Midnight Lover


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The same sweet melody was playing in her ear again and in her mind she know he was seducing her with his spell-binding words but it didn't matter because the spell make her forgot how dangerous this man were -- except for the heat he create in her body . Everywhere he touch it burn and sizzle . His sugar lip was press against her and his tongue swirl inside , tickling her own with bold movement . She was losing to his skillful art of arousing the opposite gender .

“No” she moan into his mouth. She was fighting with her conscience. He had bewitched her with his spell of deception because the damn bastard is capable of it . The feeling he arouse in her isn't neutral , this is not what she wanted but she is blinded by the spell. She see him as a handsome man and sexy as hell . Those hard male body of his was pressing down on her and it felt too wonderful to denial

“Yes” was his moan reply and his upper body brush upward against her front , their body melt together like sticky honey, if peel away one would follow. She felt his hand adjusted her legs to wrap around his waist and then his finger settle upon her hips . She was aware of what to come , though her conscience dread to feel it again but her own body crave for it , burn to feel it and she did , moment later. With each thrust her nail became sharper against his back and her breathe became impossible to intake .

She was no longer herself when she whisper into his ear, “More”

He became bolder and take in more. She lick his salty shoulder and he shiver all over . Her green eye begin to glow and her nail dig into his shoulder , he felt the pinprick against his skin and winch but the pleasure she was creating beneath him over-ride all caution .

“More” she whisper furiously into his ear , the voice sound almost un-human to him but all thought was cease as he move faster and more determine . Something strange begin to happen . She became a difference person as he stare down at her , the beautiful face he was so use to ---was no longer there . Her cheek bone was higher , the jaw more square , boney , her body was bigger and her skin was powdery . She was changing before his very eye and her feature no longer held that enchanting look but a demon like image .

“MORE” the deep hollow voice of her send chill down his spine but the thrill of it all only excited him and within a few stroke , he was blessed with the greatest pleasure and beneath him the woman shudder as well but more violence than him , because she was squirming like a wild bull and he have to hold her more tightly so he wouldn't fall off . And then she bit him . Sucking him with greedy intention . When she was full she push him away and his body plop backward on his back . She rise herself like a resurrected demon from hell and the size of her had increase by four time. The ugly thing was terrifying and the bulgy muscle that form her body was deformed . He wanted to hurl in disgust at the image hovering above him. This must be her true form he thought bitterly . And then it hit him . Tonight was a full moon. Shit.

He was beginning to changes as well . The transformation was occurring before her very eye and he desperately try to escape so she wouldn't have to see it . But his body was numb , just like before when she suck his blood . His whole body convoluted savagely as if he was possessed by the ghost and his whole face was being stretch , torn , rip and change . Sabre teeth and claw was emerging from his hand and mouth . Black fur sprung from his skin and spread like forest fire all over his naked form . He flipped on his back as the muscle shape itself, bone popping and his legs bend .

Jade had move off the bed and watch in horror . The light from the moon had shone through the window panel and ray down on the bed where the animal lay . It stood on all four of his hind legs , it's fur coat was black as sin with tremendous size and then the beast howl . That bastard isn't human – he a werewolf ! The wolf jump off the bed . They face each other observing one another form . She had never heard of such creature before beside from book tale , nor does she know they transform during a full moon just like vampire of her kind . But the transformation only last for an hour she be back to normal soon , it's a process all vampire goes through every full moon.

She felt her body begin to shrank and the muscle resolve to it's normal stage . The wolf sat on his hind leg and watch her . Damn him. Even as a dog he held that cocky attitude . When the transformation complete she was exhausted and fall on her knee to the floor . The wolf came closer and licked her cheek . The sticky saliva was disgusting and her hand came up to push it's nostril way.


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Awwwwwwwwww such a sweet wolf, good that they saw each other real form so there's no secret b/w them... Vampire n werewolf perfect combination! Update soon PLEASE don't leave us cliffhangin like this!


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I want to tell you how much i love your fiction . I comment your older fiction with my other screenname , but anyway. I love it! It soo wicked and sexy at the same time. I read "Midnight Mistress" , in there Aum did tranform to a demon on a full moon ahhhh .. i find it cool how the vampire in your fiction are lusty !


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CH 17

She was sitting on her knee with her hands pressing down on the floor and head hang low , her breathing was harsh . The large wolf laid on his belly beside her with it's head firmly rest on his two stretch out paws . The length of the beast was at least 6'foot 2' she guessed , if stood on it's hind legs the wolf can easily tower her. She was returning to normal again as her breath became calmer and her mind became clearer .

The wolf's head turn and look steady into her with his black oval eye that held sign of humane and then he stood on it's hind legs and lick her from the chin up , it's long leashed tongue was disgusting though she was aware he was being affectionate . And how does one coup with each other after the most exclusion pleasure ever , which he had force upon her or better yet seduced . Not to mention how unceremonial it were. The mattress are stained with blood , her fang are still visible and around her mouth area were smeared blood. And the man itself is transform into a wolf .

“I assume , you can't talk in this form. Then it's safe to say you're a werewolf ” she was on her feet and facing the beast. Unaware of her naked self.

The wolf howled and it's tail wag. Even in this form he manage to make her temper boil. She swung around to grab the nearest thing and throw an object at the massive beast . “Oh! You animal ! You wolf ! How dare you rape me!” she accused and grab another object to throw at him. The beast sprang five foot in the air and within a mist of smoke , he drop down in a heel position , in human form . He slowly lift his head and held a pure self satisfying smile. And then stood ridgy tall and very much aware of his naked self. The pinprick mark on his neck had vanish with only two small stream of dry blood left as evidence of what she did .

“If I recall correctly , You gain more pleasure in our bonding than I would have” said Lucus , in his husky deep voice.

