Name of Thai Lakorn!


sarNie Egg
Hello there!
I have been looking for the name of a thai lakorn I watched when I was a kid.
All I remember about the plot was that it took place in the period of historical.
The main girl and the main guy were in love but the nang'rai was from a rich family, obsessed in love with the main guy. There were Giants involved.
Later the nang'rai killed her maid by stoning her to death. In the end, she got shot by a bullet because she was trying to shoot main girl (i think). Her father (or I think it is) removes the bullet for her but she got sick and the new maids left her to die, stealing her jewelries. She died and became a rotting ghost giant.
Main guy and main girl were having a lovers feud where she rejects him. Main girl was crying by the river at night until main guy, drunk, comes to find her. He then tries to kiss her but she tells him she sees a giant ghost behind them. He doesn't believe her but turns around, seeing the giant ghost (the nang'rai). He takes off his holy necklce and wards the giant ghost away.

Cut to the ending
The nang'rai is reborn into the modern era where she is poor and a maid to her maid from the previous life (the one she stoned to death). One day, she went to buy groceries but got hit by a car. The people that hit her was main guy, main girl, and their two friends. They take her to the hospital where she dies, seeing two death spirit gate watchers dressed in red clothing to come get her.

That's all I remember.
Please help!