Pairings which you fail to see what all the fuss is about

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Cupid Candy, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

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    Yes Raeng Pradtana was one of my favorite lakorns from her. I have friends who kept saying that her crying wasn't too good in it, but I didn't see it! I have a friend who watches lakorns with me and they kept telling me how her crying seemed fake. I was like are we watching the same lakorn?? I hope I get to see them again one day, they had so much chemistry it would be horrible if we didn't get to see it again lol. As long as the storyline is good lol! 
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  2. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    I forgot Mark and Mint. I never understood MTeam shipping cos when I watched Pathapee Leh rak, I saw no chemistry between them. Mint was more than a bad actress when that was her 8th lakorn! She was just saying her lines. I think they were forced to be koo jin. NM2 had good story.
    James Ma and Mint. KCR is my favorite lakorn cos of Chai Pee but I did not see the chemistry again. Idk if its cos James was shy. For me, Mint has good chemistry with only Mario. Even in the ch3 calendar, JMa was same with Mint, like he was with Yam and Pat, as just co stars not as koo jin with chemistry.
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  3. "peace"

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    nadech and yaya i just fail i can't see the chemistry it just doesn't get to me i guess it's a matter of taste and perspective as human being we don't have the same reaction or feeling to the same thing :p  
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  4. AnnTfan

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    I really like Kim and Nadech, its just RP as a lakorn was kind of horrible but their scenes were soo cute. I agree when I saw nam and fai I thought they were so cute even though they were "siblings".
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  5. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    I think with any pairs the more you see them the more you don't think anything is there. So, to me the ones that I see all the times they just become a comfortable couple...and chemistry seemed to evaporated in time.

    Most koo-jins are way overrated...
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  6. Ncmeowmeow35

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    Nailed it! There are few that the chemistry is still there because i think they are sincere in their friendship. Aum/Aff, Ken T/Anne, Matt/Grate, Ken P/Namtarn.

    I think the ones that are dating tend to not have any chemistry onscreen cus i felt that they would try to not make it so obvious or they try too hard so it just comes off as blah.
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  7. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    Those that has an agenda being a couple I don't buy into them. Those that usually perform a lot of fan service I don't take seriously. When Mint/Mark happened, I remembered debating with one or two of their diehard "coupling" fans. I never buy into their chemistry especially them being a couple. Somehow, I have a feeling that they were being forced to become the "couple" or koojin...I kept on saying, there's no chemistry. Oh, I got an earful of how they are perfect together, how they wear the same things, the way he looks at her, them going out to dinner together...and so on...well, it turned out I was right lol. And them having dinner together was forced upon them. Honestly, I was glad they are over. They are happy with the person they are with...Mint is happy with her boyfriend...whom she seemed to be with for a while now.
    I have more respect for the couples who have more chemistry on screen and not try to make it into anything more especially if they are dating other people. They let the power of them as a couple on screen then try to please others by being fake just because. It can be done...pervious generation had done wonders as Kookwan and not do the things the newer generation are doing. And they are kookwan not so much the koojins...which is better in my eyes.
    Sigh, I think I am off topic in some way again lol
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  8. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    lol like beauty, it's subjective. ..

    I don't care or get koo jin...I have very few I fin but. .I don't go crazy...again miss the 90's
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  9. tgamber

    tgamber sarNie Adult

    Actually, they are only onscreen koojin. They aren't forcing themselves and flirting out like they'll or they'll not concept. We fans feel it's such a pity that they can't be BF/GF. We're not forcing them too. Like Great and Matt, and Ken.P and Namtarn, we know they have onscreen chemistry but we respect their love lives. We just want them in our fanfics because we also have offscreen couples who don't have chemistry onscreen too. Let us dream What ifs.
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  10. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    I think some are being forced by their management because the "couple" thing is what sells. There's not a whole lot of individual stars that are as popular as a "couple". When you watched them promoting their lakorns they are touchy or acts a bit over the top of being that "couple". That is the difference between those of past generation and now.
    Now, they bought into the idea of making it more than it is because fans also wants to see that. Fans nowadays want that part of them off screen as well as on screen. Fans, play a majority part of why the stars act that way. Fans back then aren't as vocal and they don't have social media to add to the fire. The stars act with each other on screen and has chemistry that puts the newer generation to shame...but when they do promote lakorns and stuff they don't hug, touch, and make people think something is there...back then they seemed to respect each other and didn't buy into what so much the fans demand of them. They by all means, are popular more on the talent then the koojin stuff.
    Trust me, when I say fans forced them too they else some are so afraid to come out and say they date this people date people? Because the fans would either go crazy that he/she is not dating their co-stars crushing their dream. Celebrities now has a tighter rope on them by fans...and to say it is not so, is not true. Heck, like Na when he was starring with other N'eks, Yaya's fan goes crazy and make it hard for Na and then hates on his n'eks. And that is not forcing them? Not all fans, but a lot of them wants what's not there...and when the truth comes out that they are dating different people they get upset because they felt lied to...but who started it in the first place...
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  11. Ncmeowmeow35

