Pairings which you fail to see what all the fuss is about

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Cupid Candy, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. WeirFany

    WeirFany sarNie Adult

    Mark/Mint- I'll admit I shipped them offscreen because they were very comfortable with each other. But I wasn't fond of their on-screen chemistry. It failed to translate onscreen and I agree that they were a bit of a force koojin. They were the weakest acting wise and still is both the weakest ones in terms of acting amongst the gang. I love Mint though and I'm proud of how far she's come.
    But they are growing.

    Mark/Kim- Same thing. I feel like they are adorable offscreen with their relationship but I don't feel anything onscreen for them. Kim's becoming an amazing actress, I'll admit even though I'm not a fan. Mark is improving. I feel like the only reason why they're so hyped is because of their relationship and bring Anne's obvious babies, she promoted them very well.

    Nadech/Yaya- I absolutely love them but being stuck together almost every other lakorn and event is too much. Nadech I feel is a great actor and he surprisingly doesn't struggle with matching other n'eks. However, for Yaya i feel she fails to carry on good chemistry with other p'eks. I love them together but they are overrated.

    Son/Pat or Son/Vill- I blame his stiff acting. Lol
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  2. da_lovin24

    da_lovin24 sarNie Hatchling

    Just happen to read this thread so my opinion for pairing that fails me to see are:

    Mario and Taew- try to finish The Rising Sun just for Mario, but couldn't because Taew couldn't pull out the good chemistry with Mario, even their first lakorn, it so stiff. So boring and annoying -.- Mario seems to have no interaction with her either and I don't see why they put them as "Koojin" fans these day don't know what "Koojin" is :( P.S just saw their calendar photoshoot together, omg Mario didn't even give her a single look if he does he tried :,( I'm sorry to whoever Taew's fan. :)

    Mark/Kim- First of all, Mark acting doesn't even get to me, I Like Kim, she can pull it but Mark I just don't see it, even before he acted with Mint, I guess he just don't have that much experience. And Fans are all crazy about them -.- wahhh. I didn't even bother to check their lakorn together from Anne's production. It just so boring and annoying even to see them off-screen.

    Nadech/Yaya: I like them in DJA, but after that I just don't like see Yaya with other male actors, she can't pull her chemistry with them -.- there something that bother me about her, she feel uncomfortable with them or something for ex: JJ and Nadech with other actresses for example with Mew in their upcoming lakorn, I saw their bts, oh mang I love them, he can pull the chemistry, I can see its there.

    Mark/Yaya- their first lakorn was a fail ~.~ I watched it just because of Mint and Pope. Mark and Yaya just so awkward together, and I just can't even see their chemistry, but saw only chemistry between Mark and Mint. Anyways for their upcoming lakorn, Ima give them another try or maybe not cause from the teaser I saw the other day, Mark's expression was priceless :,(

    Boy/Mint: watched them in KTWJ, ohh goodness tried so hard to finish episode 4 of them, but couldn't cause idk maybe the storyline wasn't that great, but Ima give them another try in Cupid's series because of Broadcast's Thai TV.

    Son/Vill: Son was such a robot, just can't see the chemistry there. -.-

    Push/Jui: watch their first lakorn, FF ahhhhh had to stop cause I don't see the sparkle at all. I see more chemistry with the second characters. But I have to admit their off screen chemistry is pretty good :)

    Bomb/Mint: ahhh Bomb acting was so horrible, I fell asleep. And then Mint's character was sooooo annoying like I just can't, after episode 5 in cubic, I told myself I'm done.

    Last one is Mario/Kim: if they ever pair up, I'm not even gonna bother watch it. Even if Mario in it. Because all I would think is Brother and older Sister between them. Mario has such a baby face around all of his past actresses except Mint. Because with Mint, He looks so much older when he acts in TSL and so natural, he also feel comfortable with her yeh that what I called Koojin <.< Ummm sorry for whoever Kim's fan.

    This is just for my opinion :) ✌️✌✌✌
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  3. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    I thought MK was cute at first in PCKK and later in ARO. But after all the heavy promotion, lakorns, "relationship" and their constant IG posts together, I just got bored. I feel like they were fishing for publicity too much. I'll still try to watch their lakorns together, if the storyline is any good, but for now I need them away from each other.
  4. Sweet_09

    Sweet_09 ♥♥Ann&Kim♥♥

    LOL I guest you and I are in the same boat on this one hehehehehehehe!  :bhehe:  :bhehe:
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  5. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    oops, post in the wring thread
  6. Lizabetha

