[Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya

Siti Hardianti

sarNie Juvenile
Hey guys
Omg im so exited i can visualize Mark and Yaya in a remake of the movie
"The Matchmake's Playbook "
Guys you gotta watch it and maybe contact the Director of Kluen cheewit
Here is the trailer
The chemistry and sexual tension is off the chart.
but mark couldnt grow a beard, how about this couple i think they could play that role better images (1).jpeg images_1538661944625.jpeg


sarNie Hatchling
I just found out that Kleun Cheewit is airing here in the Philippines. LOL for my fellow Filipinos out there do you guys appreciate dubbed dramas or do you favor a certain channel in the Philippines. I feel like Channel 3’s equivalent here is actually ABS-CBN their dubs are better for me.


sarNie Adult
Currently rewatching KC. Ahhh I wish we would get great news about them :sad6:I know Mark just has that one lakorn right now with Mew and Yaya isn’t fully confirmed with Pope and I haven’t heard much about the one with Mario either. Just keeping my fingers cross. These two have been my favorite since Tawan Deard lol. I just think because they both look good together because of the baby face and moles lol.