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    Pity Atong, chosen daughter in-law can’t do anything.
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    This lakorn was hard to start for me, idk why haha. I'm still one episode behind but I am enjoying it so far! I'm really loving everyone's performance. I didn't like Mai's acting at first but I think I'm warming up to her. On the first episode, I was thinking why they couldn't cast a veteran that's known how to act -- Sinjai, Mam Jintara, even Fresh would have been a good choice. But I guess Off probably thought Mai brought a spark and would draw in viewers hahah. After seeing the second episode, I actually like Mai and her portrayal of Yoi. She puts something to the character that I can't describe but it makes me think about the friends my parents used to have but have cut off lol. Like the way she complains, she talks, she acts, the principals she believes in, even how she gets hurt is such a typical "hi-so wannabe" lady in our Thai/Lao community hahahha. I can't help but hate/love her at the same time cause she does just want the best for her kids. But she's just hella extreme. So far, I'm loving the bond between her and Champ the most. I feel such a strong connection there and how they talk haha it's so cute. Then I think her relationship with James and August would be next.. and of course lastly with Phet. I feel the family chemistry between them and that's hard to portray in a lakorn with so many characters, in my opinion. I can't wait to see what's in store for the next episodes and surprisingly, I usually spoil myself but I'm just watching this to watch how it unravels haha I don't even know how the drama will come and what love triangle may exist and who will hate who lmao.

    I really adore Bella and give her mad props for her portrayal in here. I don't know how Reynu is supposed to be but she makes me feel so sorry for her. But I know Reynu isn't supposed to be the most perfect character but she still follows the typical nam nao cinderella nang aek storyline. Even though she becomes a prostitute everything about her is still good. If she acted like Noon in Mae Ai, then that would be definitely something different but I don't see a character flaw in her yet. Does she do bad stuff? I know she's going to do black magic but to me it's kind of comedic like she's doing it in spite of her mother-in-law and the pressure she feels from society cause she's known as a prostitute, who can be dumped anytime you know? Haha. Anyways if that's the case then I hope they're not watering down her character for Bella's image or anything like that. I want to see how Reynu is actually supposed to be in full force. And it's like the more stuff she's about to do that is deemed bad, it makes me like her more hahah.

    I feel the chemistry between Phet/Bella too. I think they're super cute in here and I'm glad they got paired. I don't have the James/Bella effect on me cause I haven't seen a lakorn of them together fully, although I saw some bits of Padiwarada and enjoyed it. However in here, they seem to fit the brother/sister lingo really well. Like I wouldn't even have imagined to ever be pranang in a lakorn together haha. Really great acting.

    Champ has improved since Ra Rerng Fai and I've always had a soft spot for him after that lakorn, along with Pie. I like how they're in here even though they're not paired haha. I like Pear too as the nang rai. She reminds me of Taew in a way in terms of looks but she has her own kind of spark and fierceness. She can act. I haven't seen her previous lakorns.

    I never warmed up to Yiwah but this lakorn has made me warm up to her haha. She's cute in here but for some reason I couldn't get into her in Nang Barb. Maybe cause I really like the old version and the new one killed it for me so it made me have a bad taste for her hahah. Anyways, I feel like she's improved too but it's kinda hard to tell cause she barely speaks from the 2 episodes hahah.

    So far, the people that I thought couldn't really act are doing pretty well. So I have hopes for Richie. Please please.. don't suck LOL. I haven't seen episode 3 yet, so I'll be back with some thoughts later haha
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  4. Ntsuab-Ci

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    Lol, I love how Reynu just kept looking and smiling at Pilai and Yoi just to mess with them. The scene was shorter than expected. Gaah, Chai and Reynu are so cute. Reynu is the straight forward one in the relationship while Chai is the shy one, loool. So funny. That cheek kiss, hehe.

    Reynu, how do you expect to get your mother in law's trust when you forcefully make her slap you so she can be blamed, lmao.

    Does Pilai and Tong actually fall in love later on? I almost kinda like them together if only Pilai was nicer to him. He's so patient with her. I feel like I have to apologize to Tong for being stuck with Pilai... Sorry Tong. Pilai is a handful.

    Yoi and Chai's relationship makes me sad. Whenever he turns his back towards her to walk away, my heart breaks a little. I don't wanna see mother and son constantly arguing/disagreeing.

    Looks like Ahsa might have a little crushie, hahah. Why can't it just be that simple for the family to fall in love.

    I really like this episode. So far, it's getting better each episode.
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    Yoi and Yam! Aww wish Yam was more than a guest star. Them 2 vs Bella and the prostitute gang would probably be a real hoot. Chai and Reynu are seriously cute together in the 2 seconds they have. I like Atong too and tempted to want him with Reynu lol. They have a nice bond. Looks like next episode is full steam ahead for JJ and Asa.

    Nah she pretty much walked out of the book. Maybe a little bit rougher and cruder around the edges in the book but they might be limited by what language is allowed. But you know lakorns consider anything outside of the long-suffering victimized n'ek to be not innocent and good. Like the black magic stuff is strictly reserved for n'rais and that's a pretty big bad deal. But I think she's rootable cause of her underdog status. Her main "crimes" in the book are kept in the drama and it's not really spoilers so.

    1. Having an "affair" with her brother-in-law but we know what I think about that label
    2. Prostitution by choice
    3. Putting black magic on Chai, lying about pregnancy=getting a husband by foul means lol
    4. Instigating troubles with her mom-in-law, putting black magic on said mom-in-law

    That's pretty much it. The book kinda frame it like the consequences of her actions above have huge consequences for others which Reynu can partly be blamed for. But they could've all just left her alone.
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    As far as lakorn goes, Reynu is a new dimension, she is not your typical n’ek who cries at the corner and let herself be abuse.

