Recommended Thai Music


sarNie Egg
I have always been a fan of Thai music especially lakorn OST but since my Thai skills is limit, I do not know a lot of good music and where to check the latest news! "Everyone, please recommend me some of the Songs/Singers/OST that you liked and think I should listen to. And it does not matter if it's old or new." And I know this might be bad but do you know any websites that can let me download those songs~!!??? Thanks, beforehand! :)
Gosh, there are so many that I want to recommend that I probably won't get to mention all at once but the ones that come off the top of my head are:
- Kam Sunyaa (The Promise) by Gun Napat (aka Gun the Star 6)
from "Koo Gam 2013"
- Rak Tae Yoo Neua Garn Waylaa (True Love Exists Through Time...or something like that) by Various Artists...but my favorite is by Gun Napat
from the "Jutathep Gentlemen" series
- Rak Ter Nirun (Love You Eternally) by Gun Napat
from "Buang Wan Waan"
- Kahng Kahng Hua Jai (Beside the Heart) by Gun Napat
from "Reuan Pae"
- Pieng Chai Kon Nee...Mai Chai Poo Wised (This Guy...isn't a Magician) by Bie Sukrit (aka Bie the Star 3)
from "Kaam Waylaa Haa Rak"
- Thinking of You by Bie Sukrit
from "Nangsao Jamlaeng Rak"
- Plur Rak Modt Jai (Fallen For You With All My Heart) by Bie Sukrit
from "Dauk Rak Rim Taang"
- Haam Jai (Forbidding My Heart) by Noona Neungthida
from "Koo Gam 2013"
- Jamloey Rak (Defendant of Love) by Punch Worakarn
from "Jamloey Rak 2008"