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  • e_e sorry I didn't see your message till now. I'm in Java programming but I basically understand it all so.......I don't go to class lol. I'm first to finish in the labs so I think I should be okay tee-hee. All my classes this sem is in ITCS or ITIS and I'm enjoying it. :D But it seems everything is logic -_- so tired of logic.
    So it WAS you LOL I wasn't sure. I didn't even see you when I walked in until like the end of class and I was like...she looks familiar. Sorry if I creeped you out by starring. I wasn't sure LOL Great, now I really have to do good in the class or you'll know how dumb I really am haha
    Next year I'll look better and we can take show off pics w/ Lek. Though I didn't see her this year :( I think I saw her sister though!
    lol hi Joey! It's okay! I probably looked a mess anyway. By the 2nd day, I was in this "I don't give a fcuk" mood and I looked like it too LOL In fact, I swear I was still in my PJs. LOL That's why I'm in the back :p
    Yo! Poj Dab! HAHA! I went and shoot some ducks today! HAHA! it was fun. lols. you should join with me too, yog?
    Fine then! be that way! HATER LUSS!
    how can i upload photoshop?
    the site made my cp freeze lol =]
    do i click the first link?i'm sorry im very slow i need a step by step tutor. lol
    but if you can help me download photoshop for free.
    i'd very appreciate it. =]
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