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Happy 24th Birthday to Barry Nadech Kugimiya!!! He has become a mature man after graduating and ordaining and achieves many success. Very proud of him :heart: :cheer: :cheer: :bdaycake:  :hapbday:  :hapbday:


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BD gift from NYinterFC to the lovely and talented actor Nadech. Let's enjoy his memorable moments in his lakorns/movies so far:
Thanks Junyukio for a  wonderful MV


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IG @urassayas: Happy birthday to you  happy birthday to you  happy birthday happy birthdayyyyy  happy birthday to youuuu ka P'Nadech ️ น้องขอให้พี่ณเดชน์มีความสุขมากๆสุขภาพแข็งแรงและสมปรารถนาในทุกสิ่งอย่างนะ คะ I'm so happy to have someone so special like you in my life ka :) Thank you for everything and being there through all the tears and the laughs na ka :) your the bestest  hehe I adore tht photo  #งดฝากร้านนะคะ 
As above ka and some Thai words she said that " I (she use Nong for herself) wish you are very happy , having good health and fulfill your wish in everything"--Translated by souysouyyy
(News 18/12/2015) Superstar heart's status.
Q: Before this you compare you love with Yaya like a Chicken stock. How about now?
N: People in north-eastern of thailand have a saying "Be patient like chicken stock". The meaning is that it take time to make chicken stock, you have to cook it for a long time. You cannot cook it in a hurry and eat it. The way I see it, I want us to be like this, we don't have to rush. Now people might ask me will my chicken stock becoming too thick? I can tell you that now my chicken stock is not even boil yet (laugh). Please wait and be patient. ‪#‎nadech‬ ‪#‎urassayas‬ ‪#‎nadechyaya‬ ‪#‎NYinterFC‬
English translation by @space4ny.


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I have not been posting much in this home for a while. I want to share another creation for this home. This creation is a fanfiction poster. I got the idea of a story featuring who else but NY :coverlaf: many months, months & months ago but was too lazy to focus on writing a prologue, find photos of N & Y and get an idea of how I like the poster to be. Well it is better late than never so at last I did gained my diligence & got everything I needed as mentioned before & Voila here is the final product :lol: :

This creation was created months ago by @cecilia

P.s. The necklace is my necklace :lol:


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I think NY use the same scarf  - 'one of a kind' scarf
Yaya liked the same Na's pic with the scarf three time on IG keaw_jung, khampajjsin and a_supachai1
I don't think Na knitted 2 scarves (could a newer like him really knit 2 scarves that are exactly the same???) or could Yaya really find
an exactly the same scarf at the shop like the one Na knitted? (I don't think so :pervie: :pervie: )
For someone who wanna rerun DJA, Suri resubbed it with better quality videos:
Cr. NYinterFC
NY schedules 2016
January 26th: Nadech - Press Conference Launching Campaigns Veta Berry 2016 | Place: Fashion Halls 1st Fl. Siam Paragon | Time: 5.00-7.00 pm (Bangkok Time).
January 27th: Yaya - The Street Ratchada Grand Opening
January 28th: Nadech and Yaya - Press Conference "Lays Smile" at Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon | Time: 4.00-6.00 pm (Bangkok Time) (Can't wait to see them together after a long time. Will reporters ask about the scarf :bhehe: )
January 29th : Yaya - Crystal Veranda Grand Opening : 6.00 p.m. onward
February 4th: Nadech - " Siam Paragon the Prosperous Chinese New Year 2016" at Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon | Time: 6.00-7.00pm
You can find more info at NYinterFC page


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Please VOTE for Nadech and Yaya in KomChadLuek Awards 2015.
Voting Procedure:
- Go to 
- 1st column: Write your First name, then Family name
- 2nd column: write your phone number
- 3rd column: your email address
- 4th column: Popular Actor of the year (Choose Nadech Kugimiya in the first row)
- 5th column: Popular Actress of the year (Choose Yaya Urassaya in the 2nd row)
- 6th column: Popular singer of the year (you can skip or choose one among them)
- 7th column: Popular Luk Thung singer of the year (you can skip or choose one among them)
- 8th column: Popular Lakorn of the year: ' Lom Sorn Rak' is in the 2nd row and 'Neung Nai Suang' is in the last row or the 5th row
- 9th column: Popular Thai Movie of the year ( you can skip or choose one among them)
- Solve the simple math calculation in order to confirm that you are human. 
- Finally, click "Vote" (โหวต) 
* Note: you can vote for every 10 mins!! This vote cover 10% of overall score, while another 50% is given to voting voucher in Komchadluek Magazine, and another 40% is given to SMS. 

Let's vote together!!


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Cr. NYinterFC
FB: https://www.facebook.com/NYinterFC/
https://youtu.be/c0KHFbH0h54 (NY at P' Ae BD party on 12/2/2016 with Chinese theme)


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There's no NY lakorn at the moment but there's "The Real Nadech Concert" coming up on 19 - 20 May 2019 where Yaya'll be a special guest who is more than a guest :cheer::cheer::cheer:
I'll update some information relates to the concert here so it'll be easier to keep track in the future.

Tickets fir the concert is selling from Today at 10am (Bangkok time). You can buy online at

Open the link below and follow instructions to register first before you can buy tickets:
(better using Google Chrome)

Can't stop replaying this clip :love::icon12: