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does anybody know when their movie is coming out?

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whoa! i haven't been updated on bollywood stuff in such a long time...however, i went to bollyspice yesterday and they had all this stuff about abhishek and aish getting married...but none of the stuff seems to be confirmed so i don't know if these are just rumors or what not...

anyhow..from the above little article, doesn't it seems like just a bunch of people getting together and are just like, we looked at their horiscope and they match each other very, to me it seems just like a bunch of people with a lot of time on their hands to match celebrities together...i mean, i can do that myself you know looking at my horiscope and who it says I should match up with and then i'll try to match up with a celebrity that i like but you know that's all fun and games...

i guess i should read some more info between them getting, i'll google it later..but hey if it's for real then i'm happy for them. I think they look good together :D


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Wow! I'm so far behind in Bollywood NEWS!!! I'm so lost! I can't believe they've been dating and i didn't even know.. wow! I think they shouldn't listen to what the astrologers or anyone says.. if they know their marraige will work.. then they'll do stuff to make if work.. it doesn't depend on what some guy says.. well.. we'll all just see how it turns out..


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i saw it! i would say that it was a good one and it was sad at the end! you should definitely watch it if you're a salman or kareena fan!


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oh i would love to see them together! they're both sexy and are perfect for each other! i love them both! looking forward!



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By Eye TV India Bureau - Naresh Kumar

Bollywood Banter

Though there is no confirmation and there is a complete calm over the recent media reports about Abhishek Bachchan's marriage with Aishwarya Rai, there are confirmed reports that Abhishek has been recommending Aish , his costar of several movies, to the directors who are keen on signing the junior B. Aish seems to have impressed Abhishek during their recent shoots in Rajasthan for J.P.Dutta's 'Umrao Jaan' and in Maniratnam's untitled movie. So, this pair is likely to be signed in Bunty Walia's 'Just Punjabi' too. Though Bunty confirms that he has already signed Abhishek in it, he is yet to get a nod from Aish. At the same time, Bunty scotches rumors that he had ever thought of roping in Bipasha Basu and John Abraham in his 'Just Punjabi'. However, Sanjay Dutt is there in the lead roles, he adds.


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whoa! really? i thought..wat?! i thought Ash used to go out with Salman then they broke up and salman started to get scary then ash went out with broke up already?? whoa..and now..WHAT? Abhishek..i'm so confused..i thought he was married to Kareena's sis Karishma'm confused now..and now these ASH AND ABHISHEK?? WHOA...


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i'm a huge fan of Salman, i just bought this movie the other day. i must say its so good and sad at the same time....especially the scene when Salman threw his g-f into the water and she dies.....ahhhhh, its not really his fault...but seem like it too.
lolz....its funny when he stay in the mental hospital.....he's so funny and naughty. :D


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Salman is a hottie. I'm a fan of both of them. This movie sounds good. Hopefully it's dubbed in Hmong. :D


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kry*star Posted Mar 5 2006, 08:27 AM
oh i would love to see them together! they're both sexy and are perfect for each other! i love them both! looking forward
I TOTALLY AGREE. :lol: If it's true, can't wait.



By Naresh Kumar - Eye TV India Bureau

In the News

Shah Rukh Khan has quit eating chicken following reports of bird flu spreading in India. In fact, he was informed about it during his chicken lunch. Immediately, he stopped eating it and called for a health inspector to apprise him about it. No sooner the inspector advised him against eating chicken than SRK left it half way. The same inspector later wondered what would happen to SRK's muscles without eating chicken. Will he continue to be in the number one race despite it? However, there is another side of the picture too.

Director Priyadarshan is shooting an add supporting the cause of eating chicken in spite of the present controversy. And among others to join his shoot are a galaxy of stars including Sanjay Dutt, Suniel Shetty and Fardeen Khan. No, none of them is in poultry business. However, they claim that the well-cooked chicken is not harmful; it's rather the only source of protein for a common man! Sanju ate chicken in public to assure them that bird flu hasn't affected chicken in India. Interestingly, later he attended Ponds Miss India 2006 and gave the gathered contestants a few pieces of advice. They were impressed by Sanjay Dutt. Luckily, Sanju didn't advise the beauties to eat chicken at the present juncture.


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For a minute there I was like :shock: because I thought he was married but not anymore I guess.

I remember watching his movie when he was younger and he was cuter back then but now he's gettin old. Not as cute as before but still handsome. :D