[Ch3] Kluen Cheevit (Lakorn Thai) Mark Prin/Yaya Urassaya

Discussion in '2017' started by Sukialen, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. chievi4tennis

    chievi4tennis pope and Bella are cool

    If there were a lakorn with these two again, could you guys picture them in a romantic comedy with lots of romantic scenes?
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  2. -Frozen-

    -Frozen- sarNie Egg

    Trueee even I want the same but I'll guess we'll have to do with KC for some more time now ..Ch3 is busy with everything that's not Mark Yaya right
  3. -Frozen-

    -Frozen- sarNie Egg

    A romantic comedy would be good but these two are so good with intense scenes too so a mix of everything and lots of drama would be good I believe
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  4. vina

    vina sarNie Egg

    I want to see them in another lakorn with lots of physical contact.
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  5. vina

    vina sarNie Egg

    They are busy with BP's phenomenal success and its sequel.

    Actually, I kinda feel envious of their fans because even though Bella has already a boyfriend (Weir Sukollawat); fans of her successful drama can still see her get paired up again with Pope soon.

    If only the respective partners of MY is in another network maybe we can still see them work again immediately after KC's success.

    Just my two cents.. ✌
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  6. twister02

    twister02 M♥K

    If MY were not busy after filming KC, then the possibility of them getting another lakorn after KC's airing was big however, Mark were filming Rak Nakara and Kom Faek at that time and Yaya have 2 lakorns, endorsements and a movie. Aside from that, she also have upcoming lakorns that she is filming right now, notably with James Ma. Mark on the other hand doesn't have any confirm project. His rumored lakorn with Mew is not yet confirm.

    A reunion will surely happen for this two but not today or maybe until 2 years from now. That's how they shuffle pairings. BPS is a different thing because it will have season 2 so they should have the same cast.

    I'm a MK fan but I also want MY to reunite because of their chemistry. Just keeping the faith :)
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  7. Ariaryasha

    Ariaryasha sarNie Egg

    Me too I am a fan of both :p:cheer:I really am hoping we can see MY soon :aaaaa:
  8. viola

    viola sarNie Egg

    I'm a Yadech fan but I love MY onscreen no less than Yadech. MY chemistry is no joke. Can the chanel replace the lakorn Yaya with Tik by MarkYa's one? :crybaby2: Yaya seems super duper busy here and there.
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  9. -Frozen-

    -Frozen- sarNie Egg

    I want KC 2 ...wake up ch3 :BangHead:
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  10. vina

    vina sarNie Egg

    Mark doesn't have any upcoming dramas after his lakorn with Kim and I think Yaya is almost done filming her drama with James Ma. I've also read last month at Dara Daily that one of her drama's got cancelled so I assume it's the one with Tik.

    Ch3 shouldn't have any reason now to pair them up again if they want the onscreen pairing to be more popular like what they are doing right now with Pope and Bella. No more PopeMew and Jiranee for the time being.
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  11. -Frozen-

    -Frozen- sarNie Egg

    Yeah this is a good chance to pair them up :angel10:
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  12. Ariaryasha

    Ariaryasha sarNie Egg

    Yes Please :thumbup:
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  13. vina

    vina sarNie Egg

    While waiting for another drama from MY, I'll be busy again with another drama from CH3, starring James and Taew.

    But no matter how many lakorns I've seen since KC, Mark Yaya still remains as my absolute favorite onscreen couple.
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  14. xodxo

    xodxo sarNie Adult

    Me too lol so bored with boring lakorns atm lol I’m waiting for Mark/Mew and another Mark/Ya reunion, that’s all!!!!! Amen!!!
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