Thai Stars with perfect english

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Jieb_Lover, Mar 30, 2008.

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    I used to think Chompoo Araya speak perfect English, but after hearing her speak more... her English is not as good as Kat E or Paula T. I though she would have accents like Kat or Paula. Maybe that would make her sound better in my opinion.
  6. ~Sandy~

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    Not sure anyone brought up Chakrit. But he has great English, wheew with that deep voice of his, sounds oh so sexy. Please dont go by his English in the movie Bangkok Dangerous with Nicholas Cage, that was so not his accent lol but he had to play as a Thai local in that movie with broken English. But he makes me drools lol :)
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    ~Sandy~ Memories with Oil from his U.S. Tour in Nov 2009!

    Ive met Chompoo and her English isnt perfect. She does have an Asian accent.
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    Chakrit does have perfect English, no accent at all like his role in Bangkok Dangerous with Nicolas Cage.
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    I'm shocked that mai davika isn't comfortable speaking English.  From the video posted above, it appears that she's more comfortable speaking Thai.  On another note, Patricia Good is really fluent in English.
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    herez one of tanyare...never heard her speak english before...stumbled on this by accident...not sure if anyone posted any of her speaking english yet...u will see/hear her speaking in random places...
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    Yaya has perfect English and had to relearn Thai.
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    Awwwe, Mai & Name are both just so cute and adorable!!!
    But Name... thank goodness y'all didn't break up!  Glad everything worked out for his band... *sniffsniff* Glad I knew about them before they became an overnight sensation.. Will always be a fan :) Yahhoooooo Go GETSUNOVA!!
    Anyways, I think I've been brainwashed by Chom's fan.. I expected like a perfect English (pronunciation/speech)... but when listening to that clip.. it proved me wrong.  She has an asian accent but she does speak well.
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    with Chompoo I always knew her English was not perfect. But I think she speaks fluent enough. When she's speaking in English she seems comfortable enough to reply back even with her Asian accent, if that even makes any sense lol!
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    I think after staying in Thailand for so long it made her have an accent, I can relate lol, sometimes I end up speaking with an accent because people around me speak English with an accent. XD
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    Chakrit! <3
    The hottie rapper Way from Thaitanium  :spicy:
    Nirut Sirijanya. Here's a clip from The Hang Over II
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    The beautiful couple Lydia and Matthew
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    I agreed! Lydia and Matthew are a beautiful couple.
    Do you know if Matt is fluent in English? I've heard her speak, but not clear.
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    I think Matt is fluent in English.

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