“You seduce me with your witchcraft!” she dig her hand into her hair , “You..you was chanting those spell ..and...I...I..was not myself” she stomp her foot and ball her fist in her side

He wave a naughty finger , “I did not rape you , sweetie. You have the power and ability to block it out , you had done it before but this time you left yourself vulnerable. It's because deep down ..in that little vampire heart of your , you wanted me just as much as I do.” he smile wickedly and his eye roam her lovely body . She was so perfectly form with those sexy narrow waist and flare hip , those beautiful breast and crystal white skin of her . And those long silky black hair of her , the color stood out against her pale complexion like a painting that just came alive. There was blood smear on her lip , his blood of course and with that she was a picture of an exotic witch!

“Stop looking at me!!”she hissed and stomp one of her foot . Her little temper only amuse him and she was completely at war . “Oh! You ..you” she give a stressful scream but before she can even let the sound out , one of his hand quickly cover her mouth and the other wrap around her waist from behind. He pull her back hard against his chest.

His lip was upon he ear , “Come on admit it. You enjoy it very much”

She try to bit his finger and he pull his hand way . She swung around to face him , “I-I did not e-enjoy it” her voice was too pitch to be serious and he laughed .

“Aren't you a little hungry tonight. First my neck now my finger. If only you can use those small mouth for something more ...pleasing ” he teased her as his eye cast a quick glance down his naked length . She blush hotly at his sexual advantage . Oh! She so want to cut it off. She chase after him and he dash away . Their supernatural strength and speed made everything in the room swirl around like a whirlpool , objecting flying and fabric flapping . He was incredibly strong tonight unlike the last time when she bit him and he became completely paralyze . It must be because tonight is a full moon.

“I truly enjoy this . But aren't your tire?” he asked from behind the bedpost

“Not till I settle my hand and on your throat!” she was breathing hard and the air from her nostril blow some of her disarrange hair from her face . She went around the bedpost and he jump on the bed . She grab his leg and lift it up .He fell backward into the mattress and she crawl on top of him and was about to give him another bit at the neck when he reverse their position. She was pinned beneath him and his hands grab a hold of her wrist on either side.

“I got you!” he chuckle , enjoying her feisty turmoil.

“Get off from me!” she arch her back and twist.

“Careful sweetie , let me remind you . We are still naked” he brush his hairy leg against her smooth legs.

She froze. And wasn't able to meet his hungry gaze. She turn her face away and stare at the floor. She was exhausted , the will to fight seen to slip away and was left with a steady beat of her heart against his . He release her hands and let it slip to her side but her head was still turn away .

“I would kiss your lip but those fangs are in the way” he teased and felt the rising of her chest quicken though she didn't say anything but he know she is mad. He kiss the side of her temple and her shoulder shrank then relax.

“I sense you are mad” his soft voice was speaking to her ear as his finger trace the curve of it.

Isn't it obvious? She felt betrayed by her own body and defeated by his sorcery power .She held her tongue and keep her eye on the marble floor.

“Was it because I saw how ugly you were in your true form?” he was laughing again

Her brow snap together furiously . Oh! That wasn't the only thing! He came into her room in the middle of the night , put the whole family and servants to sleep , how he manage to do that she still doesn't know , perhaps he drug them are use those awful spell of his ! And then he use the same tactic he had done to her at the ranch but this time she was completely lost and drawn into him with no will power of her own to block the spell-binding . He took and use her body , make her tremble with desire that even she couldn't believe was possible and then only to find out the bastard wasn't even human . And then there was his blood...oh..no..his blood was so delicious , the finest , such sweet texture ...oh ..no..she in deep trouble now.

“Well, myself isn't such a cute puppy either ” she heard him said and then he narrow his eye down at her half turn face, “Why are you so quiet all the sudden ? Any question you want to ask me ?” he tap her cheek with his forefinger. She remain quiet as a lamb . His wolfish smile was press against her temple side again.

“We can keep this affair a secret if you want. I will come once in a while if you wishes . I can be your midnight lover” said Lucus . She turn her head then and look him up at him.

“And what make you think I want to have this affair ? What I want is you out of my life”

“I know you want to taste my blood again ” he retorted , “I can feel it when you suck my blood. You moan in satisfaction while you feast on me , the last time it wasn't so tasty but this time it's difference. Is ...I'm right?” he grinned . His eye seen to able to read her thoughts.

Her mouth was partially parted and then close . He was right . Oh! He were so right . How utterly embarrassing it is , to hear her own confession in the lip of her offender! She wanted to cry for the shame of it all , how worthy a woman will she become ? To have a lover in the darkness of the night for exchange of the sweetest blood she ever taste ? Grandma was right . Once she taste the finest blood of all , she will bed any male with two legs --- but this man have fours hinds legs and more dangerous than she can possibly dream.

“Ah, woman. Don't get all teary with me now” he curse under his breath as he use his thump to brush those drop of tear now streaming down her pale cheek. “ It just making love . Human does it all the time.” he was speaking as if it were that simple . Of course it easy for him . Man are man but woman are more sensitive and open for emotional outburst .

“I don't need you” she was speaking through her sobbing .

“Of course you do” he corrected , “And can you lose the fangs . You don't see all 72 of my teeth kissing you” he smile teasingly at her.

She frown at his terrible humor .“No matter what I say , you will still come. You have the power to do what ever you want with woman”

“Not with you , sweetie. You are able to stop me but you wishes not too”

He was so sure so arrogant as if he know ever thoughts of her . If it wasn't for her naked form and her exhaust stage , by now she would had search for an object to throw at him. With another quick lip smack on her cheek , he jump out off the bed . She sat up and watch his well muscle thighs and buttock make it's way toward the window . He speak over his shoulder , “No kiss good bye for this lover boy ” he taunted

“Go to hell!” she shouted from behind him

“Playing Miss. Modest . Alright, good night sweetie” he lift the window and jump off . She heard a soft thud and the howling of a wolf . Just like that and he was gone . And she was left with a feeling of uncertainly . He will come again . Whether she dread it or want it. And she hated him for that. Her womanly hood is over and what's left is the truth of a vampire hood . The taste of his blood still linger in her throat , sweet and suckling . She lick the side of her mouth , trying to scrape what's left of the finest blood she ever taste and her body was sweep with a delicious sedation. She wrap herself and held her self down . What are she going do ? His taste , touch , lip, body , eye and everything else about him is imprinted in her mind . Even tear couldn't wash away his memory and she was ashamed of what she had become within one night of stolen passion . Was this what he does to all the woman he posses ? And when he is fully satisfy with his carnal passion with her , will he toss her away like a pieces of bone ? And will she ever forget his sweet blood ?