    Lizabetha Miss KimBarry ❤

    Same thought for MK : STOP ! x) And it's the same for Yaya/Nadech... I'm bored to see them together ALL THE TIME in almost ALL LAKORNS they have.
    Then... Mario and Mint !! OMG !! Mint look like a granny to him !! xD I don't know why but i don't like her face ! Mario has a cute baby face but her....  :yuck: (Sorry Mint's fan x)) every P'ek she paired with were too handsome for her (Boy, James Ma..) ! She's fine with no one... Ah yeah ! It was okay for her to be with Woot and maybe with Top, First & Mark  it's okay : but absolutely not with the others guys !
    Now...  :hide: I must hide somewhere far far away or i'll be lynched   :eek:uch:
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  7. saki

    saki sarNie Adult

    Hehe I actually feel bad for those who don't like Nadech/Yaya's nearly impossible for them to not pair up it's like pushing a large heavy you just can't fight it lol. Anyway, I'm actually lucky because I do like N/Y I just get tired of them sometimes. Also, I don't watch all lakorns I just watch the ones whose plots I like so if I find one of the plots of their lakorns not so interesting I just skip. But imagine if I was a die hard Yaya or Nadech fan I watched all their akorns and just get tired of seeing them over and over hehe.
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  8. Super_Fan

    Super_Fan sarNie Egg

    MK haven't had any drama planned for at least another year or so. They have done less drama together than NY.

    I would support both unconditionally but I am still waiting for their defining drama. There is so much potentional but could they ever be 'mam k & tang s' 'willy & mew' 'kob & sonram '?? They are the classic koo Jin. They each had dramas that are classics now..both NY & MK haven't been given the types of roles that truly test of them.

    I am not enjoying push & Esther. Push is getting on my nerves right now..sometimes a good pairing is ruined by a stupid script or a really good script is ruined by a bad pairing..
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  9. tweedaly

    tweedaly sarNie Rebel

    I really didn't see any spark between Jui and Push. I do admit that they look better off screen though. On screen, I think that Push and Lily had more chemistry and spark.
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  10. Prakaidao

    Prakaidao sarNie Adult

    Yeah run away! JkJk, I'm a Mint fan, but it's okay everyone have their own opinion. Lol. I'm actually glad that Mario and Mint are not overdoing it after their lakorn even though I really like them together. Everyone have their bad angles right? ^_^
  11. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    I thought Mario and Mint looked so so, definately don't like her facial expression, like when her shoe fell off.. No sparks for me and I agree mint did look old for Mario, I think the only one who looked young for him was Taew.
  12. Prakaidao

    Prakaidao sarNie Adult

    Yeah she almost towered over him in TSL. Mints acting isn't the strongest but there's time for improvement she's not in her 30s yet.
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  13. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    I think Mint and Mario acting were good in TSL just Mint as an actress lacks sex appeal. They should never ever tie her hair it harden her features and makes it hard for to find her desirable. She has got a nice body and should start giving her roles which highlights this good side about her. No more girl next door roles. She has potential and was good in TSL start giving her roles which challenge her
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  14. kimsaj

    kimsaj sarNie Juvenile

    Before I'm an MTeam biased and all so I didn't appreciate MK's chemistry. But I must say, Ananda-Kim is a lot lot lot better than MK (not being biased now, I already moved on. LOL). I hope they give these two another lakorn, and then another one, and another one. I know Ananda is a lot older than Kim but AGE DOESN'T MATTER coz their faces compliments each other <3 
  15. saki

    saki sarNie Adult

    You guys really think Mint C looks old? I think she looks very young, actually. But sometimes, her makeup doesn't look too good on her it makes her look much's like her eyeliner is too thick she starts to look like an old woman. But in TSL she looked pretty young with the curly hair- she looks Mario's age or younger.
    I actually want her and Mario to pair up again but not too often...I want to see them in drama/revenge type lakorn. Or something where they can show their acting.
  16. saki

    saki sarNie Adult

    :D The bouncing Lily lol
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  17. Lizabetha

    Lizabetha Miss KimBarry ❤

    Definitively yes... Just look at the pics ! Mint looks old and Yaya looks too young... Just like a teenager, not a woman :/
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  18. saki

    saki sarNie Adult

    Yeah, Mint definitely looks mature in that pic but in TSL she looked really young (like in her gifs with Mario) maybe it's her make up sometmes she looks young, sometimes old, I guess. Yaya is one of the youngest looking n'eks, she needs mature roles more lol. She's a beautiful young woman who looks young for her age. Sometimes reminds me of this:
  19. Koy123

    Koy123 sarNie Oldmaid

    Those are two different pictures are a bad comparison. Suduio pix tents to make people look older. Even Yaya looks older than her age in a studio pic.
    I'm not a fan of both girls, but I don't think Mint looks old for her age. I've seen some parts of her and Mario lakorn and this they do have chemistry. I just never finished it cus when every time when she starts talking, it's a turn off for me. Anyways, she still looks pretty in there. Mario looks like a boy so anyone that pair up with will look a bit older.
  20. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    I just think the curly hair didn't look good on her but when it was the past time in TSL she looked young and beautiful. I agree with someone who said Mint needs more challenging roles. That way I can see her acting skills.

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