but Lucus does a back flip after flip making it impossible for him to get a hit . The water surrounded them twirl upward into tiny droplet as they thrash at each other, blocking , kicking , counter attack after attack and their loud groan was heard throughout the forest.

Jade watch the battle excitedly behind the huge rock, she was fascinated beyond anything and didn’t even notice one of the man had jump on the rock . It was when water was dripping on her head and wet her clothes that she look up. Her heart race tremendous, like a bolt of light striking her dead on the spot --- she couldn’t move. Those dark smoky eye of his was sending chill down her spin , his lean body was slightly turn as he stare down at her with such crudely , she was amaze he didn’t bit her head off in that moment.

“Who the hell are you ?!” he demanded, standing high on the rock looking down on the trespasser, he immediately notice how pale looking she is , almost ghostly and those green eye of her was like a beam of light .

“ Come down here and fight like a man !” shouted Raven from the distance, still standing in the water in his combat pose , puffing air from his lung in a rapid speed .

Lucus ignore the buzzing sound of his opponent and focus on the girl , “ I said – who the hell are you ? And what are you doing here in the middle of the night ! Answer me little girl!”

“I..I..” she completely forgot her name as her eye never leaving his , the man was half naked, his upper body was like a sculpture make from marble and she was terrify , not because he might hurt her but ---

He grin deviously. She gasp and watch his dark eye scaning her profit from top to bottom – and remain there . She could almost feel the heat on her cheek , she suddenly aware of her own clothing , it was just a thin white gown , the water cascade from his body had drip on her fabric , making it wet and see-thru . He bend his knee , wiping his forehead he shake his hand , more water drip on her skin . The gesture wasn’t innocently imply , it was his way of telling her , he like what he saw and it took all the courage she had to get up and ran .


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I wonder... what if Jade and Lucas would have a kid? will it be a vampire or a werewolf? :huh:
post more soon! ^_^


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he saw her.....now cant wait to see whats going to happen...n find out wat he really is as well.....update soon.....


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CH 3

Lucus watch the girl run off into the deep wood , the corner of his mouth lifted , amuse by the fact she notice his naughty eye roaming the wet contour of her body , no man can resist a free show , he remember the blushes on her pale cheek and felt a sudden thud in his chest . He groan inwardly, such emotion are for weakling not for a warrior such as him .

“Coward ! Get down here and fight!” shouted Raven , growing impatient by the minute .

“I have better thing on my mind than to fight with you” said Lucus

“You know what’s your problem is ? You always run away from it . Return to the tribes with us and we’ll settle this on another time”

“So my mother can lock me down for all eternity?” Lucus snorted, “I rather sell my soul to the devil” he jump down from the rock and headed toward the wood.

White Fox grab a hold of Raven’s arm, stopping him for going after Lucus and said “He can’t last very long without the phoenix pill. He will have to come back to the tribes eventually”. Raven clenches his teeth to suppress the anger that was running thru his vein. Her hands begin to rub his huge bicep, smoothing his fury body and calming his sense. The familiar touch was soft and teasing. He turn his head and watch her wick hand rubbing him in the all the right places.

“Bitch” he hissed , falling hopelessly arouse by her tender caress but in the back of his mind he know this is wrong . White Fox was the reason why he and Lucus fight. The woman was sexy as hell but pure evil as well . She first set her eye on Raven because of his warrior feature and loyalty to the tribes, she seduce him to the blink of madness, making him lust after her and then left him for Lucus . Raven caught them together at the river bank and from that day on his hatred against Lucus had multiple ten fold. It was his man pride that was crush on that day . No woman had ever play him for a fool and worst of all , she was having affair behind his back and perhaps to many other he had not knew of .

“I know you want me” she whisper seductively against his ear , blowing lightly just now .

Raven force himself to remember the pain she had cause him and use it as a shield against his lust. He shove her away with his shoulder and walk toward the land . He can hear the splashes that she made but he refuse to turn back , just like Lucus , he too have better thing to occupy his time than to be a toy for a trashy fox.

Meanwhile , Jade had run halfway thru the forest when she heard a fast approaching animal behind her , it must be an animal , she can smell the musty fur and she can feel it’s legs hitting the ground in high ferocity. It was madness , she had never felt so much in danger and her senses fill her mind with picture . It was a flash of black fur , paws , teeth , tree , wind , and random scene she could not make out . She jump over a fallen tree and step into the mansion backyard . Catching her breath she stop to recover , thinking it safe but before she could even take another step a hand gripped her arm from behind and swing her around . Her face smash into a hard surface and was held tightly against it . She struggle within the limit but she was no match , she look upward and meet his smoky dark eye . He tower over her like a moon above a tree and he was dangerously handsome in close approximately. Her palm had spread against his bare chest while struggling and their body had merge together because she was wrap around in his huge arms with no ounce of air could escape between their body.