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Oh my my, she's going to become unresistant of him. It's getting hotter and hotter. Keep it coming Sarn, ^_^


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i finally got done finishing all the parts and i love the update and can't wait to read some more ..

please update soon -- waiting for jade/lucus is like me craving for them coconut juice! LOL


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CH 18

The next morning , the family gather at the breakfast table as one by one the servant came in to the dinning room and serve the meal . The brothers stretch their body to worn off the sleep , grandma yawn behind her fan , Prisana and her husband rub their aching neck , blinking off sleep as well. The servants was trying their best not to doze off and some secretly yawn . Jade was the only one alert and very well aware of everyone else.

"Didn't anyone sleep last night ?" Stone asked while yawning , though himself was quite sleepy as well.

"I was dead asleep since 7' 0 clock , strange . It was too early to turn in and when I woke up this morning I feel so tire" said Lime with both elbow on the table and resting his head in his hands.

"And what's wrong with you girls" Grandma said to the servants , they were dozing off while standing in the far corner . Grandma have to tap the fan on the table to wake the girls up. They quickly apologize and exit the room to start their daily chores in the kitchen.

"About last night" said Prisana

"What about last night?!" Jade repeat the question too loudly , too fast and her startle eye drawn everyone attention on her.

"I was going to ask how does it goes last night with the transformation since this morning your father and grandmother seen quite exhausted . Last night was a full moon" said Prisana.

Jade flushed. Memory of last night came back to haunt her. And then she remember , there are three people in the house that are vampire, grandmother , father and her . Usually , every full moon father would stay in the library till the transformation is complete and over with, only then will he return to bed. Grandmother and Jade would remain in their bedchamber .

"Well, to be honest. I feel asleep during the whole transformation. Something that never happen before. Very strange ." said Aum

"Me too!" said Grandma and then she turn to Jade , "What about you?"

"I-I was wide a wake. It was like every other full moon" she quickly look way and gulp down a glass of water.

A servant came into the dinning room , in her hand held a broken lamp and vase , "Miss. Jade. Do you want me to throw away the bed-sheet or just wash it ?"

Spoon and folk slip out of Jade's hand as she try to shoo the servant away. The girl stood dumfounded until finally she grasp the meaning when Jade said "I spill juice on it this morning. And it would be hard to get the stain remove." The servant girl nodded her head and retreated .

"Was that your lamp and vase ?" Lime asked

"I knock it down while I was transforming." Jade mumble while reaching for another glass of water and held it against her lip. Surely , her stomach will burst if she drink another glass but she was so nervous and edgy about being caught she needed something to settle her down. Even though the family would never guess in a million years it was Lucus that came last night but the guilt was eating in her stomach . It was precisely what Lucus said this affair would be --- a secret. She wanted to tell the whole family , she truly do but another part of her know the family will strongly disagreed and might even kill him. Not that she care about his well fair , it was because she needed him. She hate to admit it. But she do. For his blood of course. What had transpire last night , though it was against her will and her better judgment know the consequence can lead to pregnancy or even worst , the discovery of her sinful behavior with the man she most certainly despise. And when it happen , how would she able to face her family ? Most importantly the man she is engage to. Raven would never want a woman such as her .

"Big sis!" Stone throw a napkin at her.


"Let's go down to the stable and ride some horses . That will take your mind off--"

Grandma cleared her throat . Lime tap his foot against his brother leg from under the table. Their father scowled . Jade was aware of what was going on. The family doesn't want to mention Lucus's name in front of her and was trying their best to make her happy.

"I would like that very much" she reply

"I'll tell the servant to brew you some fish blood" said her mother

"I'm very much full from last night. I think I can go a week without blood" said Jade and then realizing her mistake , she quickly said "I mean . I already have too much fish blood from last night and this morning. No need to drink anymore" she manage an awkward smile . The family thought nothing of it and resume their meal

The next couple days was probable the worst days of her life . She could not goes through the day without thinking Lucus might show up any minute now and at night she wasn't able to sleep. She would laid in her bed , clenching the sheet against her bosom , then when midnight arrive she would turn toward the window , gazing off into the sky .The participation and hungry was making her anxiety. And then there was Raven . He had came over to see her everyday and forever pleading his love for her. Even her family had encourage Raven to pursue her and she was tore between guilt and duty . Oh! It was all Lucus fault! She angrily turn away from the window and went to bed, pulling the cover over her head. Within minute she was fast asleep.

Thud! He turn around to lightly shut the window and move cautiously toward the bed where a body figure lay. Jade.. he said softly . He knee down on the mattress and move to press his naked chest against her back . Supporting himself on one elbow , he lay his hand upon her shoulder and bend close to the cover Jade..I'm here . He slide the sheet down to her waist and gaze into her sleepy face, her hands were tuck under her cheek and her lip were pouted . She look more like a teenager than a woman , thank god she twenty-seven and he love the jasmine smell of her hair. He breath in the hollow of her throat , "Jade..Jade..I'm here."

She shift on her back in her sleep and he move over to make room for her soft body. She murmur something and he bend his ear closer to her lip. He couldn't make out the words but it doesn't matter , he begin to undress her , lifting her head a little so he can pull the gown over her head and even through all that she was still in deep slumber . He chuckle softly , "Sweetie . You are making this too easy for me ." He start by kissing her smooth leg , thighs , stomach , chest , chin, cheek and then her lip. She moan softly and squirm in her sleep, unaware of his warm hand upon her and his wet kisses on her body. She heard voices calling her name and flutter her eye open, above her was a man , he grinned .

"Lucus!" she gasped .

