[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn

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    Yessssssssss...still wonder about Nok mother's love life with the young doctor....wonder if he moved to join this happy family or just dating her 'til the end. I've found their scenes together were not irritated at all.
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    I was a little reluctant to watch this because I think Taew looks older than James. But I got used to the pairing after a while. I also found I enjoyed the last part of the drama more. I was worried the bickering between the 2 would he over the top and annoying, but it was actually tolerable. I really like the character, Nai. And surprisingly, many characters weren't stupid. Like Nok's parents. I like that they were accepting of Nai, despite his background and remained close friends even after divorce.

    In relation to what some have mentioned about Padiwarada. It was the first lakorn I had seen with James and Bella. I was never attracted to watch their dramas but this one was so good, O went back to watch their first one and have started to love watching Bella and sometimes James. I also enjoyed Padiwarada because Rin is quite reasonable and understanding. Most n'ek would misunderstand and hate the p'ek.

    I agree, Padiwarada for me was much more enjoyable. But game sanaeha still was pleasant. It's increased my liking for James. I never ever thought I would like him as an actor.
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  4. Good comments! Glad you gave GS a chance. Lol. I love this lakorn. Yes I’m bias because Taew is my favorite all time Thai actress! I thought Taew looked the youngest next to all of JJ’s co-stars. Bella looked older than Taew and she made it work with JJ. ;)
  5. I miss Taew. Funny I have to say this but I actually am not too crazy about JJ now. My JT fever went down for sure! Lol. JJ is cute and he’s improved on acting that’s a fact. But he has ways to go yet to catch up to veterans such as Ken T. ;) And to be even at Taew’s level. That girl works hard and she’s a flawless actress in my world. She’s the best! ;) Love Taew! :love:
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    Padiwarada was good. I enjoyed it as well. I was into the whole Bella-James pairing then but not in love, in love with them. I liked their pairing. Call me bias but JT would always outbeat James & Bella for me. I mean, I still like them with other nang’ek/pra’ek too, of course, like Taew-Mario pairing. They’re still so cute together. I plan to rewatch the whole lakorn at once, once the semester is over. I really miss my Nok and Nai, and all those heartaches too. lol

    Anyways, I did it. I dropped $121.50 for the DVD boxset on EThaicd. I’m excited to get my copy but dang, that was a lot of money. lol
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    I would be happy to order too but its in thai so ill stick to rewatching at the official site of Ch3. Hope to see this pair soon. Missing thema lot
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    For lakorn I like Padiwarada more for pairing I like Jitaew more.
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    I share the same sentiment. The story of Padiwarada is more solid compared to Game Sanaeha's but then James and Taew look cuter with their bickering and all that. Hopefully JiTaew will get a role reversal lakorn and get something solid like a Padiwarada Storyline in the future.
  11. roselovesice

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    I don’t even remember what happened in Padiwarada. lol All I remember is my favorite scene. It was when he returned home and she ran to hug him after she heard him singing from downstairs. I still watch that scene from time to time. lol

    @sampaguita EThaicd isn’t in Thai but they are selling the boxset at a higher price than actual price if you buy it on the official Ch3 site.
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    Yeah! I love that scene too. Imagine Nok doing that to Nai. Hahaha he's going to go nuts I bet.

    Padiwarada is basically the reverse of Game Sanaeha. The n'ek is the abandoned and unloved, but diligent and dutiful one and the P'ek is the big bad spoiled brat who bullied the n'ek, until he realized that he was in love with her all along.
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    Yes, Bella looks older than James, even in Padiwarada. I think the younger actors even look older than James. I don't mind Taew. I think she's pretty. But I've never liked many of her male leads and thus, never seen many of her lakorn. Actually, this is the first one I've seen from start to finish. I was excited to watch her and Andrew, but I just couldn't get into the Chinese storyline.

    I never thought James was attractive. I always thought he looked feminine and could never understand how girls find these feminine guys attractive. But, I think James is growing a lot on me. He is starting to look attractive to me. I'm not sure if it's because he's looking better as he gets older or if it's the mature characters he is portraying. He looked very handsome when they were on their honeymoon in the mountains. His hairstyle was different and his clothes were more casual. Especially the scene when he was in the tent exfoliating Taew's back. The hairstyle and outfit was spot on.

