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Sorry for the late reply, been a lazy butt keeke

Here's the full concert

Ya sung: The Man in my dreams (such a cute song, and i love ya in dresses like that).
Na sung: For You Forever (he looked so fine like this, perfect weight, not too skinny not too fat)



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Thank you na ka @bubbles8, they always choose the right songs, so meaningful and yep like Na said "we did not hide any things" lol. It's In the light of day and we sung out loud  :pervie:  :wink:
 Here is the translation from Marino Yudee - Nadech world
A man indeed with plan and heart of gold

Nadech's interviewed in Sudsapda magazine.(one of the questions)
If you have a chance to set up a charity foundation, what would it be? 
Nadech: I'd set up an old age home for elderly people. Actually, I think the olders are the most loneliest people. The younger age seems to have bright future. And there are many children foundations. But organizations that help the elderly are still very little. I wanted to set up a foundation that is not where someone brought the older people and left them there. But it will be a place where people come to us and letting us take care of elderly so that they won't feel lonely. It is almost the same as Granny's place.


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He is sure a very thoughtful guy and someone with good directions and plans, i hope he can successfully follow through what he intends <3

I owe a translation for this part last time (my internet was at turtle pace last time heh)

Their conversation is scripted but still cute!

Na: Hey you, I've never seen any girl who easily pouts like you
Ya: what are you talking about *pouts*
Na: I've never seen any who has an ugly face like you!
Ya: I've never seen any guy who is is.....(tries to find something bad to say)
Na: I have no bad qualities right? Thats why you cant think of anything bad to say huh? Lol
*they start singing koo gud (rivalry) by P'Bird*


Singing Talay See Dam, this song from them gets me every time! I was haunted by this song so many months after the lakorn ended. It's one of my fav naya lakorn songs, it holds so many memories of nangfah and saichon



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hhehe @bubbles , i still have some pics not use for " Soulmate" yet, I will spam here  kaka, Zoeii, hope you won't mind


Cr. By_family, nadechyaya.com,nujang


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I was back from my short MIA break but I was too overwhelmed to comment because I want to comment on every one of the shares ....thank you ladies for your shares :flowers:, also I guess I am a lazy butt too @bubbles8 :lol:.

I don't know where to begin on commenting so I will start with @Junyukio's Soulmate mv first ^____^.

@Junyukio - we are soulmates too ka but our definition of soulmate is no where like NY's definition of soulmate, huh? :loool:....I love it, it started out so nicely with the definition of soulmate...you are so clever in incorporating a bit of this & that to your mvs which make every one of your mvs unique & different from each other, each has its own theme to explore :thumbsup:. You put a lot of effort in your mvs, especially this one with all the blendings of NY photos & collecting NY's translated statements about one another.


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What have my lovelies done to be loved and shipped by everyone, from the smallest to the most reverend, i know im not loving the wring ppl

Monk: come to congratulate his friend in getting masters degree, congrats yaya
Ya: asks her mum how to addreess the monk
Monk: is this mae kaew?
Everyone: *giggles* mae pla
Monk: oops sorry, same family anyways kek


Time sure flies, when i first started following them, they js started uni and now both graduated even with such a busy schedule



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I did fall for Na initially because he made me laugh lol they both have very pretty and genuine smiles
Since im on my laptop I thought i post this for you Zoe
This was one my fav scene from RFTD so i requested for it hehehe



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Translation to Poo Chai Nai Fun (the man of my dreams), the song ya was singing to at the above concert
Another version of the song
Since I’m a full-bodied woman
I haven’t found a guy who satisfies me
Last night, I had such a good dream, I should be slapped
I dreamt that I met the most amazing man
He took me out to see a movie
He took me to sit and make out
Then took me to Chomsuan
He sent me the most beautiful flowers too!
He nibbles my ears over and over
Nipping and nipping five or six times
Surprised, I woke up at 4am
Man, what a pity, aw, what a pity!
By 5am, I was nearly asleep
Thinking over and over about my good dream
What guy is pinchable?
Tee hee, cute and spankable
Who persistantly tries to woo me
With many beautiful words
Dreaming and thinking has me hot and bothered
If I was assaulted, what should I do?
As soon as I stop my thoughts
He quickly grabs me and takes me
Surprised, I wake up and lose it
Man, what a pity, aw, what a pity!
cr: deungdutjai


