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  1. Sonakshi

    Mor Luang (Sonix Boom): Mario Maurer / Kimmy Kimberley

    TV drama producer Chu Chudapa and Kong Piya will produce season 2 of the popular TV drama “Thong Aek Mor Yah Tah Chalong”. Mario Maurer and Kimmy Kimberley will play the leads as season 1. Source: daradaily
  2. Maricon

    ❤️[CH3] Keu Ter (Thong Entertainment): Mario Maurer/Yaya Urassaya

    Fitting with Sam (as Yaya's father I think) and Yaya
  3. Maricon

    [CH3] Jao Gum Nai Wen (Metta and Mahaniyom) : Mario Maurer/ Yaya Urassaya

    Original source: ^Image from thaidramatic_update IG
  4. D

    China remake Thai movie (First Love)

    China is remaking Mario & Baifern movie (First Love) into a tv series. Cr to: subforfern
  5. Katelyn

    Mario Maurer and Toey Jarinporn (SUDSAPDA Vol.34 No.820 April 2017)

    cr as tagged BTS clip
  6. Maricon

    8 CH3 Koojins Teaser - LINE Stickers

    CH3 has released a teaser of 8 koojins. Couples are: Nadech-Yaya Boy-Margie Great-Matt James Jirayu-Bella Mario-Taew Pope-Mew Mark-Kimberley James Ma-Mint
  7. S

    Various Stars (GOSSIP STAR vol 13 no 552 July 2016)

    cr magdee
  8. S

    Kimmy Kimberley (Numero vol 4 no 37 September 2016)

    cr magdee
  9. Maricon

    Mario Maurer (ELLE MEN Thailand Vol.120 No.35 September 2016)

    Credits to ELLE MEN Thailand More photos/scans will be added as soon as it is available
  10. K

    The Lost Stars

    Teaser 1/Preview "We can't, this isn't right? we can't like each other." -Yaya "Liking someone isn't a crime." -Mario ----------------------------- "You're here alone? again? what kind of boyfriend leaves there girlfriend here all day?" -James Ma "Should I be your boyfriend for today?" -James Ma...
  11. krisayaporn

    [CH3] Buang Banjathorn (Broadcast Thai Television) Mai D. /Mario M./Prang K./ Panjun P.

    บ่วงบรรจถรณ์   It has rumor that Mario Maurer was considered to be Pra'ek in here   Credit : Komchadluek  
  12. T

    To have you in this life

    Mario Maurer as Matthew Kenneth Mint Chalida as Munmien Pannarath Chapter 1 2015 January 30th 30,000 ft above the ground on the way to the Thailand Matt looks out the window and saw the plane fast approaching the Suvarnabhumi Airport. He has mixed feelings. He always has this sense of detached...
  13. S

    Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur (PPBT November 2015)


    Mario Maurer (NOW! Weekly Magazine) {Myanmar}

  15. aikoden

    [FF] Hide and Seek

      CAST   Mario Maurer as Yuthakorn / Korn Mint Chalida as Karnchana / Karn   GENRE   Thriller | Mystery | Romance   PROLOGUE   What was originally supposed to be a simple game of "Hide and Seek" between friends on a normal evening at the park turned into a nightmare for Karnchana when she fell...
  16. S

    MARIO MAURER (IN vol. 11 no. 256 November 2015)

  17. TubbyTinker

    The Contract: Chapter 04

    Summary: To save her parents' home, impulsive yet sensitive photographer, Aline Rattanawech, goes money hunting, suggested by her friend to hook up with a rich man. But she never planned on running into a man who once broke her heart. Millionaire and former player, Shane Boonyarath doesn't...

    Take Me Home (North Star)

      cr: in the pics
  19. S

    Prisana: An IOM X Drama

    This is an awareness raising campaign and short film on human trafficking in fishing boats. Its launched by IOM to bring issue of modern slavery in fishing industry to young audience in Asia-Pacific region. There was social media campaign with the Twitter hashtag #ICareDoYou to spark public...
  20. S

    [CH3] Bung Lung Dork Mai (Wave TV company) : Mario Maurer / Toey Jarinporn

    Credit news Komchadluek and Pantip
  21. Alice

    Mario Maurer (MADAME FIGARO Vol.11 no.139 February 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  22. Alice

    Mario Maurer (KULLASATREE Vol.44 no.1057 January 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  23. P

    [Ch3] Song Huajai Nee Puea Tur (Sonix Boom)

