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KANK : the first film ever to touch 30 crore in its first week

As expected Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna has had a record breaking advance. It has surpassed all films before as far as advance goes. Many multiplexes in big cities are expecting there to be no current booking for the weekend as they expect tickets to be sold out by Friday. The advance plans are good for Monday as well and with Tuesday being a holiday the five day response is expected to be mind boggling. Records look set to fall in Mumbai-Thane, Ahmedabad, Delhi-NCR, A centres of Punjab, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The small centres will depend on what happens on Friday as there is little advance booking at these centres but going the NRI theme of the film it will be a surprise if the film breaks records in the B+C centres of UP, Bihar, MP, Haryana or Rajasthan. There is a good chance that the film will gross more than 20 crore from Mumbai and Delhi/UP/East Punjab circuits alone in the first week which then gives it a chance of being the first film ever to touch 30 crore in its first week.

Source : BoxOfficeIndia
can't wait to watch this movie...esp...for rani and srk...and a lilo for abhi....hehehehe :D


Top Ten albums of the week
By Joginder Tuteja, August 4, 2006 - 02:06 IST

Rank Last week Film Plusses Minuses

1 1 KANK One more week to go and the world would witness the story behind the songs. An album that has literally remained unmoved since its debut at #1 position, it would be interesting to see how the business looks after the film's release A sense of deja-vu for those who were expecting something different from this Karan Johar flick

2 2 Fanaa It's a surprise for many to see the album still hold on to # 2 spot even as the movie looks towards an exit after turning out to be smash hit all over! The promos of the film have stopped but there is no dearth of audience who are picking up their copy for 'Fanaa'! Below average publicity of the music

3 3 Gangster Vishesh Films, Pritam, Shiney and Kangana would be arriving again with 'Wo Lamhe', the music of which is expected in a fortnight. It would be ironical if 'Gangster' proves to be a tough challenge for it since it is still sitting pretty at # 3 spot ever since one can remember! None

4 5 Omkara After smoke ['Beedi'], it's time to taste some salt as 'Namak Ishq Ka' makes it to the wish list of music lovers! Ever since the film has released, Bipasha's songs have only helped the sales of the album by pushing it one slot up in the charts this week The movie has garnered mixed reactions from the audience which means that it may not be a long runner at the box office. This would directly impact the album sales that had started picking up well. Also an overall classy touch in rest of the songs makes it work with select audience

5 4 PKSE The music has peaked at just the right time while the buzz surrounding the film too has started building up. Choreography too can be described in one word as 'cool' that makes it identifiable with yuppie folks Mainly targeted at young crowds

6 6 Ahista Ahista Even as the film's release continues to be in limbo for last few weeks, the music continues to give it a fight at the stands with practically one song being unleashed every week. Still 'Ahista Ahista' has enough ammunition to not let the excitement go away even as the film is delayed The album is now in direct competition with other recent Reshammiya albums like 'Rocky', 'Dil Diya Hai' and now 'Aap Ki Khatir'. Obviously the audience is divided!

7 7 One and Only Himesh Second of Reshammiya albums in Bottom 5 in the charts, the compilation does a decent business ever since it has arrived None

8 9 Dil Diya Hai Best Reshammiya album to arrive after 'Ahista Ahista', it is a surprise that it hasn't even picked up much inspite of good tracks like the title song, 'Afsana Banake' and 'Teri Yaad'! It should only be a matter of fortnight before there is an increase in sales A choice of too many for the music lovers can be the only reason cited for low sales figures of 'Dil Diya Hai'

9 8 Krrish The album is now looking at the bottom of the barrel after a decent stay in the charts. The background score of the film has released too but that hasn't done much to push the sales Lukewarm choreography

10 New Rocky 4th Reshammiya album in the Bottom-5, the music of 'Rocky' finally arrives in the charts. 'Junoon' is a hit while 'Dil Rang Le' and 'Laagi Choote Na' too are in a running The album is fine but not in the league of 'Aksar' that came from the same producers and composer


Ohh Dang kank beat Faana in being top songs now ehe! Kank will be a super BIg hit! I mean Eva one had been waiting for it aha!


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Kelly said:
Ohh Dang kank beat Faana in being top songs now ehe! Kank will be a super BIg hit! I mean Eva one had been waiting for it aha!
yup....hehehee....can't wait to see rani onscreen again...


