Looking for translators/subbers, and timers for GlowingCharisma team

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Lovely Sunshine, Jan 29, 2019.

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    Hello! I'm still currently looking for people who can help me sub and time lakorn.
    This is my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GlowingCharismaSubbingTeam/?modal=admin_todo_tour
    If anyone is interested in joining the team to help sub/translate, and/or time, you can comment below or contact me on my fb page. Even though I only understand Thai language like 59% but not 100%, I still want to help sub lakorn for people who like to watch lakorn. I really need subbers and timers to join me, so feel free to contact me if you are interested. Thank you! <3
    The list of lakorn that I am thinking about are here:
    Tom Yum Rum Sing
    Ruk Sood Plai Fah
    Kohn Teun
    Reuan Pae
    Note: You can look for more info on my facebook page.
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