    Chario (Chada-Oh) is finally here. hehe One of my dream couple is now a pair whoot whoot. Mint reunites with her bff Beau from KCR :) Looks like a romcom to me! I am thinking Mario must be a twin or something or has split personalities?      Today's fitting : 12/17/14      
  24. Alice

    Mario Maurer (OPTIMUM THAILAND Vol.3 no.14 December 2014)

    credit magazinedee  
  25. Alice

    Mario Maurer&Aom Sushar (NYLON THAILAND Vol.2 no.22 December 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  26. Alice

    Mario Maurer(HARPER'S BAZAAR Vol.10 no.117 November 2014)

    credit magazinedee
  27. Alice

    Mario Maurer(SEVENTEEN Vol.12 no.143 October 2014)

    credit postjung
  28. krisayaporn

    Mario Maurer (SEVENTEEN vol. 12 no. 143 October 2014)

    Cr. Magazinedee  
  29. krisayaporn

    Mario Maurer & Taew Nataporn (IMAGE vol.27 no.9 September 2014)

    Cr.I2oom @postjung                  
  30. B

    Nadech Kugimiya, Weir Sukollawat, Mario Maurer, Ken Phupoon, James Ma (Sudsapda Vol.32 No.759 Septe

                  cr: nadechworld & nyclub
  31. krisayaporn

    Nadech Kugimiya & Mario Maurer (VOLUME vol.10 no.195 August 2014)

    I2oom @postjung                                
  32. krisayaporn

    Mario Maurer (IN vol.9 no.226 August 2014)

    Cr. I2oom@Postjung                  
  33. krisayaporn

    Mario Maurer (HAMBURGER vol. 12 no. 194 August 2014)

    Cr. Magazinedee        
  34. Sweet_JJ

    Give Me 5: Concert Rate A

  35. krisayaporn

    Mint Chalida & Mario Maurer (Priew vol. 33 no. 719 July 2014 )

    Cr. magazinedee  
  36. krisayaporn

    Mario Maurer (TOUCH MAGAZINE vol. 3 no. 41 April 2014)

    Cr. Magazinedee  
  37. krisayaporn

    Mario Maurer & James Mar (Priew vol.33 no.711 November 2013)

    Cr :: Postjung                          
  38. T


    Some of my works under nick AT2005   Inspired by Taew's magazine shoot     Inspired by Mario & Biefer's Peneshop shoot     Inspired by Mario's picture of him and his car     Inspired by an old song "Torn Between Two Lovers" sung by Mary MacGregor     Inspired by Mario's The Rising Sun pix  ...
  39. krisayaporn

    Aum Patchrapa & James Mar & Mario Maurer (Priew vol. 33 no. 711 November 2013)

    Cr :: Magazinedee   There is 3 cover, It flap cover      
  40. A

    Mario Maurer & Others (SUDSAPDA vol. 31 no. 728 June 2013)

    Credits: สุดสัปดาห์แฟนคลับ's Facebook, Sudsapda.  
  41. A

    Various Stars (VOLUME vol. 9 no. 180 May 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee, VOLUME's Facebook, Vill's IG.  
  42. R

    [M&M] My Sisters Boyfriend.

    My Sisters Boyfriend Genre: Romantic/Comdey/Revenge Mint Chalida as Nam/Fah Mark Prin Nadech Kugimiya Yaya Urassaya Mario Maurer Kimberley Voltemas Esther What happens when you found out you had a twin??? A twin who was living the life. She was well-known she had money everything while...
  43. T

    Cute Mario moment and sneak peak of Chai's "femininity"!

    Boredom leads to YouTube for me sometimes and this time, I couldn't help but to share what I found that made my day. Never knew Mario could be so cute and Chai had that "other side" to him.
  44. A

    Mario Maurer & Mai Davika (IMAGE vol. 26 no. 5 May 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee  
  45. A

    Mai Davika & Mario Maurer (KOOSANGKOOSOM vol. 34 no. 795 May 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee  
  46. M

    Mario Maurer (Esquire Korea April 2013)

    Have these been posted?   Credit: Esquire Korea + CouchKimchi  
  47. Cupid Candy

