❤️ [CH3] Kong Karm (Act Art) : Bella Ranee / James Jirayu / Phet Thakrit / Mai Charoenpura


I’ve been waiting for that one cause I’m into the storyline and I love my girl Sammie. Just wish the p’ek was different. Thanwa has a wierd looking head :risas3: wish it was Wier or Michael
LOL I am fine with Thanwa since he is not a Thai anyway.


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Hi everyone!

I just finished subbing "Gray Heart" by Jame Jirayu. :aaaaa: Like before, I need people to review it. (You don't have to know Thai), otherwise it won't get publish!

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Thank you @Katelyn . As always, you are one of the best.


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Part 9 of ep 1 is up. Please watch it from YouTube Channel of Ch3Thailand Official.

I don't think i can give an unbiased opinion about Asa :risas3: but for what it's worth, all the other characters have gray hearts, with Yoi being black and Renu being bright red. Asa, according to the director, is supposed to be white. So he just kinda floats about doing his own thing until people crash and burn later on.
Thank you @040156 I'm watching part 9 of ep 1 now.
Even I love everyone role and their stories in this, but still look forward to seeing my boy Asa (JJi) love story too. Hope my wait is coming soon. :celebrate16:


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-Awe. I wanna know what the conversation between the two sisters was about. . . seems like Vanna was asking for advice?
-So what exactly did Yoi do to Reynu's friend's fam???
1. Vanna was asking if she should go compete at a beauty pageant because someone is recruiting her. Reynu is all for it, telling her it'll be a good life experience.
2. She tricked Thim's family (Fresh's character) out of their home. That house that Chai first took Reynu to, the nice one, was originally Fresh's family home. Now the house is going to be given to Tong/Pilai as their new marriage home. Anyhow Fresh's dad went to go borrow money from Yoi and because the dad didn't know how to read or write, he basically signed a document giving their house over to Yoi without knowing what he did. So that's why Fresh felt like she had no choice but to go be a prostitute because they needed money quick.

JJ's character is given more to do soon. He gets the drama once his relationship with Junta and Piengpen (Richie), kicks into high gear. The focus is just on Reynu right now cause she's the catalyst for starting the drama in that family but they'll rotate stories soon. Pilai gets a big chunk too. There's a whole backstory for her. Everyone gets a backstory lol.