He put a finger to her lip , "Keep your voice down. You wouldn't want to wake up the whole house or do you?"

"Then you should had came prepare" she frown

"It's unnecessary . I'm quite confidence , you wouldn't scream for help any more after that other night..." his eye twinkle with amusement.

She couldn't stop herself from blushing and he must had notice it too , because he give her a soft kiss on each of her cheek. And just like that she felt like hundred of butterflies is in her stomach . Which she found rather annoying ! "Why wouldn't you go find other woman to bother with!"

"Is that what you want ? I can summon a hundred woman right now but wouldn't you think the bed is too small to fit them all?"

"Oh! You better not bring those woman in bed with me . What you do in the private of your room you may do so but not with me . I do not want to share a man with another woman presence" she wanted claw his eye out at that very moment . She is quite sure he capable of pleasuring two or more woman at the same time . He have the power , the spell , the charm and carnal passion to do so but not on her turf , she wouldn't allow it.

He laughed. And wasn't able to stop and roll on his back to laugh harder. She turn on her side and glare at him , "What so funny?!"

"Did you realize what you just said ? Sweetie , you sounded as if you were jealous"

She gaped at him, "I am not jealous. I hardly know you beside the fact you are a wolf and a womanizer ."

"Alright, then you are not jealous and this affair of our is pure lust and food. And we do have a history together now , isn't that kind of funny ? First I kidnap you , seduce you --- " he grinned when her green widen in protest "Alright, have it your way . I use my sorcery on you. We became lover and I'm your blood meal. You whip my ass and drag me here. Your family hate me but mistakenly release me , only to have the wolf come back and bit you in the butt" his smug voice was husky .

She bit her lip. Lust and food ? She doesn't love him and she positive he doesn't either . What they have is indeed lust and food . Just the thought of tasting his blood again got her unconsciously licking her lip , "I have never taste such delicious blood in my life until you came along" she confessed pitifully , her expression sadden and he reach out to caress her naked shoulder.

"You did mention you feed on fish's blood for almost your whole life , perhaps , now that you tasted real blood , the difference is probable a little better than your usual meal" said Lucus while drawing her body into his arm and took advantage of her vulnerability.

She rest her head on his shoulder and sigh deeply into her miserable, unaware of herself being held by him , "You do not understand. The only reason why your blood taste so good is because of lust. The pleasure that consume you , create the finest blood for me and in order to produce that kind of blood again ...I ..I will have.." she was blushing again, the conversation have turn intimate and she almost forgot to be modest .

"You will have to make love to me to taste that kind of blood again" he finish the sentence and slide his hand to her flare hip. She look up into his smokey eye as his face draw near . She close her eye to the magic of it all , though a part of her want to hold back and fight for self control , not to let his man take more of herself than he already had . But once his lip brushes against her and his hand massaging the rest of her body , she lost her willing to resist . It was guilty pleasure to be kiss and fondle by this creature of the night , whom she supposedly hate and yet , she repeatedly fall as his victim again . This time there was no spell-bounded chant from his mouth and she desperately wish he would had done so , it will make her feel less shameful in the act . He move his lip to smear down her smooth throat .

"Lucus , please chant those spell to me" she pleaded .

"No way" was his husky reply and he chuckle between kisses down her chest to her navel .

Oh! She so want to tear his guts out! Without the spell she doesn't have anything to blame at ! And he understand it all to well! She can hear his soft laughter and his wide grin against her burning skin. She hate his terrible humor !

"Can you please hurry" she whisper and pull upward on his shoulder . He follow the tug until his eye meet her beautiful green eye.

"Sweetie , I can not work under pressure" his smile deepen into a teasing grin .

"I-I..want to get it over with , so I can go to sleep" she wasn't very convincing he noted but she was sexy as hell with those innocent shimmering eye , though she isn't aware of it but he counted how many time she licked her lip . She was hungry...

Lucus shift his position , they are on their side facing each other with his arm wrap about her waist and her hand on his forearm.

"I haven't kiss your breast , your thighs and your back--"

"You can keep it to yourself alright" she interrupted , Just ...put it in her voice became so low he thought she was moaning .

"You are so pushy" he couldn't help it and laugh .

She was turning red all over , "Stop it. You are being cruel" she jab a finger in his shoulder.

He unexpectedly pull her roughly toward his chest and slanted his mouth into her , his hand cup her buttock and adjust one leg over his hip. She can feel his hardness against her soft fold and she was so shaken by his sudden aggressive that her hands came between them , pushing against his solid chest . He abruptly break the kiss and stare down at her with no sign of compassion.

"If you wanted it fast . I'll be fast and ..hard" his voice was bitter as if he was angry and she felt that fury with in his grip .

"Lucus ! Wait--" she gasp

He was thrusting. She bit her lip from screaming . Not because of pain but it was so unexpected and he was mindless now , burning dept and releasing fire as he move. She wrap her arm around his neck and held him within her arm , while he whisper exotica word into ear , naughty it maybe but it cause her cheek to burn in excitement . Then before she could even describe the pleasure that was about to erupt she claw his back like a tiger stripe , her eye beam a greenish color and sharp fang emerge from her mouth. She twist herself from beneath him to straddle him and even in her dominant position his hand dig into her hip to keep the pace moving .

"My little vampire" he moan while gazing up at her , fangs glistening with her eye close, hair in a wild arrange around her pale skin and she was bracing her palm on his chest . And then she snap her eye open with a wide open mouth , she lean forward until her breast brushes his chest and sink her fangs into his neck . The blood spill and ooz into her lip . He squirm and buck beneath her as her nail dig into his shoulder to hold him still . She suck and lick . The sound surge in his ear like a soup drain from a bowl . He was completely numb from the head downward , though their join are still lock and their skin stick together , he was absolutely please to be feed on .

