1. orchidtea

    K-Dramas Remakes From Thai Dramas

    Hi, this is my first thread ever! I just can't help, but think if there is ever a K-drama remake off of Thai Drama? Usually, Thai dramas have tons of remakes from popular K-dramas examples like "My Love From the Star" "Say I Love You" "Princess Hours" etc...... The first remake I watched was...
  2. N

    Sung Tung

    Hi, I am looking for Sung Tung 2007 dvd’s, the full set if anyone has it. I am very desperate for the dvd’s and will do anything and pay for whatever price. I’ve looked on the eThaiCD website already and they’re all out of stock of Sung Tung dvd’s and vcd’s. If anyone has them and is willingly...
  3. B

    Please help identify these old thai boran lakorns

    First one I'm trying to find has to do with a guy who was born retarded? When he find his chest armor, putting it on will change him into a handsome man with powers. He has multiple guys and powers in him when he uses the chest armor. The second one has a mother who gives births to 4 sons. They...
  4. khmaibabiee

    Deliciously Satisfying (R)

    Synopsis: Raina has always been the shy and reserved kind of girl. Being big, she never expected much. She loves herself she tends to say but is pretty insecure when it comes to her body. Her breasts were too big. Her hips flare wide, not to mention her ass look like gigantic melons. She...
  5. Lovely Sunshine

    Final Searching for volunteers (GlowingCharisma)

    Hello. I know that I have created many threads about finding people to join the subbing team and I am sorry about that. I will consider this as my last thread. I'm still currently looking for people who can help me sub and time lakorn. This is my facebook page...
  6. Lovely Sunshine

    Looking for translators/subbers, and timers for GlowingCharisma team

    Hello! I'm currently looking for people who can help me sub and time lakorn. This is my facebook page: If anyone is interested in joining the team to help sub and time, you can comment below or contact me on my fb page...
  7. M

    Name of Thai Lakorn!

    Hello there! I have been looking for the name of a thai lakorn I watched when I was a kid. All I remember about the plot was that it took place in the period of historical. The main girl and the main guy were in love but the nang'rai was from a rich family, obsessed in love with the main guy...
  8. maimyang

    maimyang Covers

    So shy to share this. But I’ll be posting some of my covers—from English to Hmong to Thai. I’m Not a professional!! You’ll hear my voice cracking sometimes :p ,, but I really do enjoy singing from time to time! In high school, I wanted to become a singer, because of my love for music and...
  9. A

    Studying Thai

    I have lived in Thailand 2-3 years ago and I finally reached a point where I want to properly study it so I wanted to ask everyone here what resources you use from internet to books to apps on phones etc. Would love to see a list of links etc here! Thank you very much! (Haven't found a thread...
  10. WeirFany


    Hello Everyone, I came across this one music video a couple years back featuring Mos Patiparn. I forgot who the female was but the music video started off as the female lead submitting her story to the radio story telling their story. Basically they were best friends and she fell in love with...
  11. Baubai

    Sanaeha Diary Series - Buang Sanaeha SUBBERS?!

    Hello! (: Is anyone willing to sub Buang Sanaeha? It's a series within Sanaeha Diaries. It'll be great if all three series were to be subbed! But if not possible, I am only looking forward to Buang Sanaeha!
  12. Baubai

    Toomtam Updates!?

    Toomtam is filming with Jannine Wiegel!!?? WHAT!? What are your thoughts!? I'm actually super excited! They're such a cute pair!!! What are some updates on Toomtam!? I am not Thai so it's really difficult to find anything in English on Toomtam! So far, the things I have searched and caught...
  13. R

    Old boran movie

    What is the title to this movie? Where can I watch it with eng subs or else Hmong dubbed? The movie is about a child who was born with a burnt face along side with a mystical axe that only comes to his time of need of emergency. Through the movie, the boy along with his childhood friend had run...
  14. Maricon

    Who are your best kissers in Thai lakorns?

    Okay so for you guys which Thai stars kiss the best? The one that makes you feel giddy and your hearts flutter? Especially those who do real kisses. As we all know most lakorn kisses are camera angled or they just do forehead and cheek kisses but there are some which are real and even hot. So...
  15. Maricon

    What if Thai celebrities are freelance?

    Do you think it is a good thing? Or are there disadvantages too? For me the advantages of being freelance is that you can work with any actors and actresses and you can appear in any networks. Some dream pairings may even come true. Would love to know your thoughts and understanding about...
  16. B

    HELP FIND: Hmong Dubbed Asian Movie (Idk which one)

    So this movie was old and came out in VHS cassette and it's dubbed in hmong. I'm not sure if it's Thai or Chinese, but it's about a fat boy probably around age 12 who hated himself because he's fat. So he ran off away from home with this other fat girl (classmate) and they accidentally met a...
  17. T

    Join Request. English. Subtitles. Campaign

    Hi Everyone!   I bet you all are having a fantastic day! My team just developed a research campaign called RES Campaign at to gather information from Thai drama fans. Once we gather enough people in the campaign and more information from fans, then we will start...
  18. I

    Recommended Thai Music

    I have always been a fan of Thai music especially lakorn OST but since my Thai skills is limit, I do not know a lot of good music and where to check the latest news! "Everyone, please recommend me some of the Songs/Singers/OST that you liked and think I should listen to. And it does not matter...
  19. K

    Hmong Dubbed Thai Movies

    Okay... the last time I watched these thai lakorns/movies I was like five so I don't remember exactly how the movies go, but I think this is how the plot went:     Thai Lakorn/Movie ONE: Main guy is a dating three different ethnic girls (japanese, thai, and chinese?). His "secretary?" is in...
  20. O


    I'm looking for this one boran. I don't remember much since I haven't seen it since I was a kid. But it's about a princess who is cursed to turn into a tiger. She hid in cage and there was cop chasing after her. The ending ends eith her returning back to her palace. Not much but that's all I...
  21. dee_vang

    Rent traditional Thai clothing

    Hello, Does anyone know any place in minnesota where you can rent thai traditional clothing? Thanks.
  22. A

    mystery song uncover now:)mv/lyrics inside

    I ACTUALLY FOUND A LINK ON YOUTUBE!! ENJOY THE SONG EVERYONE.and i ask my dad so now i know:) but thanks anyways! i rip this out of my dads thai karaoke dvds because i really like this song but never came across to ask him whom had sung this song..i found the lyrics on a different site but...
  23. roselovesice

    [UPDATE 2.07.2017] Selling Thai Lakorns, VCD's & Lakorn Magazines (1st & 33rd POST)

    I'm selling each magazine on the first picture for $4 a piece. Retail is like 8.50+. The prices includes shipping, so don't worry about the shipping price. For the premiums, I only have Neua Mek 2 left. They're all still in mint condition with scratches here and there because i've had them for...
  24. C

    Translation help!! Is it a lakorn or a boran song?D;

    Hey guys, I need help. I am so grateful if you can help tell me what it means or if you know it's a show or movie. Can you also tell me what the actresses or actors are if possible?:D Please, anything will be fine ;-; I just would like to know what the song means in English so that I can have an...