[Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya


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It's refreshing to see Yaya in this type of role. I hope she takes on bolder roles as she grows up. This is a starter. There are still some inconsistencies, but it's pretty good already.

It's funny to watch Mark yell and it's funnier to see how big Yaya is against Mark. When she pushes him, he almost can't hold the ground. Hahaha.


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Today finally came!

Gosh I like Mark but he is killing me! He's just not coming through for me. I think Mark is a mediocre actor (who's been in too many mediocre dramas, imo). His emotions are so bland. Yaya is definitely over shining him. Maybe he's just not the vengeful type because even in Tawan Deard, I couldn't even feel his vengeful character then.

I like that Yaya can ugly cry and cry pretty.

I'm getting pretty tired of Noey being Yaya's lakorn rival. Lol can't they have anyone else?!


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Hahaha so funny how Louis accidently calls Toey 'Jee' during Reuang Lao Chao Nee. I love how kind and supportive Toey is towards Yaya. She's constantly reminding the viewers to keep their eyes on Yaya because she's a very detailed actress who pours all of her emotions into the character. It's nice, refreshing and such a rarity to see people within the industry showering each other with love as they all share the same profession. A lot of the scenes we see in this intro ep were actually filmed first so I expect to see Yaya evolving herself into the role even more as the story progresses. I forgot to mention in my previous post how I think Louis and Yaya play well very off each other. They're convincing with their interactions as both friends and director/actress. Yaya seems to have good chemistry with a lot of the supporting actors in her lakorns (Num in MT, Fair in NNS Golf in RFTD, Pope in GRGR) and I'm confident that she'll be good with Masu as well once he appears.
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I don't post here as much as before, but I can really see why Anne T. likes working with both Yaya and Kim. Damn their acting has gone so far, specially with Yaya here in KC.

I seriously doubted that she could pull off the raeng aspect of her character, but while I was watching the first segment of episode 1, I was really taken a back. I couldn't help but almost drool at how hot she was and how her acting has really really improved. I'm sorry but this feels like Yaya's show alone. Although, I'm still giving Mark a chance to improve, and I really hope he does. Cos Yaya's eyes show all those raw emotions but Mark's were just literally a blank stare. I have so much hopes for this show in the coming weeks. But so far, I am very satisfied with the first episode.


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I think both Yaya and Mark are pretty decent in this. And that's coming from someone who can almost never finish any of their individual lakorns. Sure, they still have some awkward moments here and there but I can tell they've worked hard for their respective roles. Especially Yaya. The one who I would say has been the most stiff in this lakorn so far is Nychaa.


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Nychaa's character is so far the only character without all the crazy drama (haven't started) and she's just there to be Jeed's best friend ahahah. I always thought Yaya is a great actress but she never got the chance to portray a complex character like this (being a b*tch lol) until now KC is bringing out the best in her and I really hope to see her in more diverse roles in the future!!! I also thought Toey being the jealous wife is doing a great job because I'm only at episode 1 and I'm already annoyed at her constant screaming omg. I actually really like the bickering between Noey and Yaya lol, rivals in the acting world, I just love dramas like this it's so funny seeing their manager and them competing lol. I personally think that out of all Yaya's dramas, I liked her look in this drama the most. MAKEUP FASHION GOALSSSSSS


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he has the right to be angry cause if she really was sincere she should went herself to the police station and forgot her dara ego and confess that she was the one who hit the girl even if she didn't meant to but what she did she went with th eplan of her manager or djkeay's charcater

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There's a lot of buzz for this lakorn and the rating of 5.5 is pretty good for the first episode.

Wow.....so far so good....I really enjoyed watching the first episode and I was so impressed with Yaya. She's gorgeous in here and her acting improved tremendously. I'm so happy that she got a chance to showcase her talents in this challenging role. Mark is very handsome in here. The step-father is such a good actor that I was so disgusted with him lol.

Work Rivals....ppbt_magazine.....

Episode 2...here I come hehe.....


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I wouldn't mind subbing for this, although I may be busy with school and I'm afraid I might sub wrong. I subbed for Viki though I forgot what lakorn it was.
And does anyone know how many eps this is?


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I really yaya and mark in this lakorn, i see that mark has improved he was never really able to do dramatic scenes before but in this lakorn he did a decent job and its only the first episode. As for yaya this girl has real talent no questions there.


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I wouldn't mind subbing for this, although I may be busy with school and I'm afraid I might sub wrong. I subbed for Viki though I forgot what lakorn it was.
And does anyone know how many eps this is?
They don't usually tell how many episodes unless we are almost at the end of the lakorn, that's the time they will reveal it or if an upcoming lakorn's teaser has been released then it's a sign that one of the currently airing lakorns will end.