    Mario, Mai, Gubgib (OOPS! vol. 9 no. 202 March 2013)

    credit to magazinedee  
  48. Alice

    Mario Maurer&Ken Phupoom (KAZZ Vol.6 no.81 March 2013)

    credit magazinedee
  49. F

    Pee Mak Phra Khanong

    This is Mario Maurer's upcoming Horror movie..So looking foreword to this hahaha.    Coming out March 29,2013
  50. Cupid Candy

    Mario Maurer (T-NEWS URBANITES vol. 5 no. 171 February 2013)

    credit to magazinedee  
  51. Cupid Candy

    Janie Tienphosuwan, Bie Sukrit, Mario Maurer (SARANAEDARA vol. 2 no. 46 February 2013)

    credit to magazinedee    
  52. Cupid Candy

    Mario Maurer (H MAGAZINE vol. 1 no. 1 February 2013)

    credit to magazinedee  
  53. Cupid Candy

    Mario Maurer and Mai Davika (HAMBURGER vol. 11 no. 176 February 2013)

    credit as tagged  
  54. P

    The King of Hearts

    Something new...Something different...There's a lot of Yadech FFs here so I decided not to add to it. One of my previous completed was   Yadech so I want to try something new I dunno. My previous unfinished FFs on my other account are gone. 1) I couldn't log into my  ...
  55. F

    Flaming Desires (Chapter 1 Updated) 1/10/13

    All rights reserved @Fantastic @YaMaMiKi         Characters:   Mario Maurer as Sirit Naralin   Mint Chalida as Nommon Chaiyon   Sara Legge as Pang Chaiyon   Aof Pongsak as Thep Hongmanop   Paradee Yoopasak as Ratchaneewipa (Wipa) Gala   Pai Patit as Wayu Prikpalai   Paula Taylor as Pradtana...
  56. Y

    Miracle of Love ( All Over Again)

          Miracle of Love ( All Over Again)   First Couple : Barry Nadech && Sammie Bunthita Second Couple : Mario Maurer && Mint Chalida   Charaters Summary :   Nadech : Nadech is a men from a very weathy rich family. He been dating a farm girl for three years named Min. One day he set out a...
  57. Cupid Candy

    Mario Maurer (TENN vol. 1 no. 9 January 2013)

    credit to postjung  
  58. Alice

    Mario Maurer(Watsons Magazine Vol.13 December 2012)

    credit to picpost
  59. Cupid Candy

    Various Actors (SUDSAPDA vol. 30 no. 717 December 2012)

    credit to postjung
  60. ohitsnoyyy

    Plain Jane (Mint Chalida & Mario Maurer) CH. 1

    A new FF as requested by YaMaMiKi CHAPTER 1 Mint C. as Jane Mario as Daniel "Hold the door! hold the door!" A voice screams behind Jane. Jane looks over her shoulder in horror, clinging tightly to her grocery bags, "Huh?" She utters confusingly her neighbor, Daniel, darting towards her...
  61. Alice

    [Ch3] Madam Dun (Broadcast Thai)

    Credit to: Shampoo @spicy Link: http://www.spicyforu...broadcast-thai/ from another novel its a comedy rumor is Ploy Cherman playing the older generation n'ek and Mario the younger generation p'ek มาดามดัน the author of the fabric series
  62. Cupid Candy

    Mario Maurer Naked Pic?

    credit as tagged. is it him? is it not him? i smell scandalous news for my baby.....
  63. Y

    Puckered Lips

    Your Votes Matter If you can find photos of them puckering their lips please upload it
  64. Y

    CH3 Junior/Newbies Dream Couples

    For Some I Did Not Add Because They Are Going To Have Lakorn Later On
  65. Cupid Candy

    Mario Maurer (MEN'S HEALTH {CHINA} May 2012)

  66. D

    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 2: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (Makers Y)

    Lakorn: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (รอยฝันตะวันเดือด) [ Rising Sun Series 2 ]"]Part 1 - Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan (รอยรักหักเหลี่ยมตะวัน)[/url]...
  67. aikoden

    [Ch3] Rising Sun Series 1: Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan (Maker Group)

    Lakorn: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (รอยฝันตะวันเดือด) [Rising Sun Series 1] Part 1 - Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan (รอยรักหักเหลี่ยมตะวัน) Part 2 - Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (รอยฝันตะวันเดือด) Part 3 - Sai Luerd Dan Tawan (สายเลือดแดนตะวัน) Cast: Mario Maurer, Taew Nataporn & Barry Nadech Production: Maker Y...
  68. J

    [Ch3] Plerng Torranong (Makers Group) Jim Mayuchut's company