[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn

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    Thank you! And yes for sure they’ve developed some feelings towards each other. But I respect their relationships, lol I’m not those type of fans that are crazy and mean towards their idol partners. I’ll give Padiwarada a try. Have any of y’all watch the lakorn with Bella and Pope?
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  2. Lol I understand that celebs also have lives outside of the entertainment industry so yes we all should respect that. ;) And no I’m in the minority because I didn’t watch Pope and Bella’s lakorn. Great for those two since it was a hit but I’m just not clicking well with Bella. I’m ok with Pope. I watched him with Mew. :) Why? Are you watching their lakorn? Or did you?
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    Awww..thanks for sharing this FMV.. The song is beautiful and very sad.. missing JiTaew, hoping for a JiTaew 3rd lakorn :worship2:
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    Yay:cheer:another JiTaew fan... glad you gave it a try and liked it. James and Taew onscreen/offscreen chemistry is undeniable :aaaaa:loveeeeee them:icon12:

    Girl I miss them too :crybaby2:I rewatched their cake scene last night :drooling::drooling::drooling:

    I am have trouble casting my vote :confused12:it won’t let me vote without putting phone number and when I tried putting my number in, it still won’t go through?:confused12::confused12: I’m confused :facepalm:
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    Hi, you're talking about DVD Game Sanaeha. I think it's available and you need to make pre order in CH3. But no eng sub..
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    I thought it was a sign up sheet at first for a petition for the drama and once that got pass through. Didn’t they send us a link to place our order? recently the sent me a link via email, I think to pay for it, I am not sure because it was all in thai. I clicked on the link, and I can’t seem to pay for it because there is no option for international delivery. I’m confused ... @040156 Do you have any information on this?
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    Yes, please can anybody help? I received an email fr Ch3 maybe affirming my order but couldnt understand as it was in thai. I replied in english asking where & when to pay but havent received a reply up to now
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    Yeah me too, I respect their partners as well even though I ship Jitaew, I am more than happy with just another lakorn or events with the two of them.

    Love Destiny is a fun drama, that is why it is a hit in Thailand, but the history is pretty heavy but in a fun way, the writer put it in an interesting way of someone from the future going to the past. Love destiny is either a hit or a miss with i-fans, probably because i-fans can't relate with the history but my advice is if want to watch it, just watch it for fun because the drama is a comedy romantic drama. I always like Bella's acting(imo she is one of the best actress and I can trust her works). I like her with Pope as they look closer in age, with James who btw has a babyface lol, Bella looks a lot older.
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  9. OK girlies guess what?! Lol. I miss JT so much that I dreamt about them. Uh it got me blushing because it was a love making scene I dreamt off. Um it was very dramatic love making. Call me dirty but hahaha it was a very dirty dream. It’s NOT like me seriously! Um Nai was on top of Nok...and the business was going with all kinds of noises and uh the nudeness um yeah! Well they both have very nice bodies and skin! ;):risas3::thumbup: OK no one call me out please!
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  10. I personally think Taew matches JJ physically more than Bella. Bella looks older than Taew even though these two are the same age. @haepkhun ;) I feel you. I’m still so in love with JT!
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  11. @baliw1119

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    Hahaha... since you dreamed about them, this is my gift for u.... lol..

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  12. Aw! Thanks na! They both look good! My girl Taew dang she looks so refreshing and stunning! Love her to pieces! ;)
  13. @baliw1119

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    Hi Kay, kindly check your inbox. Thanks.
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  14. @baliw1119

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    That is the latest pic of taew. She has an event yesterday.
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  16. Kay123

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    Hahahahah :risas3: girl JiTaew is giving you dirty thoughts :p:p not your fault they are so darn hot together ..:drooling:
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  17. Kay123

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    Aww thanks for sharing they are beautiful together :icon12:
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  18. 040156

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    I signed up in the google sheets set up by the fansclub at first. That was the way ch3 was to send an email for the preordering.

    I did try to order through ch3's site but couldn't get past registration as it won't accept a billing address outside thailand. So i haven't reached the payment part to know whether payment through credit card is allowed. But definitely, DHL is shipping the goods, and DHL has international shipping, so there is hope.

    As for those who did not get an email, i usually sourced my dvd boxsets from eThaiCd. That one, i am sure you can choose to pay through credit card. You can also choose to pick from ems, dhl, or snail mail.

    I'm going to Bangkok later this week so I'll try to find out more info for you guys.
  19. @baliw1119

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    Thank you. Please...
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  20. 040156

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    It was just petition for ch3 to produce the DVD boxset. Given the ratings of GS in Thailand, they must have hesitated. So here we are.

    However signing up in that sheet does NOT confirm your order yet. It was only a means by which Ch3 can send the pre-order link. The pre-ordering happens once you've paid through ch3's site.

    I don't have info as to the release date of the dvd box set yet. Probably around Christmas time
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