Once she had enough she lick the wounded hole and rest her head on his chest . She slept on top of him for a long time until he was able to feel his body return to it's normal stage again and then he slide her off and onto the mattress beside him . He hook the bed-sheet with his toe and pull it up over her body . He use the edge of the bed-sheet to clean the blood smear around her mouth and he notice the fang was still visible but her mouth was close over it , leaving the short end, therefore , it look unbelievably cute . He support himself on one elbow while gazing down at the sleepy woman beside him . So, he was a little rough but it was because in that precise moment he felt the poison was kicking in and wasn't able to control himself . Before , it doesn't matter how violence the poison does to his body because there was always a woman under his arm to relieve himself of it . But with Jade , he doesn't want it to be that way because he doesn't want to hurt her and moment ago he was disgusted of himself . He have to find a way to cure himself and then he could take her into his arm in more gentle way without fearing he might snap at any given moment.

"Sleep tight my little vampire" he said softly into her lip , then kiss her silently and left the room. She stir in her sleep and try to burrow for a body warmth but there was emptiness where her finger fall , though her eye is still close but the disappointed in her drop smile held it's place. It wasn't untill dawn does she wake up and sit on the bed with her knee draw toward her chest . Memory of last night cause her to bury her face into her arms and to her horror , the blood she drank was so delicious , she felt ashamed because the act to create it was so wild , so passionate and so sinful because the man is not even her husband but a midnight lover . She can't go on like this , she have to stop this secret affair and take responsible of her duty . Lucus is not the only man with the finest blood , other man will taste just the same and what better man should it be , beside her own fiancee . She decided. She will agreed to marry Raven and end this affair with Lucus . No more , she told herself . No more. With that decision in mind , she found tear flowing down her cheek on it's own according.


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she better not marry him .. she can pretend but run away from the wedding -- i'm sure hope LUCUS come back to kidnap her -- take her to JLR island LOl -- let the passion begin again LOL (my head is filled with ATEAM more than STEAM now lOl)

Update soon ^^


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CH 19

"That's good news!!" cries Stone as he leap from the chair with his palm flat on the table and stare down at his Big Sis.

"I'm doing the right thing , right Stone ?" said Jade

"Of course you are ! Raven is a good man! And he loves you. I'll go tell everyone" he hurry away to inform everyone.

Jade slouch back into the chair and sighs . Now , the next task is move out of her bed-chamber and stay some where else until -- until when ? Until she is happily married or until Lucus rampage through the mansion in search for her ? She highly doubt he would do such a thing because if her father is awaken by an intruder , and if that intruder is Lucus , he might as well sign his death bed . If he uses his witchcraft to lure her back into his arm --- then she have a problem but it wouldn't be one , if she block all urges and resist the temptation to taste his blood again. There are many other woman he could posses why should he persuade an reluctant one ? Eventually he will give up , right?

If new doesn't travel fast then the possibility Raven magically appear the next day would be a myth and that was when Lime walk into the library to announce the arrive of her fiancee . Jade place the book she was reading down on the table and when to greet him in the main hall . Raven appear as the charming gentleman he had always been and reach out to held her hands.

"I heard the news from your brothers" he begin with a smile and bend down to kiss her finger . She force herself to accept his sudden touch with a smile , this was not the first time he had kiss her hands but ever since Lucus barrage into her life , nothing seen to be the same anymore.

"I been thinking about this for the past days. If you still have me ---" she struggle to smile 

"Absolutely! I wishes to marry you for the longest time . Nothing matter to me more than your happiness" he assure.

"You don't care what had happen to me ?"

"You are not to blame for nor will my love change because of this ...misfortune"

She was searching into his eye , for his assurance and she felt the sincere in the warmth of his hand , lightly squeezing hers in comfort and love .

"Then. Yes. I will marry you , Raven"

He was overjoy with the news and embrace her tightly in his arm . She had never touch another man in this close approximate before , other than her father and Lucus . The physical contact alarm her and she force herself not to worm out of his embrace but to accept his caress , beside, he will be her future husband , he will have the right to her body , therefore she must endure it.

The wedding was schedule two week from the day she agreed to marry him. At first she doesn't understand why everyone want to rush the date but when grandma explain about the calendar of the year and when the next full moon should be , the family decided it's best to give Raven more time to live with her as husband and wife before the big show down. Which of course , is when she transform into her true form and everyone assure her everything will be alright because the love Raven have toward her will make him accept who she really is. And then grandma came in to explain what should take place before she start feeding on her husband , at first he will be shock and might even be terrify but if Jade give him the most exclusive pleasure ever , sometime a man will bypass certain stuff .

"What if he divorce me the next day ? I mean , being suck and sleeping with a vampire doesn't happen everyday" said Jade

"He might" grandma agreed but added "That's why your performance is important . Sometime lust can blind a man"

Jade blushed . But didn't say a word. The old lady continue on.

"I have fate in this young man. I really think he the one . Even after what happen between you and that ...that monster, Raven still come around to plead his dying love for you. It's not like you going eat him alive, just suck a little blood now and then. Look at your mother and father . Love can change people." said grandma with her warm eye and gentle smile

"But ...just what if--"

"Your father will deal with the black heart then. There plenty of man out there for my little jade !" grandma interrupted with a seriously tone and by the thin of her lip , the old lady will make sure no man will treat her grand-daughter as an object , if desperate measure is needed to convince Raven , she will not hesitate to use it.

"Oh, grandma." she goes down on her knee and rest her head in the old lady's lap. Grandma stroke the length of her grand-daughter's hair and move the strand from the girl's face.

"You must trust us with this . We believe Raven is right for you."

Jade couldn't argue with that because they might be right . Her family knows what's best for her and the decision was not up to her alone, she must include her family wishes as well , that's why the secret affair she had with Lucus held a deeper guilt in her heart . They are not forcing her to anything if she doesn't agreed and so far what they offer seen fit, Raven is perfect for her .

"Yes, grandma."

