[Ch3] Plerng Torranong (Makers Group)


sarNie Coma
yay i was wondering when mario will have a lakorn. and omg, i was thinking his first costar would be taew too!

the title sounds interesting and this is makers group production too


sarNie Tombstone
There is a few more Makers Group lakorn that hasn't got new update posted. Wow what a good pair we haven't seen before, Mario/Taew.
What a cute pair.


sarNie Adult
I really was expected this couple lol.
At the moment Mario signed with Ch3, I knew he would play with Teaw


^ haha, really?
I hadn't even thought about who he'd get paired up with first!

I'm so excited! This better be goooood!
They can actually be kinda cute together.^^


sarNie Juvenile
this is such an exciting news!!! i hope it is confirm, they make such a hot couple


sarNie Coma
they kept this lakorn on the dl and now they just had the fitting. i love the pairing so hopefully marios acting is bearable..i know taew will do fine

thanks jakjaan


sarNie Adult
omg! this just made my day!! mario and taew are gonna heat up our tv screens!!! i'm actually looking forward to this. maybe this is another big break for mario...and taew..i've just replaced aff with her lol. she's very talented!! yes so many good couples starring together!! i'm happy!!


sarNie Coma
fitting day. i like the cast.. Aof Pongsak is in here as well playing the villian role. cant wait to here the ost cuz he has a nice voice

credit to Pich04

pix credit to pantip