Thai Stars with perfect english

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Jieb_Lover, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Lynlee_love

    Lynlee_love sarNie Juvenile

    Eeeeeek JMa!! MARRY ME!!!! :woot2:
  2. Lynlee_love

    Lynlee_love sarNie Juvenile

    It is!!!! Well he did like in HK for like ages didn't he?? 
  3. Lynlee_love

    Lynlee_love sarNie Juvenile

    OMG Hugo has a British accent!!! I think Patricia's accent is Australian actually?? 
    It's already been listed by most of you but Chakrit, Yaya, Kimberly, Kat English. I think Matt as well??? Sara Legge??? My man Peter of course and Chai, Pitta, Paula.
  4. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    Yeah, he did. But I didn't expect him to have good English. Whoo. I'm blown away by his English. Lol.
  5. love_of_tvb

    love_of_tvb sarNie Egg

    JMa speaks Cantonese too! 
  6. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    I bet he does. I will love to see a clip of him speaking in Cantonese too. Is there one?
  7. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

  8. af_1993

    af_1993 sarNie Egg

    err thats all i can think of lol :wink:
    i thought anne t could speak perfect english :shutup:
    haha i tend to think that mix people can speak english fluently though :rockon:
  9. an93lik

    an93lik sarNie Hatchling

    Here Yaya in the Panasonic Beauty Empowerment Interview.
  10. love_of_tvb

    love_of_tvb sarNie Egg

    Here (around 3:10), but only a little bit. He sings at the end too. Thanks to lovefia for sending me the clip earlier!

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  11. Alice

    Alice sarNie Tombstone

    Yam Tisha playing as Jarima in Kaen Sanae Ha i got an info Yam she's born in Brisband, Queensland Australia 
  12. fantastic_27

    fantastic_27 ''SMTown'

    Paula Taylor.
  13. fantastic_27

    fantastic_27 ''SMTown'

    Yaya is so adorable I swear. Her english is really cute. Love her.
  14. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    I've shared a clip of Peter Corp Dyrendal speaking English before, but that one was super short. is a BETTER clip of Peter Corp speaking English.
    I can't figure out what the last part he said was??? "...our target right now is Kaoyai....thanks for asking it?" HAHA. Anyone have any idea?
  15. Kudaranai

    Kudaranai sarNie Adult

    I assumed he pronounced Gwin's name in an American way as "Gavin."
  16. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Oh...I think I can hear him say Gavin now. HAHA. I've been trying to figure out what he was saying all this time haha. So it's "...thanks for asking Gavin." I get it. HAHA. Thanks Kuda! You've got better hearing than I do. HAHA.
    I SEE EPISODE 12 with SUBS! SO EXCITED TO WATCH IT AGAIN! HAHA. Sorry I can't hide my excitement. 
  17. p.smilez

    p.smilez SMiLeZ

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  18. Heidi

    Heidi ♥Korean Obsessed♥

    Thanks for the video, Smilez!!! I am so in love with him. I'm all smiles and squeals when he speaks. eeekk :D
  19. cecilia

    cecilia Staff Member

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  20. love_of_tvb

    love_of_tvb sarNie Egg

    James Ma should get Instagram or something!
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