Thai Stars with perfect english


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OMG!!!!!!! Chai speaks English So Perfect and FLuent and So HOT!!!!! NEver thought that it would be so good, well....he does travel back to the states with his newly wed all the time. Pitta's english is really goood too. She's so cute in the lakorn that is post up, I strongly disliked her in 3 noom nuer thong.


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Seeing all of the videos, wow, some of them I didn't even know that had such great English. All of them are very good. Love Vicky's English it is fluent, I've always wanted to hear her speak English and finally did. The ones that really stood out to me are Paul, Chakrit, Kelly and Nut, dang, they have really good, like if they weren't actors and I just saw them on the streets, I would just think that they are from the US. But everyone else has really good English, whether they have accents or not, I always find that guys that have accents have sexy voices. :) 


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My man Don Panutat Theerathada. He was born and raised in the states, so he definitely speaks perfect English. I can't find any clips of him speaking English though. What a pity he came back to America after his stardom in Thailand, wish he stayed over there, that way his talent and good looks wouldn't be wasted. 


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Janie, Poh N., Yaya, Kimberly, Chakrit, Kat English, and that's all I can think of for now. Nadech has an accent but he speaks pretty good.


narkrakdin24^^ said:
Nadech has an accent but he speaks pretty good.
Not trying to "belittle" him but to prove your point his English is no where near "perfect".  He, like most other stars can understand and joke about it but not completely fluent. His fan meets with some of the girls in CA showed and surprised me that he is not fluent like most have speculated!
The ones that are fluent that I have heard for sure are Yaya, Kim (although I WOULD LOVE to hear her speak more because it is so cute in her tone she tends to be shy). That's all for the girls.  This thread is asking for perfect/fluent English, not broken English.  I still have yet to see/hear fluency from other Thai halfies and stars.
Of all the ones with fluency are Yaya and Kim.  Others have used almost broken English, which is not bad but again this thread is asking for fluency in terms of speaking and even written.


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TATA has perfect English --
PHATMAN .. i love PATSON's english ...
Peter sounds so SEXY with that Australian accent!!