Critics review on RANI 4rm KANK

Rajeev Masand:- The consistently competent Rani Mukerji takes on the film's toughest role and injects it with

tenderness and believability. It's really she who conveys the film's central message. She looks a million bucks and

dives under the skin of her character to make that part, one that we will remember for a long time.

Taran Adarsh:- Rani is remarkable yet again. In fact, if you consider BLACK to be her most memorable

performance so far, then watch her in KANK. This surpasses her work in BLACK or VEER-ZAARA and PAHELI. Her makeup

as well as her overall appearance is tremendous. She's never looked as good before!

Rediff, Raja Sen:- Rani is laden with flaky dialogues that most actresses would balk at, the actress manages to

provide a realistic character, as far as her words allow. Unforgivable scenes are suddenly salvaged by Ms Mukerji

breaking into a teary grin, and for that we must thank her.

Indiatimes:- The women inspire charm in their roles and spray it all over the screen when they appear in it.

Indiaglitz, Faridoon Shahryar:- Rani Mukherjee shares an excellent chemistry with Shahrukh. It’s as if they are

made for each other. After Shahrukh-Kajol, Kajol-Aamir, SRK-Rani pairing emerges trumps and ought to be repeated by

more directors. Although her role is less glamorous, yet she enthuses a lot of charisma in enunciating the detailing of

her layered character.

fullhyderabad:- Rani Mukherjee plays the loveless wife, yet passionate lover role with consumate skill.


KANK weaves magic at box office


KANK weaves magic at box office
Arpita Das
Monday, August 14, 2006: (Mumbai):

It was touted as the blockbuster of the year and it looks like Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna will live up to all the hype.

The collections indicate that Karan Johar's New York-based tale released with a record 1,000 prints worldwide is indeed going to be a hit.

In Bollywood hometown, Mumbai, KANK released with 157 prints and collected Rs 76 lakh on its first day.

In Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Indore, the film opened at 100 per cent in its first weekend. Tickets were sold out well in advance at multiplexes and single screen cinema halls.

Overseas collection

Johar's magic is known to be especially potent on NRI audiences, and the overseas figures only endorse that.

In the US, the film has collected $1.2 million so far and in the UK, known as a Karan Johar stronghold, the film has already collected a record 7,50,000 pounds. In just four days, KANK is at number 5 on the UK charts.

Critical acclaim has usually eluded the filmmaker. This time though, while the critics approve, the audience seems a little divided.

But whatever the response, one thing is certain. The party should have started at Dharma Productions.


Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukerji, Preity Zinta.
Director: Karan Johar.
Great performances; terrific music; bold, well-narrated story.

Too long.

Number of weeks: 2.
BO Verdict: Superhit
Reviews: Raja Sen | Aseem Chhabra | Ronjita Kulkarni


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Aishwarya Rai Deemed Perfect for Role

Fri Nov 03, 2:37 PM ET
Aishwarya Rai's sensitive nature persuaded Indian filmmaker J.P. Dutta to cast her in his new movie "Umrao Jaan."
Dutta told The Indian Express newspaper he noticed the 33-year-old Bollywood star cried when she heard sad stories.
This made her the perfect choice to play courtesan Ameeran, or Umrao Jaan Ada, kidnapped from her home and sold to a brothel in the old Indian kingdom of Oudh, he said.
"Ash has a very soft heart. Even if she hears a rank stranger's sad story, tears well up in her eyes," said Dutta. "I've observed that aspect of her personality and felt that she could react beautifully to the tragedy of Umrao Jaan."


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She is so beautiful

It is a straight and passionate confession. Rani Mukherjee gets hot real hot in presence of SRK! And the heat is way higher with SRK than Abhishek!

Rani is delighted about the Abhishek-Rani pair being touted as the next big ‘on-screen couple’, but there’s no romance brewing between the two “because we are very close friends, the chemistry translates onto screen.� But are they a potential pair offscreen? To this, Rani replies, “There is really nothing happening. We haven’t thought about that. We are very fond of each other. I am sure Abhishek will find a lovely girl.� So then who is her ideal man? “Somebody who is self-made, with a mind of his own, who would respect my family and me.�

Contrary to the popular belief, she believes that the SRK-Rani on-screen pair is the best. “I always feel I looked best with SRK, and perform better with him. I love romancing him and Aamir on-screen. Off-screen they have their respective partners. I can try my luck as their love interest in my next birth,� she laughingly quips. She continues, “I am talking completely from a fan’s point of view. I started out quite young, and today of course, the equation is more that of friends, I learnt everything from them. Subconsciously, I have always followed them.�

Credit Indiadaily

*I think she look best w/Hrithick and SRK :p *
Definetly She is Beautiful but not prettier than Katrina Kaif


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The latest ludicrous rumour doing the rounds in Bollywood is that Bipasha and John Abraham's relationship is on the brink because of his growing fondness for Esha Deol. And that Bipasha had a public spat with Esha to warn her off. Those who know the couple well would know how preposterous all this sounds. While Bipasha refuses to "dignify the baseless rumours", John terms the gossip as "such a below-the-belt thing to do". Says Bipasha: "I know how yellow journalism operates, start a baseless rumour, then the denials and so on. One magazine wrote about it. The next thing we know another tabloid decided to play it up. And so it goes. I knew it would happen. "If gossip magazines want to sell more copies, fine. But please don''t put our quotes out of context and try to make us look foolish. Because we aren''t foolish people! Such rumours come and go. I''ve been a part of the entertainment business for more years than John. I''ve been constantly badgered with gossipy link-ups. "Luckily for me I''ve been spared for the last one-and-a-half years. Since he's the new flavour, it's now John's turn. It's okay. Everyone has to deal with the good and bad write-ups. "I must say the media has been largely fair to John and me. Yes, they''ve linked him with Tara Sharma, Udita Goswami, Lara Dutta and now Esha, there''ll be other such rumours. All I can say is what a man I am with... Wow!" Sobering down, Bipasha whispers that she feels sad that John isn''t being allowed to work at a time when he's finally getting there after working so hard. "The last thing he needs is unsavoury rumours. He's being written about for all sorts of things - family, house loan, girlfriend - when all he should be visible for is his work. If you''re Shah Rukh Khan, it's bearable to be written about things other than career. But for John, it isn''t fair... "A lot of stars have a PR machinery to keep them in the news by hook or crook. We don''t need have it, don''t need it. "We''ve nothing to hide. What's there to hide? We''re seeing each other. And we''re proud of each other. It isn''t a crime to be in love. But we''re going to keep our distance from publications that insist on writing rubbish about us. "So far we''ve read rubbish and forgotten about it because we''re busy with our individual careers... Also because our families are totally disconnected from the film industry and we''d like to keep it that way. Yellow journalism is here to stay. But please don''t take us for granted." John Abraham is equally upset. "It's such a below-the-belt thing to do. Bipasha is too dignified to be subjected to this. The last time I was linked to a heroine it was Tara Sharma during Saaya. That rumour went much further. They said I was engaged to that lady! Thank god the Esha rumour isn''t that drastic. "The more commercial viability I get the more I''ll be subjected to these rumours. I''ve been repeatedly linked with women in the past. But now I want to work, not become a part of the rumour mills. Everyone goes through this. Kaal with Esha has come and gone. So these rumours will die down. "What concerns me is my relationship with Bipasha. We''ve a lot of mutual respect. Please don''t question the sanctity of our relationship. Don''t challenge the dignity of a woman who is simple and straight and who never plays games. Bipasha is very open about her feelings. Please don''t put words in her mouth. She never said ''Stay away from John'' to Esha. Why on earth would she say that to Esha? "At the premiere of Sarkar, they were chatting away amicably, not fighting. My god! What imagination these journos have! Esha is a very nice straight forward girl. Why put her through such embarrassing and baseless rumours?" John admits that such constant rumours do put a strain on his personal life. "After a point you start questioning yourself. Is this guy really me?! I come from a family that strongly believes in the institution of work and marriage. We don''t play around with these areas of life. My parents are straight and simple folks. We believe in working hard. Now when my career is looking relatively bright with a beautiful release like Viruddh, please don''t drag me down to the level of a cheap Casanova." Link-ups that never were: Gulzar-Meena Kumari Rajesh Khanna-Sharmila Tagore Kareena Kapoor-Fardeen Khan Akskay Kumar-Priyanka Chopra Saif Ali Khan-Preity Zinta Rani Mukherjee-Abhishek Bachchan Sammir Dattani-Soha Ali Khan John Abraham-Esha Deol

Credit 2 Indiadaily

*They make such gr8 couple :p . Both are Hottttt*

Bipash Basu is the perfect match of John Ibraham. They both are very sexy. Their chemistry is excellent, no one can depart them.