Meanwhile, five hundred mile across the stretched hill and mountain . Lucus read over the inventory list and talk among his ranch worker. The blazing sun was soaking his open white collar shirt as he discuss important matter that needed to be done with the new breed of cattle . He had been independent for nearly four years now , ever since he left the tribe and swore never to return home. He love the comfort life he made here in the rural land . Some of the worker was from the tribe as well and came to seek refugee in his ranch . They live just like normal human and does daily activity just like everyone else. There was a worker running toward him , "Sir ! This was left for you at the gate booth"

Lucus stare down at the red envelope, "Open it and read it to me . I'm busy at the moment" he turn to his worker and continue the conversation .

"It's a wedding invitation , sir . The Nawahdee--"

Lucus snatch the envelope from the worker within second and scroll his eye to the fine printed words. "Bloody hell! That bastard!" he crumble the envelope with his fist , the worker sense their boss 's anger and stood silently . Lucus dismiss everyone and bombard into the house , knocking everything in his path and came to a complete halt by another sight of a red envelope on his work desk . He gritted his teeth and tighten his fist . Ah, that must explain why this pass couple night when he sneak into Jade's room , she wasn't around. He wouldn't dear search the house in fear of whom he might awaken , though he could put the whole family to sleep with some mixture of sleeping powder but he doesn't have the time to sneak into the Nawahdee and slip the powder into their foods , with all the work he have at the ranch during the day time he pretty much have his hand tie and five hundred mile is not a skip or two.

She doesn't want my blood anymore he mutter to himself . Even if she want to end this affair she could at least inform him first as least then he be warn, instead she have Raven flaunt it in his face by sending the invitation card more than once. Obviously , she doesn't know how deceiving this man is and if she think for one second that the bastard truly love her , than it's her lost not him. She is not the only woman out there who can pleasure him, therefore, this shocking news shouldn't bother him but it does. Lucus run his hand through his hair like a mad man in stress and pace the room angrily . Shit. And he was invited to attend .

The biggest wedding of the year was the most talk about topic in town and the most unsettling because of the century old rumor circulating the Nawahdee . The groom to be is a rich tycoon with an mysterious background but his family name is widely known among the aristocracy and then the sudden date of the wedding . Some even expected a early pregnancy was the issue of the rush marriage but regardless of what the scandal were , everyone that are well known in the hi-so social are dying to get an invitation because after all , the Nawahdee is the wealthiest family in the country and highly respected one. Everyone in the Nawahdee 's household was busy with the up coming event .The family doesn't adapt the country's traditional wedding but instead they follow their family tradition which require no monks and no priest . Ms. Nawahdee will preform the ritual while the guest watches and later on in the evening the reception will be held at the family 's ball room .

"Have you try on the dress yet , if it doesn't fit I'll send for the seamstress" said Prisana

"I have. It's beautiful" said Jade

"Your father have it hand-tail make from Europe. They have to rush making it , so if it doesn't fit properly , it's understandable" said Prisana , tiling her daughter chin up to meet her eye . You will look stunning. My first born getting married. And at 27 her mother laugh softly

Jade frowned , "Mother! Are you trying to say I'm an old maid ?"

"Oh, of course not" she smile with amusement .

"Well, you were a little too young yourself" Jade retorted .

"At twenty ? Not too young. Your father was 35!"

Jade wrap her arm around her mother waist ," Can I ask you a personal question"

"Anything you want to know"

"Was father your first option ? I mean ...was there other man in your life ?"

"Well, to be honest. Your father was the only man in my life but let me tell your a secret. I did not start off loving your father. I hated him first"

Jade release her mother and narrow her eye at the lady doubtfully , "How can you hate him ? He such a wonderful father and he love you so much!"

"It's a long story" was all her mother said and tap her curious nose before she left the room follow by a soft laugh . Jade was astonish by her mother confession and she thought back to Lucus. How she hated him so much when he kidnapped her but now she have mix feeling about him. She hate him and yet she crave to taste him. No. No more . She shook the thought away and goes to bed. Tomorrow she will be wed and tonight is the last time she will think about another man .

When morning arrive she was awoken by her brothers banging at the door . She grudgingly move off the bed and answer the door with sleepy eye .

"Good morning , Bride-to-be !" said Stone

"We will be your maid for today added" Lime with a little curtsy

She laugh. How childish can these two be ! The brothers muse her back into the room and Lime push her toward the bathroom while Stone prepare the makeup and dress . There were two outfit the first dress is a traditional style and the second dress is Europe style , white, ivory, low V cut neckline which is presently a fashionable style of today date, 1950. While the brother were with their Big sis, down stair all the servants was on their feet since dawn break to clean and arrange the furniture . Grandma's voice was heard all round the hallway , ordering servant around while Prisana stay in the kitchen preparing meal with the chef . The father of the bride was in the mansion's ball room, setting up the stage with the male servant while the other arrange tables , chairs , bands , signs , ribbons, balloons and all other decoration .

When the guests arrive the gate open and a long line of luxury vehicle pour into the drive way . Jade observe the guests from above the window of her bed-chamber , she wore a close-fitting, brightly colored Thai silk dress for the ring ceremony and her long black hair were pin up . The guests were consist of family as well --- the human relative. It was not a secret among the human relative within the family but the elder wishes to keep the secret from their children to avoid future problem and there are those that couldn't except the family secret and disowned the family name for generation but remain silent for all due respect and their children would never know of their ancestor . Since it's rare to breed a vampire's child , the line have die out with death of other vampire's cousin and their children unfortunately were born human , therefore, the last heir to continue the breeding cycle is Jade. She turn from the window and examine herself in the mirror , the reflection was not a bride who is overjoy on the happiest day of her life but an image of a sacrifice lamb on the verge of tear. The last two week she had slept with grandma and avoid her own bed chamber , she know Lucus had came because she heard the howling of the wolf and the chanting of her name but the last couple days she haven't felt his presence. But those last couple days she have never felt so alone , so restless and so hungry. It was as if not feeling his presence had cause those disturbing emotion within her --- Oh, why can't he just die and leave her in peace !

