[CH3] Game Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai) : James Jirayu / Taew Natapohn

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  1. Who else is waiting for AIS event on the 20th?
    I made a FMV while waiting..... I picked a lot of IG vids so it's not the best quality but I hope you like it. Just some of my favorite JiTaew moments together with another love song. lol
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  2. jtxfz

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    Indeed! Taew is one good actress. She nailed in everything she does. From being cute to super hot and sexy. From charming to fierce. Everything! Thats why I love her (and James too as his teacher) hihi. Im always amazed on the crying scene. She mades us cryy as well!!!!
  3. Lol she’s my number one bias! She’s phenomenal and she works hard. What a petite beauty!
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  4. Katelyn

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    I am more than ready to see JiTaew at the AIS event on the 20th. It's almost here. :cheer::aaaaa:
  5. I know some of you mentioned this lakorn is similar to RP with Nadech and Kim and I agree! However the intimacy/sweet pranang scenes are how many notches better in here! I said that not because I’m bias (I am ;)) but because there were actually sweet loving scenes in here. I used to wish Nadech and Kim had more intimate scenes in RP! Lol! :):thumbup:
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  6. Xiongurl26

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    OKAY!! It’s the 20th!! I’ll be quite busy today, but I can’t wait to get on later to see all of the pics. I can’t wait to spam with you ladies & see more edits from @Katelyn & @lakornkiki.

    I’m too pumped. I’ve been waiting so long for this day.
  7. jtxfz

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    So many sweet moments between JiTaew ❤️ Especially their hand gesture omgggg I just cant! Made my love grow bigger for them ❤️
  8. Kay123

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  9. Kay123

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  10. Kay123

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    Love love love :icon12: thanks for sharing, these two together are like the hottest thing right now for me :drooling::drooling:
  11. Awww!!!! Thanks for sharing na sweetheart! Love them! So cute! Plus JJ looks like he gained a few pounds on his face. I like it when the guy’s face is the same size or a bit bigger than the girl’s. Lol! :love::love: Plus Taew looks so refreshed! She’s gorgeous! Ahh!
  12. onewlover4ever

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    I know it's impossible for them to be a real couple but in my fantasy they'll always be together! Love them both together so much! Also thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures and videos.
  13. Kay123

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  14. Kay123

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    I feel you :p In my JiTaew world I have already married them off :risas3: They are just too cute together :icon12:
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  16. Kay123

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  17. haepkhun

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    Again lots of Jitaew moments. I'm happy lol.

    The compilation for their moments in the recent AIS event :thumbup:

    Btw I like how James scall P'Taew names when he sees her before he goes to greet her, and they greet each other in cute ways.
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  18. Aw! Ahhh! So lovely! ;)
  19. Kay123

    Kay123 sarNie Oldmaid

    Awwww their little greetings is absolutely adorable :love:

    Here is some HD clips from the event, they are such an eye candy pair :love:

    Aww the Little hand holding at 1:30 was adorable :icon12:
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  20. Aw! Super adorable. Thanks for sharing na darling! :love:

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