[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn

Discussion in '2018' started by Mimo, Aug 14, 2016.

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    Just putting this out there but with the killer sexy performance from JT for the AIS countdown, this girl has drove herself to the hospital lol. This ambulance driver is still working so let me know if you need a ride too! Had to fix up my oxygen tank from the loads of chemistry JT was pulling off. That performance was fire!!!
  3. Can we see it? You have pics? Lol
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    Here's the rehearsal at @4:10 :aaaaa::cheer::clap::love::icon12::icon12::thumbup:

    HOT performance! We needed the ambulance!! :pancarta: DEAD!!

    BTS pictures

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  7. Aw! How lovely! Lol thanks hun!
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    Thanks for sharing the sexy performance KaTe .
    @PrincessKarina Betty and I fainted :p @Katelyn died and went to Jitaew land for a bit, but we brought her back to life :risas3:
    Seriously James and Taew has brought the definition of chemistry to a whole new level.:aaaaa:

    Some pics from last night. Cr. To rightful owners .
    AB6B6A20-B334-4C76-B851-F47D114ED984.jpeg D9B62FFF-F869-4B8B-813E-C80D0CB3B074.jpeg 8863DD3F-53BD-43B2-B266-0897896A1FB5.jpeg 1426C11D-D46C-4C48-8375-B11AE40BE9D3.jpeg D475BC35-496C-4A45-96B7-4B5C242BD249.jpeg A5DBAB1F-0D78-45C7-AAB6-1CED2F8F2F0B.jpeg 70CA8CB6-7E2E-42F2-B544-F32A2A256BEB.jpeg
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    Cr. On Pics :icon12:

    Someone please get me a bucket? :drooling::drooling:
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    Happy New Year All!! :cheer::aaaaa:


  11. Happy new year dear!
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    Beautiful art work as always thanks for sharing .. here is a few more pics from last night.

    Cr. On pic
    FC97DFC5-BAB0-4CAB-ABFD-A8D2EBFCFC31.jpeg BAC8B4B3-F403-41A0-B61A-688B67A3CBB8.jpeg 0FFB15D5-4F03-4358-9CC5-008642B8603C.jpeg 3D2BB0D7-9145-4679-942B-2DDD7A8CF82C.jpeg
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    Magnificent chemistry and dancing!
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    Happy New Year everyone! :).

    Magnificent chemistry and dancing!
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    I have yet to watch the performance. I feel so shy watching it. I will watch it when my heart is ready! LOL They look so freakin' hot and compatible together. I'm so sad (and pretty disappointed lol) that they're not together at all. What kind of ill-fated love is this?! T__T lol
    Thanks so much for sharing, everyone! It's great to fangirl with you ladies (and gentlemen) again. It feels like forever ago when GS ended. I'm glad we're still getting our daily dose of JiTaew, and I hope we'll continue to see more of these two this year in 2019 (and forevermore lol).

    Also, Happy New Years everyone!!! <3
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    Happy New Year ladies .. it was a good start for the JiTaew fans having James and Taew dancing into 2019 like that :p:aaaaa:

    @roselovesice oh girl, since you haven’t seen it yet.. just a warning have an ambulance on stand by :risas3: @Katelyn @Xiongurl26 and I fainted and had to be taken to hospital :risas3: here is another clip from a different angle taken by a fan.. Seriously from what ever angle you look at they are just so hot :drooling: :drooling:
  17. Lol for sure! ;)
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