There was a knock at the door to inform her the guest had all arrive and the ceremony is about to start. She sighs and follow the servant down stair into the main hall where everyone awaits . When she enter the room everyone was completely silent with only a soft whisper among the guest , praising how lovely the bride and groom are . Raven came forward and reach out to hold her hands , everyone applause . The ritual ceremony begin with the couple exchanging ring , then drinking from a grail with their arm lock , the water was a mixture of wine & a special herb that grandma grind . It's a tradition within the Nawahdee's to welcome newly wed with this drink , unknown to everyone except to the Nawahdee , the drink are meant to spicy the human's blood another words , sweeten it. Generation ago , their ancestor had came to realize , not all human partner are a willing candidate to have a vampire as their lover and so , they created a potion that will allow their human mate's blood to taste better when arouse, therefore increase the chances of being impregnate, though the possibility depend on the individual and not a guarantee effective . And since the potion can cause blood clog to human if drank more than once in a life time , the ancestor permit the usage to newly wed, for their first wedding night together only and never to use again on their human 's mate .

Raven press a kiss upon his bride's cheek and cause her to blush in front of her family . He doesn't have any parent or family to witness his wedding but he did invite one person. A long time rival , he want to smile in victory and secretly laugh inside at the fool .

"You are very beautiful"

"Thank You"

She smile warmly and together they held hands. Grandma end the ceremony with speeches and bless . The remaining of the guest was escorted to the mansion 's ball room while the bride and groom change their clothe. Jade was relieve to have some moment of peace as she escape to her room up stair . She dismiss the servant and drop to a nearby dressing chair . The band had started and the classical music was heard through out the mansion . The night was drawing near and the gate was close . She could hear laughter and cheer from the stair below . Within a few more hours she and Raven would be alone in this room . The thought make her heart pound and she nervously remove the dress . Strip down to just her undergarment she slip into the white wedding gown and call for a servant to help with the button and hair . She linger around the room for as long as she can , unable to settle the sick feeling in her stomach and the shaky finger. It wasn't until Grandma knock over the door and told her to get down stair because everyone is waiting , that make her leave. It was the moment of truth , if any doubt she have , she might as well forget about it because it would be too scandalous for the family if she cause speculation among the guests.

She follow her grandma into another hallway that connect the two mansion. .At the main entrance to the ballroom the silver and gold double door was close with two male servant guarding it . She hook her arm into her grandma and took a deep breath . The door was pull open and they walk into the musical sound , guests were seated in their perspective table as all eye turn . Raven stood in the center of the dance floor , he was dress in white tux with a red bow tie and beside him are her parent .

I believe the first dance is mine? said Raven with his handsome smile and boyish charm. Jade slip her hand in his and he draw her close as their finger lock into a dance position . He bend down and press another kiss at her cheek. She accept it with a smile and took the first step into the dance as the band play a softer tone.

"No regret?" she asked , gazing up into his eye as they move around the dance floor swiftly .

"Regret ? No way! You're a prize" he grin down at her

She sigh inwardly. Raven is prefect for her . And that's how it should be---Jade felt a chilling presence and   quickly turn to glance over her shoulder  and couldn't draw a breath . There was a man watching them with his black smokey eye . The devil itself . He stood 10 foot from them with his arm across and leg braced . She pull herself from Raven and turn toward the intruder . There was loud whispering and conversation among the guests as curious eye fall upon the stranger dress in black from the combat boot up . Very inappropriately for the occasion . The music had stop when the stranger stroll in unannounced and looking as if he out to kill . The family was quickly on guard as they recognize the man as Lucus but they remain quiet , not wanting to cause a scene in fronts of so many people in the room .

"Then I'll have the last dance with her" said Lucus with a voice as cold as his eye.

Jade was shock and couldn't react . She turn to look at Lucus with pleading eye as she slow shake her head and then back to Raven , who by now had turn red with rage . The brothers rush in and without a words they came toward Lucus , each grab his arm and try to drag him away but the man didn't even budge , the brother was pushing a mountain as they struggle with all their strength . Lucus violently shook his arm and the brother fumble to the ground , he cross over Lime and came face to face with Raven.

"I think you took something of mine and I want it back" said Lucus , this teeth clench intensely and fist tighten at his side

"She was more than willing to be mine" Raven smile as his word suggested other wise and it took all the strength Lucus had not to throttle the bastard .

The air thicken with violence that's threaten to explode as the two men glare at each other as if they were century old rival . The guests was at a stand still with whispter speculation of what was going on . Jade was horrify with the thought, that Lucus might expose of their affair to the public ear and bring shame upon the Nawahdee's name . Oh! Why didn't he just crawl in a hole and die!

"That's enough young man. Please leave my house this instance." came her father booming voice .

Grandma reach out to touch her son arm and whispering in his ear, "Not in front of the guests. You can't expose him here or else they know about his abduction of Jade and then our family will be ruin . And don't use your power . Our secret is at risk here"

"Mother, then what do you suggest I do ?"

Grandma was about to answer her son when Lucus shouted back ," I'm not leaving til my wife stop her wedding"

The guests was shock and gasp among themselves. The brother was on their feet and curse the bastard. Prisana went to her husband side and said You have to do something . He is making a laughingstock out of our daughter

Jade was so embarrass her back was stiff as a board and her fist was in a bolt . Raven was irritated and piss off like a mad man but he remain in his role as the gentleman . Lucus shrugs his shoulder and presume is arrogance walk toward the bride .

"Let's just stop this house playing game and go with me" he held out his hand as if he was prince charming .

She wanted to claw the smug of his face , "This is my wedding and that's my husband and I'm his ..wife!" she bit out crudely and the sound of her voice earn the groom approve as he flash a victory smile at Lucus .

"Do not push me..." Lucus warn with his gritted teeth as his patience is running out . He could not endure another of Raven victory smile and this woman is making the biggest mistake of her life for marrying the bastard!

She nervously glance around the room , horrify by the growing whisper of the guests watching them , making speculation and the embarrass look upon her family face . She could not let this man ruin her life "I ..do not know who the hell you are ! Leave me alone!" she screamed with a face so red , it was hard not be shook up by the tone of her voice .