    But, I do hope he gets to star with Nycha. I also like Nycha. She reminds me of Ning Kulsatree.
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    Yes my thoughts exactly. Padiwarda was a masterpiece. I prefer Padiwarada over GS. That lakorn is one of my all time faves. However pairing wise, I love JiTaew more. Jiranee is great and they have lovely chemistry but JiTaews chemistry blows Jiranee out of the water. Either way, both GS and Padiwarda are amazing and both JT and Jiranee have amazing chemistry ❤️
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    Thats wonderful. Didnt know that whats being sold by EThaicd is english subbed. Then its worth it even if the price is higher compared to buying from Ch3 store. I did order from Ch3 & received an email from them in Thai which I replied in english but ...no response after that. Thank you for this info
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    i don't think it is English subbed. I think it's the same box set but the price is higher for the premium on the credit card payment option and the shipping options.

    I think what @roselovesice means is that the website is in english.
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    Thanks for the clarification. I visited the website before & found the dvd box set higher priced so didnt order..but if english subbed i'd be willing to
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  18. I just binged watched this lakon this week. At first,there were times i find nok spoiled and arrogant throwing endless tantrums and so on but i understand how it feels like when your family is falling apart. Right from the very start i hate Khae though she appeared to be sweet and nice but i don't think he is the right woman for Thawat.Speaking of Thawat i don't like him at all he has never ask forgiveness for his infidelity to Nok. I just find mistresses annoying because even if he divorced his wife still no child would accept a his new wife who ruined their family.Will i undesrtand that Nai was true in his intentions but he should have cut his ties with Khae in the first place.Like looking after her causing Nok to misunderstanf him even more. I find it reasonable when Nok plan that revelation thing at the restaurant. I just hate it when Khae smirked and pretended and that was so annoying.I don't know how this show will end i need to finish it this week.My thoughts would probably changed later.

    I can relate why Nok hated Khae and his father for believing her.Why do cheating spouses take the side of their mistresses than their own family.I hate it when Thawat said he know the truth of khae and nai's relationship he was embarrassing his daughter.though nok really is very stubborn but it is very painful for her.on the other note i pity his mom who remain sitted while the Khae was on stage and Thawat announcing his marriage publicly in front of his former wife.To be honest since Khae doesn't want to be labeled as a mistress of course she wants to be to display a positive image . Her mother was just so cruel and the writers makes Khae's character pitiful but even just for a single bit i never liked her at all. Thawat is just crazy i don't know why both of them wants to be with someone who doesn't love them back.He should feel sorry for his wife his daughter than making them understand to accept his decision.I know he's been supporting them but it is his obligation.Why does he let Nok apologize to Khae...that was just so rude.

    I like what the grandma said that she should not give up and stay at the house.Glad that Nok is a fighter and is not afraid to speak up for herself.People around her wants her to changed her attitude.But to be honest they should have reveal it to Nok that their planning to divorce or whatever. Vi on the other hand though she was not always there for Nok but she was always there for her and making her understand things.Yea Pen on the other hand i despise her character so much and nothing comes easy last and i hope she will respect her mother.Jealous people always dragged others down.
    P.S. I find it awkward if Nai stays in that house with Khae thawat and nok.....i think Vi is just so brave for letting go of Thawat.Both of them have problems in their marriage but i just hate how selfish people can be.
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    Happy to know that you love both of my favorite JamesJi drama with Bella and Taew. I've enjoyed watching these with my family.
  20. Finally finished this lakorn .It was predictable like i can probably tell what's gonna happen next.They should have added some twist in the end.Glad that Nok and Nai are finally back in each other's arms.I was surprised how things turned out.To be honest i want a different happy ending for his parents wished they should have ended together. Khae just had a change of heart that easily I mean wouldn't their children asked how their mommies and daddies met.In reality this would be so weird seeing your parent's ex lovers.Nai was just so kind he even look after Khae making Nok misunderstand things. Now i understand why exes shouldn't be friends. The small Vi and Wat moments were just so funny that i even wonder why they fall out of love. I mean even if there were misunderstandings in the past but they were always there for each other through the good and the bad. I find it funny when Khae's mother telling Wat that she will get her daughter back when in the first place she pushed her daughter to marry a wealthy man. Khae could have done anything to help herself and mother and not rely on Wat.They just want Wat to walk again and have his happy ending.But from what i see he said things to Nok and Khae that you are my only special person but to be honest i feel like he should give up one over the other. Mistresses loves to compete.Maybe the world is liberal now that they have to accept things like this. The first few episodes had me screaming over the nang rai's but the last two episodes was just rushed.They want to resolve things fast. I mean they should have asked themselves"Why didn't I realize it sooner?"But the actors were great as well.I hope Nai and Nok will love each other forvever and have a complete family.
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