    She can plot her enemy downfall slowly....hahaha.

    Ohh Atong... so patient in teaching Pilai how to wash clothes.

    In a way its funny for Mae Yoi, the chosen daughter -in law just sit pretty and make her 2nd son miserable, while the one she hates is actually very good if you discard her past. Thats her karma I guess. I know there will be a plot twist explaining this later...
  8. its_ann

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    This is the first drama that I’ve watched with two leading stars who aren’t in a romantic relationship. I don’t know how Act Art pulled this one off, but man, kudos to them. Every week I find myself more attached to this lakorn. I believe it’s the fresh story line and all the actors are portraying their characters really well.

    I’m so curious as to how Reynu’s black magic will be revealed, I can’t wait. I wonder how this will affect Chai. I guess we’ll learn whether or not he actually loves Reynu.

    Bella really got me feeling some type of way. I’m beyond proud of her for challenging herself and taking on new roles. It’s so refreshing.
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    I'm going in!! Hehe.
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    So far, I do not even know why I am still watching this lakorn because usually slice of life drama aren't my type but I'm actually tuning into this drama. I guess there is somethings bout it that makes me want to watch it more and more. The variety of characters are interesting as well.

    At first, I also wasn't fond of Mai's acting but as I watch on, she's actually not bad lol. I just feel so drained for her every time she's yelling or on. Props to her lol.

    high key ship bella and phet. omg can phet be promoted as pra'ek already ch3?!?!? anyways despite them not having any scenes together, they're actually doing well as 'lovers'.

    I love how Bella portray Reynu. Reynu is a fighter despite the struggles that she went though, I really admire that. I love how she isn't hungry for money or wealth, but she just wants a fresh start in life. the way she is making a living for herself without having to rely on anybody. in a way, reynu is relatable because her character (or any character) shows that she is human after all, she has feelings and wants after all that drives her to do the things she does.

    One thing that I was thinking of is that there are so many characters, I just hope that the drama doesn't become messy towards that end when richie and denkhun shows up along with august and pie's realtionship.

    Looking forward to when the drama get's spicier. The lakorn's only getting started.
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    B91FAA71-7E2C-47E1-A7F0-2B4C29165C13.jpeg Omg wowww such a big jump!! I’m so proud of all of them :aaaaa: really hope it can keep going up :angel10: I need to catch up on my episodes
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    wow hope it goes up more!! they deserve it!! okay nvm update, lol richie showed up. am i the only one who thinks her acting is off... she was okay in mai and mint's lakorn but in here, something about her talking just throws me off.

    Wow, pilai is something, she makes me feel anxious lol. cant wait for tomorrow's episode.
  13. bit

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    Wow big leap, although I don’t care so much about it. I thinks this lakorn has more online viewers that watch it on their on time rather sitting in front of TV.

    Anyway this lakorn makes me hungry for traditional desserts... hahaha.
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    Thanks so much :).
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    Ep4 Summary!

    -Chai didn't even know his brother was getting married?! Must be because mom is still angry at him. The father should at least notify him. Kinda upsetting.
    -Pear and Champ looks great together. Hehe. Pear looks beautiful when she doesn't talk. Haha.
    -Uh oh Chai just told his mama that if his mama doesn't wanna see him again she won't see him after the wedding!
    -Dayum Bella got back! That dress is very flattering on Bella.
    -I hope Pilai becomes better towards the end. She doesn't know that her husband is the most patient man ever!?
    -Yoi doesn't remember who Fresh is. And I can't ever remeber her character's name. Haha.
    -Looks like Yoi's sister is putting ideas into her head.
    -I'm so in love with Phet and Bella. Goodbye Popella. Hahhaha. Jk. Jk. Phet has never been soo attractive to me. He's super cute in here and his acting is really his best that I've seen so far!
    -I feel so bad for Chai. I'm so happy he stands up for his wife. He knows that Reynu isn't pure, but he says the past is the past! Gold stars for Hia Chai!
    -Hmm.. . I don't really understand Reynu and her friends conversation. What got Reynu all stunned??
    -I'm also kinda so in love with Pilai and Tong. Tong is sooo patient!
    -Haha. Mama is soo greedy. She won't let their servant go work at Pilai and Tong's house!? Gosh I don't want her as my mom at all.
    -Wow. Pilai's fam are gold diggers!
    -Black magic?!

    TO BE CONTINUED. . . grr gotta wake up early tomorrow. Can't continue anymore. haha.
  16. phatman

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    @Ntsuab-Ci OMG I LOVE YOUR SIGGIE! I watched that scene like 3 times! HAHA. That's why I couldn't move on quickly with the episode. I love how he looks around like "UH. . .is it okay in public??" And then goes in and softly kisses and backs away slowly! Definitely one of my top favorite cheek kisses!!!!
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  17. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    OMG yay!! I need to go rewatch 1-3. I started Ep1 but got busy and then Ep4 is already out. Haha. Anyway.
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  18. phatman

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  19. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Yes, Mai is super duper extreme as Yoi. I guess she fits the term kids use nowadays. She is just extra af. hahahaha. I totally agree with everything you've said!

    That's good that they kept her like the book. I would be sad if they had to change it for someone's image. I'm glad they chose Bella, she really is perfect for the role!
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  20. Ntsuab-Ci

    Ntsuab-Ci Extremely in love with Phet Thakrit <3

    YESS. I've rewatched that scene like so many times now. Even when I stroll down the discussion thread, I stop to watch my siggy a few more times, lmao. Chai's reaction makes it more cute/funny. They're so adorable!
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