He snapped and grab her arm tightly as he piece into her teary eye . Unable to control the raging emotion he undergo for the past days . The announcement of her wedding make his heart ache with the need to throttle her little neck and the violence inside his head make him a stranger to himself . Right now , she make it clear how a stranger he is to her but even with that confession he doesn't care because he had grown to attach to her to give her up to another man without a fight.

"Sweetie" he was talking through his teeth , "Of course you know me . We have a dirty little secret together" his voice was harsh and she gasp at the possibility he will shame her in front of so many people. Tear was streaming down her face as she plead with silent lip for him to keep quiet .

Raven couldn't stand the fact Lucus was touching his bride and tore the two apart . Jade clench to Rave side as her face wet his white tux . The brother attack Lucus from behind and the three went into a fist fight . Aum shout for the servants to come and help . Everything went chaos with the guests screaming and docking as body was thrown on the table and breaking chair . Lucus fought in hand combat with ten men with unbelievable strength and speed , he swirl round and does high kicks . The turn up table was use as a shield as more servant came in to fight against one man . Some of the guest ran out the door while other hide under table and corner . It was out of control with every smash as body of body drop to the floor wounded but the wild man still have the strength to fight more .

"He incredible father!" cried Lime with sore mouth and then flinch with the pain of talking.

"At this rate, he will tear the whole building down !" said Stone while shaking his head out of conscience .

Their father took control and went after the mad man within minute . Lucus dock the intend pouch from the demon and does a back flip until his feet land on one of the table . He squad and view his battle field . Dozen of man was on the floor moaning and grunting in pain .

"Listen old man" said Lucus and watch the demon 's nose flare up with annoyance. "If you let your daughter marry this man you will regret it"

"Who are you to judge. You came into my house uninvited and destroy my daughter chance of happiness and wounded my people. I should had never release you" said Aum as he shook his fist at the young man.

Lucus jump from the table and stood before the demon with unraveling eye , "I might not be perfect but I can promise you this , your daughter will always be safe with me"

The father snorted , "You're the most dangerous of all"

"I would love to stay and explain my good quality but I have a score to settle with your daughter" said Lucus , then flash a fury glance at Jade .

"Over my dead body" she mutter .

Lucus begin to chant rapidly as his finger bend into an ancient sign," Aah may se te na hi coom ma ra .."

"NO! Everyone cover your ear ! Do not listen to it "! cries Jade .

Within second there was a loud yawn from everyone before their body fall into a deep slumber . Jade desperately try to shake her father and family to conscience but it was no use as she watch everyone around her lay down on the floor and sleep.

"What are you doing !" she shouted

"I disguise myself as one of the chef , so I can drug the food with a sleeping potion and with the sound of my chant they will immediately fall to sleep." he explain his step by step plan , making her gape .

"Then why I'm still awake !"

"Because , my sweetie . I did not drug the food that was send to you and I make sure of that"

"Oh! You bastard! Why are you doing this to me ? Look what you have done ! " she swing her hand toward the damage in the room and the people he hurt.

"It's because of you !" he bit out harshly and charge toward her like mad bull , slamming her body against his chest . She can feel the pounding of his raging heart against her and bitterness of his tone ," I do not give a damn if you marry any  filthy man out there but I do give a fuck if you marry Raven!"

He said he doesn't care if she belong to another as long as that person isn't Raven. The deep hatred he had toward Raven , she does not understand but one thing for sure , he doesn't care about her and he even spit it out in her face as if she an object of his own posses to be given to whom he want or not want . "Oh you..you --"

And then he kiss her . With all the angry he felt inside and the passion he couldn't control . He wanted to hurt her with his lip and teeth but yet he couldn't summon the will to do so . Instead he took those bloody lip of her hungrily as if he was starving with only a taste of her can save him. She was thrashing her head away but his hands still her head in a firm grip and continue to drink and suck her lip . There was tear wetting his palm but he didn't care because he mad . Mad because she chooses Raven over him and mad because she didn't have the guts to tell him . He yank her head back and their eye lock.

"I made up my mind." he was breathing hard ," I'm taking you to the Tiberian's tribe"

She was so out of breath from the kiss and was unable to speak but he read the question in her eye.

"Sweetie, I'm taking you to my mother. I'm going make you belong to me , solely . You will become my soul-mate and I will forever in your mind . Night and day"

She shook her head to protest but he pay no heap and carry her outside , "Wait! My family and my husband--"

"Shut up ! Another words from you , I'll put you to sleep!"

"I'm a vampire ! I can kick your ass ! I can throw you across the sky , I can ---"

He pause his track and stare down at her ," You will come with me! ." He put her down and rip his shirt apart.

'Wait ! What the hell are you doing !"

With his nail he claw his chest and the wounded area begin to bleed . And then he carry her into his arm . She gasp loudly as he slam her face toward his open wound and muffle her voice against his chest

"I can ofter you blood my sweetie . Suck as much as you want . Just come with me"

She push her face away and stare up at him as if he had lost his mind, "You stupid oat! You think you can buy me with blood ?" she kick and wriggle until he lost his grip and she was on her feet "I'm not going anywhere with you!"

"What will it take for you to come with me" he was losing patient

"After what you did ? Embarrass me in front of the whole town by crashing my wedding and not to mention you poison everyone in the house!"

"I put them to sleep . It's a difference."

"Make no difference . I'm not going anywhere" she cross her arm and plant her feet to the ground.

He was left with no choice and dig into his pocket , dust the sleeping powder over her face and chant .


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For a moment, i thought Lucus gave up on Jade ..
i'm glad he's taking up his game to the next level and confront her.
it seems to be the only way to work -- suck that the Nawahdee have to face shame but man, aum screw quite bad back when they're young too Lol ..
so it's no different to see son-in-law use the same or similar tactics.

I love that last part -- he have no choices but pull them powder out of his pocket and spread over her face to take her away.
A perfect kidnapping scene -- in public LOl

Update some more, wanna know what will happen now that the BRIDE is missing once again to the arm of the man they all despite and the man she has secretly fallen for.