[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn

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  1. Oh my goodness! Lol love these three. Ken P appeared a bit awkward a few times but I’m glad to see them all together. But JJ on top of Ken P? Lol. JT all the way! ;)
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    Hi PrincessKarina, do you have IG. I want to pm u regarding about this.
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    You can also check Wanda IG. Thanks
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  5. Oh check your PM here.
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    I can upload here the translation, I asked permission...

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    The last pic I just showed that, some cp they can vote all together.
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    Ooh, can't wait to see the clips to that fan signing, bet there will be lots of fun moments. They sure know how to milk the JT popularity, lol.
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    Nice :).
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    I am soooooooo glad I decided to give this a try! Started this lakorn a week ago. I knew about this lakorn because Yaya posted a trailer on her IG. When I first saw it I was like eh I’m not going to watch it because James can’t act. I watched the first episode of that lakorn he played with Kim and omg he sucked! I’ve watched Taews drama before but I wasn’t into her. Then I came on here, saw there were a lot of replies and pages, so I gave it a try. Everyone acted so well, the plot, the outfit were all so nice. James and Taew’s chemistry was insane. Watched Nakee right after and just wow. Taew is really gooood. She has that cute face when she cries too. Now I can’t stop thinking about them lol. Watched their bts and fanmade videos and their chemistry off screen is insane too. I’m pretty sure they low key like each other even though they’re in relationship.
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  11. Aw! I’m so glad you gave this lakorn a try. I love Taew but I wasn’t sure about JJ. Yes he wasn’t a good actor. He was a very stiff and very cringy actor for me too. This was the one and only lakorn I finished of JJ. But he did pretty good in here I thought. He came a long way since SJ days. Yes JT has undeniable chemistry on and off screen for real! They are the hottest on-screen couple for me this year! I giggled at what you said about JJ and how he sucked in BH with Kim. I agree. ;)
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    Lol it’s true. I can’t wait to see more of their on and off screen moments aha. Have you watched their other lakorn? Is it any good? Now I’m just bored and have nothing to watch.
  13. Yes JT are hot on and off screen. When their other lakorn aired I was distracted so I didn’t watch with all the girls. But I watched it after GS ended. Not to spoil you hun but it was alright. Nothing like GS that’s for sure. But it has JT in it so I cannot miss it! ;) Anyways welcome to the JT thread and please continue to show them love! :)
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    I mean good thing for us to watch it after it ended aha. I would have been annoyed with all the cliffhangers every week. I watched it Khmer dubbed but then they didn’t finish uploading all the episodes so I watched it in thai. Good thing channel 3 had eng subs! And then I discovered that they have cute voices too lol. Aw what a bummer I’d have to skip that then. How old are you? If you don’t mind me asking. And thank youuuuu
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    Another JT lover. Welcome to Jitaew unofficial thread hahah. I watched Jitaew fmv religiously everyday too hahaha. Their chemistry is really off the chart off screen. And I'm pretty sure they like each other as well lol but it is impossible because it is too late and they are already in relationship with others so they need to hide their feelings lol just my guess on this.

    This mv sums up my feelings(open cc)

    Regarding James and Kim drama I agree as well lol. You picked the wrong drama that he acted, plus kim and James doesnt have chemistry together. Imo James best drama that he acted is Padiwarada, second is Game Sanaeha. So maybe you can try that when you have free time because Padiwarada is really fun to watch, it is my go to watch thai drama when I'm bored. I realised James can act better if he has chemistry with his co-star.

    Neung Dao Fah Diew, the other JT drama, doesnt have that much JT romantic scenes, mostly just them talking but it is good to watch if you love history. I finished watching NDFD mostly because of the eunuch scenes so if you watch NDFD you will probably ended up finishing it because of the eunchs aside from JT.

    I'm hoping for another Jitaew drama.
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  16. Ahhh I miss JT so much! :crybaby2:
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    I agree that this is the unofficial JiTaew thread, haha. Buang Hong was quite average, I wasn't a fan of James there, but I watched it for Kim, there was absolutely no chemistry between them.
    GS made me a realise James has improved soo much! I'm obsessed with this drama!
    You can definitely see the affection James and Taew have for each other on and off screen.
    BTW, I know Taew's in a relationship, but there hasn't been any news that James was dating, does anyone know more on this?
  18. haepkhun

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    He said that he was' talking to someone' in 3zaap with Taew for NDFD promotion, and he also talked about it in interviews as well saying she is not a celebrity. I don't know if they still 'talking', 'a couple' or already breakup because James doesnt share about it to us that much lol. I guess we will never know unless he goes public with it.
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    I already watched the Ch7 version of Buang Hong so I didn't bother with James version.

    By the way, did anyone sign up for the petition thing for the lakorn DVD awhile back? Was that just a petition to say that we would like a DVD of the drama? Or was it a signup sheet to have a place to buy the DVD through the people that created the document? I'm so confuse now.
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  20. Lol I bet Channel 7’s version is better too. I meant Kim and JJ had no chemistry what so ever. Plus she looked older next to him. It was such a turn off. Oh and I had no idea on the DVD’s. Sorry hun. ;)
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