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    Somrak Narongwichai has already confirmed that James Jirayu and Taew Natapohn will still pair up in Da Hathairat's next project replacing for Yaisanaeha


    Somrak already confirmed that upcoming tv drama produced by Da Hathairat instead of Yaisaneha will be Buang SaNaeHa ( Love Trap ) , the old novel written by Aritaa



    Luckanai, a dark tall and handsome man, is Muaenchanok's mother's non-blood relative. He came to live in her house due to complicated reason about his family background. . Muaenchanok, a beautiful stubborn woman, has clues in her mind because of her parents' divorcement. Her father will marry with a young beautiful woman while her mother has flirted with a younger man. . Muaenchanok is forced to get marry with Luckanai for marriageability, even though she still abhors him. Luckanai, whereas, are pleased to marry her with his secret love feeling to her. . The problem occurs when they have a child unintentionally, because he want to keep the child while she wants to have an abortion. So they make a contract to let the child to be under his parental authority then he will leave home with a child after she gives birth and let her free. . During pregnancy, a maternal bond between her and her child becomes more stronger and stronger, so she changes her mind to keep the child with her after the childbirth. Besides, she misunderstands that Luckanai always takes good care of her because he only wants the child, not because he loves her. However, due to the contract she will have a right to get the child back only if she accepts him. . How will the story be complicated and chaotic? How do their loves go? Please follow their story in#BuangSaNaeHa.

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  2. xcinsationalx

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    I am excited that they will still be pairing up and that is will not be in a remake. But I laugh a little at the storyline because half the time I feel like so many lakorn/drama characters problems could be easily solved if they just talked to each other lol
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  4. sarN

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    Ohh' remind me of Andrew old lakorn w/ Benz . After she give birth Andrew raise the baby
  5. little22

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    Ooh this sounds good already
  6. jjinxx

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    So excited for this!! Thanks for updating!
  7. saraokenim

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    Is this like a new plot or a remake? It sounds interesting
  8. Mimo

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    a new plot
  9. diann

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    Yay a new plot. Sounds pretty interesting. I like when praek and nek is forced to married each other. Interesting pairing. I'll look forward to this
  10. Cupid Candy

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    I love it when there is a baby involved. Seeing p'eks interact with their babies is always a plus.
  11. 040156

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    Honestly, I am scared of what this lakorn can bring, at the same time hopeful, because I have full faith in James and Taew's acting abilities. For James this is probably his "darkest" role yet - I don't know what tweaking the author/screenwriter would have to do with the story or how much bolder James's acting is supposed to be like to match this character. It seems to be more dramatic than the originally planned Yai Sanaeha, but I hope the whole team would get to execute things well.

    The story, although it is an original, seems to be common - i mean, it has some of the most common lakorn tropes. But I really just want to wish for the best and I am anticipating more from this.
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  12. khmaichick559

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    @sarN it does sound like it but also reminds me of oum rum with Ken and Ann somehow.
  13. AnnTfan

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    Sounds very interesting and p'ek seems like my cup of tea, but James Ji isn't dark.. :confused12:
  14. xcinsationalx

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    LOL that's what I was thinking
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  15. diann

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    ^^ true lol but we shall see. He never played this type of role before so let's see how he will do in here.
  16. Mimo

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    @leeanong could you translate this please?
  17. leeanong

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    This moment was happened when they went to the seabeach. Lakkanai was helping Muenchanok while she got painful from the scramp and almost drowned.
    -At this moment, she was able to smile mockingly at him , lower him more worse. " Such a match! you are just that good , that fake "
    "I dont like any fake" He said toughly. " I 'll get that real... trust me... not so long "
    His face frown down and pretending to hug her tighter , it's like he stamped an unpleased stains on her body, making Muenchanok shuddered , not because of affection but an extreme disgusting.
    Lakkanai looked at her skin becoming rash and swollen while smiling ruthlessly "Khun Nok, I promise .. You must be mine.. you will "
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  19. sarN

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    is the translation from the novel or something ?
  20. Mimo

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    yes , from the novel

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