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Magnet Couple
NY arriving together, wearing matching glasses, Nadech wearing the jeans Yaya decorated for him and Yaya wearing what looks like his shorts lol :love:
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When they kept holding hands even though the game had paused T__T :love:
The visuals :love::love:
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NY took selfies with fans after the event; the queue was so long they ended up having to take group selfies with fans instead.
At Nice Two Meat U after the event, having dinner and celebrating Mae Pla's birthday:


Magnet Couple
NY went on a short holiday together to Chiang Mai :love:

Day 1:
Making merit at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Everything is matching - from their outfit to their toenails :love:

At Payaka Cake House
http://instagr.am/p/B1pxZqRB_1y/ 37114
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At The Baristro at Ping River


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I swear I lost it when I saw this clip :risas3::love:

Day 2:
At Looper & Co. coffee shop

At Wualaisilp Chiang Mai
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Day 3:
They were seen at 7-Eleven and then at Wat Phra That Hariphunchai in Lamphun, making merit :)
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Back to Chiang Mai :love::love:

And then back to Bangkok in the evening:

Their trip got a huge amount of buzz on social media, in the news etc. Lots of girls were tagging and messaging their boyfriends and husbands, asking them to get their nails done so they match :risas3:

#nadechyaya started trending not long after the first photos were posted on social media
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Thanks @YadechTaemint for updating the thread. NY are so gorgeous in all their new Ads. August is so nice with so many lovely NY moments. They’re almost together everyday :icon12:. Can’t wait to see what’s more in September- the Anniversary month :love:. And next week hopefully we can see fitting pics of NY in traditional outfits for their new lakorn.

It’s funny to see some people keep complaining they’re bored of NY. If they’re bored they don’t need to watch or follow. The one who complained online wasn’t really showing real support that can be counted anyway.
But there’re a lot more people wanna seeing NY together. Look at how NY have been just enjoying their holiday together like any normal couple but they’re talk of the town even without sharing pics themselves. And the queue for taking pics with NY at Lays event was so long that they had to take group pics instead of selfies in the end. I’m so proud of NYFC who are very supportive for all NY works including coming to their events, buying NY products especially from Ch3 store (NY lakorns DVD and photobooks all sold out - can’t say the same for many other lakorns).
Ch3 needs to make more money if they don’t wanna be bankrupt. And N/Y (especially NY) lakorns are easier to sell abroad and get Ads deals so why not having more NY projects to make more money and satisfy majority who show real support.
We’re lucky to stan this lovely couple :icon12:
Have a nice weekend everyone!
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Never miss the opportunities to be thankful. ☆♥︎
Don't forget to follow Nadech's Instagram kugimiyas. :icon12:;)
How cute! Nadech's first followed IG account and first comment was on Yaya's Instagram urassayas. His profile picture was also taken by urassayas. :icon12::icon12::icon12:
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IG Post By: nyinterfc

Nadech's first nine posts as well as sharing one of the photos taken by teeruk using a grid layout on his IG account kugimiyas. :):icon12:
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Photo Taken By: urassayas

Looking forward to seeing what he'll post next and in the future. :icon12:
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I've been searching for yaya's two stepbrother pic for so long. finally found their pic in cathy's ig
:thumbup:how is everyone here?Happy 8th Anniversary to Pittanomipa's NY youtube channel not sure if 8 or 7 correct me if i am wrong.:confused12:

Thank you for uploading this picture been so curious how does Yaya's HALFbrothers look like.The guy at the left side has Yaya's forehead. I am getting more and more so much curious to see Nadech's biological dad and half siblings.I wonder why Nadech never mentioned them but at last he did mentioned his Austrian dad in his recent interview who named him Brant or Barry from Chonlathit.:love:


Never miss the opportunities to be thankful. ☆♥︎
Happy Birthday Nadech! :star2::icon12: #HBDNadechDay
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Charming & Handsome with a kind heart. ;):icon12: #kingofpresenters #kingnadech

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