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Sorry for my spam lol So I was watching ya's lakorn Dao Reung and there was an excerpt was from thi song, and it made me remember that Ya used to sing this song a few times too. I love the meaning of the song's chorus, it's exactly how i feel abt naya's relationship, to not love each alot, but to love little but longer, no need to add but js dont let the love decrease. Na was in the frame, next to P'Por, but he was to chickened to come up to give a flower to Ya, P'Por did it on his behalf kakkaka 
Mai dtaung ruk chun lon fah mai dtaung hah toy kum wahn wahn
There's no need to love me to the ends of the sky, you don't have to search for sweet words

Yahng tee koey bauk gun gor yung seung yoo
The things you once told me are still with me

Kor kae ruk kum diao tao nun mai teung chun kon diao tao nee
Just the single word "love" means everything to me

Yahk ja fung eek tee wah tur ruk chun
I want to hear it again that you love me

Mai dtaung ruk tao fah dtae kor hai ruk tao derm
There's no need to love me to the sky, but I just ask that you love me the same

Mai dtaum mee perm dterm dtae ruk mai noy long pai
There's no need to keep adding to things, but don't let our love decrease

Mai dtaung ruk jon chua nirun dtrahp tee chun nun yung hai jai
There's no need to love me for eternity, just as long as I'm still breathing

Kor hai meuan derm kor hai meuan derm
I want things to remain the same, I want things to remain the same

Mai dtaung feun dtua eng peua chun mai dtaung fun ja pen meuan krai
You don't have to force yourself for me, there's no need to dream of being like anyone else

Gaun koey pen yahng rai gor pen meuan gao
However things used to be before, they're the same

Ruk tao nee tee koey hai wai ruk tao nai gor mai sumkun
Just the love you once gave me, however much it was isn't important

Bauk wah yung ruk gun dtaung gahn tao nee
All I want is for you to tell me you still love me

Kor kae ruk kum diao tao nun mai teung chun kon diao tao nee
Just the single word "love" means everything to me

Yahk ja fung eek tee wah tur ruk chun
I want to hear it again that you love me


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It is very cute, this sweet gesture by Ryu will never grow old, he will continue to do it when they both are grandparents lol.

I have many favorite scenes from RFTD too, one of them is with the quote in my signature, another bed scene :lol:. I did not request for it to be a gif, queenyeon wanted to make it as a gif since she saw the quote in my signature. I will gather all of the gifs I have of NY then will post them up (I think I had also said that I would post something on here but I totally forgot what but for sure I will post my NY gifs :coverlaf:).

bubbles8 said:
I did fall for Na initially because he made me laugh lol they both have very pretty and genuine smiles
Since im on my laptop I thought i post this for you Zoe
This was one my fav scene from RFTD so i requested for it hehehe



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Here are some of my NY creations :lol: :

My NY illustration, I use the photo in spoiler tab to illustrate.

Love this excerpt!

Cute quote that match with NY!

Very very hot :spicy:!

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Thanks for posting all the gifs zoe  :heart:  :heart:
Oy that back hug pic from tnnkk makes me want to rewatch it so much, tnnkk had some of naya's prettiest pics esp the scenery. I shall rewatch it after i finish with Dao Reung
ps. yes they are some of the weirdest weirdos and that's what makes me love them lol



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i miss my lovelies so freaking much. All my NY collection is in my laptop, and my laptop is broken for now. I have to relay on youtube  :lmao:
Really hope we get to see LLSR fitting soon....it should be soon right? Last I heard the opening ceremony was supposed to be on October 18. Please let there be no postponement!


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I miss seeing them together very much too. Did you get your laptop fixed yet? I hope no postponement on LLSR opening ceremony too, my patience is limited lol.

Some photos to enjoy while we all await for LLSR opening ceremony.

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