[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn

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    I'm not sure if this one can help u.

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    @haepkhun i am glad to find someone who thinks the same as me. As much as Game sanaeha is phenomenal, i still like Padiwarada more, being a James Ji fan. Anyone who has liked James after Game Sanaeha should watch Padiwarada. It is where James plays the Nok character (he's the spoiled brat), this time around. And it suits him more. Hahahaha

    I created a Jiranee thread before, so what's stopping us from creating a JiTaew Thread? Here it is guys:

    Feel free to spazzz and you can't be off topic anymore because it is the JiTaew Thread for anything and everything jitaew
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    I like Padiwarada too. He was a good looking hot tempered guy & acted quite well unlike in BH where i couldnt decide whether I like him or not. Also, he looked too pretty for comfort there.

    I also received an email fr ch3 maybe confirming my order. As you mentioned, the mail was in thai. I replied in english and havent rec a response up to now.....yes please, would appreciate an update on the dvd box set..Thank you.
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  4. Calling out to all JT fans please visit the JiTeaw thread that @040156 made! Link is above!
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  5. Thank you na darling for making the JiTaew thread! ;)
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    I don't think it's an order confirmation, since you only get a "confirmed" pre-order after payment. If I am not mistaken the pre-ordering is until the first week of December. After that, you will have to buy it from the Ch3 store while supplies last.

    Incidentally, the screenplay for Padiwarada and Game Sanaeha were made by the same person. You would easily see the parallels between Nok and Saran's brattiness and Nai and Rin's abandonment issues and how their respect for their adoptive parents push them to love their spouse. So think of Padiwarada as a role reversal and period version of Game Sanaeha where Nai was the beloved loyal husband and Rin was the winner of the game with Saran haha
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    Thank you for the explanation. Much appreciated especially about the screenwriter. I hope he can do another job with Jitaew.❤️
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  8. Does anyone know the updates to Taew’s other ActArt lakorn?
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    I don't ship Jiranee, but Padiwarada is one of the best thai rom-com drama for me because Khun Saran is just hot.

    I hope Jitaew can have another screenplay with the same person, she makes good story. I love Game Sanaeha and Padiwarada. I want another Jitaew slapandkiss drama :angel10:.

    And thanks for creating the Jitaew thread :icon12:
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    Yep I had the same trouble, with the billing as there was no option for address outside Thailand. Yes please try to find out more about this it would be much appreciated.. and have fun in Thailand .. I’m planning to go early next year .. can’t wait to stalk James hahaha
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    Thanks for creating the thread for us JiTaew lovers .. will have to slowly move away from here to go there.. will miss this thread though, cos GS was what made most of us officially fell inlove with JiTaew .. although I had already fell inlove with them as Kanthong and Mangmao from NDFD. But GS sealed the deal for me and I can’t get of the JiTaew ship now .. :p
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  12. I came into check on this pervy dream @PrincessKarina :risas3::risas3::risas3:
  13. Kay123

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    It’s a good dream :risas3: since ch3 don’t allow much intimacy in their Lakorn between Pranangs now we having fans dreaming about them having sexy time :risas3:
  14. Hahaha True. It's up to the fans now to continue their sexy time in our "dreams"? :risas3::risas3::risas3:
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    So eThaiCD is selling the Game Sanaeha DVD Boxset too. Most likely, they will pre-order for you and ship it to you (act as a middle man) for a whopping x 3 of the price.


    the DVD Box set is 1399 Baht. eThaiCD is selling it (with "free shipping") at 135 USD which approximately is around 4448 Baht.

    EMS from Thailand to USA usually costs around 1450 Baht. Add that to the actual cost of the product, you'll get about more or less 1,600 Baht (more or less 50 USD) worth of profit for the seller (or loss from the customer's end).

    But it's an option for those who can only send payment through credit card or other online means, or do not have an address in Thailand.
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    Taew just keeps looking more beautiful and prettier as she ages, how does that even happen?! Lol. Just love them both.
    I'm currently re-watching GS, can't get enough of them.
  17. tifar

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    Thanks soo much for this thread! I'll meet you guys there to continue with our JT obsession. :aaaaa:
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  18. Lol. Uh yeah it was not me for sure!
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    I rewatched it again last night. Will continue tonight and this weekend. Still adore my lovely JT from this drama.
  20. Great! I just finished rewatching too! ;)
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