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    Aum A & Pinky

    me too, i love pinky but even when they came back from japan. she still deny the relationship. i dont know what to say anymore. i dont care now.
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    Pra'ek With Hot Bod

    can i choose two.....aum and ken
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    they having a boy? i heard that ken wanted a baby girl. last time i heard they said they didnot know yet--last week.
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    i think it is a real kiss. at least it seen real to me love ken. cant wait til tomorrow.
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    i can't til next week. tinah, i like your mv
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    which guys is hotter?

    1. Aum 2.ken
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    Wimarn Mungorn (PJJ)

    im so excited for this lakorn. Can't wait!!!
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    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    i know i agreed with you bou. it been dragging. its getting boring too.
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    Lued Nai Din

    yea she pregnant(galong) and she moved in with him. she was so mean to kwan--telling her to do stuff for her. everyone find out that arnas was pretending.
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    Hua Jai Sila

    This lakorn is getting weird. i cant believed fang slept with bie. now she and her sister got the same husband.
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    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    i want this lakorn to end soon it getting annoying. but epi.27 getting better cuz when rome gonna find out that it is rita that he feel in love.
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    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    I dont think it will end at epi.24 cuz Rome has no clue yet. the fake mom did not tell or did anything yet. i just got done watching epi.23 and it the same old stuff--rita didnot tell or talk at all. maybe it will end soon but not at epi.24???
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    Who do you like Fang with?

    Pepper!!!! :D Bie i like him but he kinda short for fang.
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    Hua Jai Sila

    Gosh, i can not stand fang. she is soooo annoying. why cant she just stay away from other people bussinesses--they (step sis and step mom) dont care about her any ways.
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    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    they remind me of cee and amy.