Thai Stars with perfect english


sarNie OldFart
Thai Stars with perfect english

(No doubt these 3 singers can speak perfect english!)
- Kat English
- Tata Young
- Mos Patiparn

(Here's my proof of Chai & Pitt'a pefect english:
- Chai
- Pitta

(I never heard him talk in english but he only writes in english to his fanclub so I am guessing english is his first language)
- Alex Rendell

(It was during the bloopers of Jone Plon Jai Num's dad was speaking in english coz he messed up on one of the scenes, lol)
- Num's dad in Jone Plon Jai (Sorry don't know his name, his english is so good!)

That's all I can think of. But I've heard Aum.A fans say he can speak perfect english also. I think Anne can also coz she's half white =)


sarNie Adult
Just because someone's half white doesn't mean they can speak perfect English.
French people are white (ethnic French not national French) and the entire country of France can't speak perfect English.

English is my first language, I like Mos but I've heard him speak English, wouldn't say it's perfect.
What do you mean by perfect exactly? Like free of grammar problems or free of an accent?
You're video link doesn't work anymore.


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Thanks. I'll check it out.

Just thought of someone, Kaew from Zaza speaks perfect English.


Mama Noy ♥️
araya H does... heard her in lok mai klai tom when she was speaking to a client.

Por N does too. heard him in one of his lakorn with jui.

i heard a lil snippet of Puri and the way he spoke was kute!

paula taylor definitely!


sarNie Egg
Vicki Sunisa, Ryan Jett, Chakrit, Chai, Pitta, Mam Kat, Willy, Paula Taylor, Utt, Taya name a few.


sarNie Egg
Ann T does not have perfect English, I've heard her in a lakorn, which I can't remember the name of right now.


sarNie Adult
The only ones I know of and am sure are:

Chakrit Yamgamn
Vicky Sunsita
Ryan Jetta
Patson Sarundo
Taya Rogers
Mam Katheleeya
Willy Macintosh
Pete Tongjuer


sarNie Adult
angie hasting. i heard her speak english in her lakorn with willy. araya harget. i heard her in one of her lakorn, i don't remember which one. im not sure about janie because i haven't actually heard her speak english, but have heard her sing in english & you can't hear the accent like most others. and shes from the states, so she may speak english.