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I thought of Weir too but him and Bella are still together as far as we know lol It definitely has to be someone from like ch7 or like oneHD or something because none of the super popular p’eks at Ch3 are the isaan types. Maybe it’s Sean.

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Marie reminds me of those wild girls I went to high school with. She and Gun seem good together but they're super different, I feel like they need to put a lot work in their relationship (more than other couples) in order to make things work out.
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They need the dirty laundry airing to get airtime, if not nobody would bother with them


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Ter has isaan vibes and he’s freelance and so is Mai but I’m pretty sure they’re still together so not them most likely


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Mai is no way near Chinese look, she’s more European than most mix nang’ek.
Oh yeah I forgot about the chinese looking thing. Man this one is weird because I really can’t think of any super popular isaan type freelance actors.


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hello! long time no see guys! my laptop broke down and i forgot my password and had difficulties logging in for a loooong time :facepalm: :pancarta:

but i still check out this thread from time to time. so many hot news happened yet i was unable to post any comment i was frustrated cuz i wanna join in the fun too :pancarta:


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There was a rumour of famous singer seperating from her husband because he was caught cheating.
Yup and it was pointed to Tata and her husband. Then they started posting family pictures.
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