“I love a good late night desert ” he run his tongue along his teeth , his brows slopped , eye darken and his rough expression could silent any new born .

“W-what are you talking about. Human doesn’t eat human” she randomly blurted out.

“Perhaps, I’m not human” he lean his face forward , their lip barely touching,

“Y-you better release me this i-instance !” she swallow her gasp when he jerk her body toward him , their hip meet , his other part down below was hard against her stomach , her eye shot wide with frustration as she struggle some more but each movement was making him smile with great pleasure . It only took her a moment to realize her mistake and blushing to the root she decided to remain still.

“What’s your name”


“What were you doing out here in the middle of the night”

“Sight-seeing …I couldn’t sleep”

“Is that your house” he nodded toward the mansion


“Sight-seeing in a middle of the night by walking 30 mile from home ?” he narrow his eye and lean his face forward , she turn to the side and stare at his chest. “And how old are you” he asked after a belief moment observing his captive.

“Twenty-seven" she mummer

“What ?”

“I said twenty-seven!”

He releasing her and step back , “You must be kidding. You look barely 16.” he reach out and held her chin , “Your skin are so pale and your body are so …tiny” he drop his hand and re-examine her .

She watch him. It’s true that she look younger than her age , vampire ages slowly unlike her human brothers who look way older than her. And her skin complexion are common characteristic of a vampire , though she wishes she had her mother skin and not her father . Other had told her how beautiful she is but those people are the one who love her and live with her so they would not say anything that hurt her feeling but she know better , she had always consider herself an ghostly image with no great beauty .

“You look like a block of ice” he said it flat out , which is true .

She takes it as an insult. A block of ice, cold and square shaped. And her green eye are probable lemon. She held her tongue and waited for his next compliment.

“Are you married?” he asked.

“No” she choked. Why would he ask such a question? It obviously none of his business if he think she look like a block of ice .

“Most girls around that age would had 2 or 3 kids by now. Perhaps, you have a lover boy ?” his left brow arch

“No! I’m happen to be raise in a strict family with moral and value . The very idea of having a lover boy is scandalous and a disgrace to my family . I’m single because not any man can just marry me” she said fiercely

“Not any man? Propose what you mean by that?” he cross his muscular arm, dark shadow roam his feature .

“It’s a personal matter , just know most normal man would be afraid me”

“Unless you bit them , I wouldn’t think there anything about you to be afraid of”

She was about to open her mouth to reply but decided it’s best not to tell him that vampire does bit . She stood there awkwardly with her eye down casting; just the thought of him watching her was enough to make her heart pound. The feeling was new to her and strangely – exciting. Of all her girlish fantasy of Prince Charming, never once had she thought a dangerously person like him can easily make her knee weak .

“I’ll walk you home” his voice was deep and sexy. It didn’t take her long to turn on her heel and fast-walk toward the mansion. He keep up with her pace and was walking side by side with her. It must be the moonlight but the long walk felt quite romantic and dreamy as well. Though he might be a stranger, dangerous, mysterious, creepy and clearly a beautiful man but there something about him that very exciting. She saw how cocky and arrogant he was back there at the lake , if that other man didn’t show up , she was quite positive he and White Fox will do more than just swimming in the lake. She was thinking to much into this , it’s not like she like him or anything , they are still stranger , this is just an innocent walk to the house , the man is handsome –true but he also a picture of a man-whore . Who probable randomly out to destroy woman virtue because of his god-give-to-woman feature. And this walk is probable his plan to seduce her later but first he must play the gentlemen’s role . She stop on the porch and turn to him . “I’m home. Now leave”

“I’m not out to destroy woman virtue”

Her heart stop, “I-I wasn’t even thinking of that” she cried in protest. Well, she did but it was in her mind . He couldn’t possible read her mind ? Or can he ?

He simply stare at her with his black smoky eye , the muscle on his chest tighten and his slow breathing was making her heart beat again , “I can see it in your eye” he said.

She was relieve, “If nothing else …please leave . If anyone see you it wouldn’t look good”

“Why is that? I’m not hurting anyone”

“First of all, you’re a man ---- a half naked man” she gesture her hand toward his bare chest.

“Does my nakedness bother you? I usually don’t wear much clothes at night”

She blushed. Even her pale face couldn’t cover it . Yes. His nakedness does bother her . And didn’t he just said he doesn’t wear cloth at night ? Is it normal where he come from that cloth isn’t necessary ? There was so many question she wanted to ask him but dawn is approaching. Daylight will burn her skin if she doesn’t take her meal to reboots her energy that was drain from all the running. That’s the sucky part about being a vampire , blood meal are unavoidable .

“I have to go” she said and open the door .


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Lucas followed her and wrapped his arms Jade **FAINT**

Lucas, I won't be bothered by your nakedness....COME TO ME!! :ph34r: