Thai Stars with perfect english

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Jieb_Lover, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Don't they? HAHA. I think so too.
  2. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

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  3. thatsouthernasianchick

    thatsouthernasianchick sarNie Adult

    I've noticed that Son's English in Kaen Sanaeha is pretty good too. Surprising but adorable.
  4. ceda_lee

    ceda_lee sarNie OldFart

    OMG! This is the same psycho/sadist Wit from SSP?  I am speechless...I might just like him more now.
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  5. AikOm^_^

    AikOm^_^ Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.

    :lmao3: Yes, Ceda_lee, that is the very same psychotic and sadistic Wit from SSP. :p He looks very handsome in the movie, although, I've never seen it hehe.
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  6. ceda_lee

    ceda_lee sarNie OldFart

    LOL! I was gonna copy this to the SSP thread for you.  You beat me to it.  
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  7. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    HAHA. My thoughts exactly when I saw it. 
    Yes, he does look very handsome. It makes me want to watch that movie now. 
  8. AikOm^_^

    AikOm^_^ Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.

    I saw your name (and Phatman before you hehe) as the last person who commented in this thread, and I got really interested, so I clicked on the thread. Imagine my surprise to see her posting the video about Guy. :shock2: And seeing your comment was too cute and funny, so I got to join in on the fun. xD
    Eh, I think I only want to watch his scenes. :D When my SSP fever has died down, I'll look up info about his movie if, and only if, I'm really bored hehe. I know Mr. Guy has been in more than one movie lol.
  9. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Haha. Your too funny. Yes, come join the fun. The more the merrier.
  10. AikOm^_^

    AikOm^_^ Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.

    Dang it, you got me spamming hecka bad! xD :smack:
  11. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    Hey spamming is good. Haha.
  12. Sovatana

    Sovatana sarNie Juvenile

    Yaya, Kimberley, Mario, Chakrit!
  13. AikOm^_^

    AikOm^_^ Just an ordinary gal in an extraordinary world.

    Grrr, oh you! You have me agreeing with you too much! :rofl: K, I'm going to stop now. I'll be seeing you in other threads. :wink:
  14. love_of_tvb

    love_of_tvb sarNie Egg

  15. Heidi

    Heidi ♥Korean Obsessed♥

    Thanks a bunch for the video. Just made my day. James just melt my heart all over again with his English. He has such great english. I'm in even more in love.  :heart: 
  16. love_of_tvb

    love_of_tvb sarNie Egg

  17. lilyjoonki

    lilyjoonki sarNie Hatchling

    Ok.. I feel soooo left out for just notice these two post... I can't believe Guy speak really good English,, too bad he's married (don't take it negatively, I am happy for him but I feel weird spazzing about a married guy LOL)
    James Ma~~ been looking all over for his english... Thanks for posting guys!!  :heart:  :heart:  :heart:
  18. Maya_Fantasy

    Maya_Fantasy sarNie Oldmaid

    Of course Guy Ratchanon English would be good, because he used to live and study in the USA. (Just thought I should mention it, that's all. :) )
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  19. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    :heart: SWOOON JMA
  20. -AyLove-

    -AyLove- sarNie OldFart

    Wow, JM's English is Super good! :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:

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