    Ncmeowmeow35 sarNie Oldmaid

    Another good example is Exact. Pre-Tono era, their stars were not allowed to admit to dating anyone. When Ruj admitted to dating Gybsy, he actually got in trouble. Soon after that they broke up. It wasn't til recently that their stars are more open about their relationship. Khun Boy would "warn" to be cautious of their fans' feelings.
  12. tgamber

    tgamber sarNie Adult

    Well, every hot koojins had some batshit crazy fans. But there are well mannered fans too. Sasaeng fans are not born over a night. They started from Hollywood, Hallyu and so on. If not, we would not have heard news regarding fans attacking the celebs, getting restraining orders. Human beings are evolving. And the busy and lonely lifestyle makes the Sasaeng fans crazier.

    The artists that are being koojined. They are forced by the fans and management too. It's like a butterfly effect. One thing leads to another. Instead of criticizing them, we can ignore their craziness and let them see how can we maintain a good fan-celeb relationship and be a good example. It's not wise to preach a fool.
  13. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    Hummmm...I haven't saw enough kookin couple's lakorns to judge but at the moment I would have to say Mark/Kim b/c I saw two of their lakorn , somehow they don't click ..can't really explain it lol , maybe b/c Mark 's baby face & Kim mature look that doesn't settle out right but both are a handsome individual.
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  14. siraphun

    siraphun sarNie Hatchling

    honestly I am sick of nadech and yaya to the point that I could care less about their news together because most of the time they're forced to be together for profit or whatever.  mark and kim, I like them separately but not together.
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  15. byebye

    byebye sarNie Oldmaid

    That's the thing the fools are overshadowing the none ones...they literally drown out the voices of the sane one because they are more vocal and indeed ten times louder. It might not wise to preach to fools or another saying (don't argue with idiots they bring you down to their level and beat you with experience) love that saying lol.

    But there are times you can't let the fool's voice and actions remain louder than it should be. And by ignoring them one can only do it so long till they stop playing the game.

    Anyway, there are good and crazy fans for all stars...the unfortunate thing is, fans seemed to get crazier and crazier with no adjustments in sight.
  16. saki

    saki sarNie Adult

    I like Nadech and Yaya but they get paired up way too often I find myself getting sick of them sometimes. I would watch a lakorn if I found the story interesting and that's it- I don't watch lakorns because of the koojins or anything like that. I do not know if NY are really a couple or if they're just being forced to date by their fanbase. If they're being forced together then that's just sad for them. And very difficult if Nadech or Yaya fall in love with someone else in reality. People really need to understand the difference between real life and acting in a lakorn. The problem is also because not many people seem to fit Yaya (whereas Nadech has chemistry with a lot of his other co stars) I think it's a challenge to find pairings for Yaya that make sense. But I'm willing to accept them because I cannot watch Nadech/Yaya all the time. Sometimes, yes but not always.
    Push and Jui...I have not actually seen any of their lakorns but they look too much alike! Jui looks like Push's older sister. I don't know if they have chemistry or not and I can't judge that, but based on just their looks they are too similar for me I feel like I am watching an older sister and her younger brother. Push can be good in a lakorn but I often get the feeling that in most of the stuff he is in, the n'ek he is paired up with isn't as attractive as him (except for Vill)- and sometimes I get the feeling that they do it so that all the attention will be on him. This is just a feeling. No offense to his fans...the n'eks he gets paired with are cute but it's like, they don't match him in looks so that it will be more focused on him.
    Mark and Kim- I'm ok with them actually but I have not actually seen any of their lakorns so I cannot give an opinion on their chemistry... but like Nadech/Yaya their fans seem obsessive, not wanting to see Mark with other popular n'eks like Yaya. Again, if Mark/Kim are a couple in real life, what happens in a lakorn is not supposed to affect their couple status- it's just a lakorn. I haven't seen Raeng Pradtana entirely but I have seen some scenes with Nadech and Kim and they seem to have good chemistry so I wouldn't mind them pairing up and having sweet scenes. In the same way, it shouldn't matter if Mark has chemistry or sweet scenes with other popular actresses also (Yaya or whoever); it's just part of the job.
    James Jirayu...I think he's cute and he's probably a good actor but he kind of looks too baby faced right now. He doesn't match his n'eks. The only ones I see looking the same age as him are Patricia Good and maybe Mint C (not sure about this though); again, he's still young and his appearance will still change so this is just my opinion for now...when he's a bit older it's possible he'll look right with his co-stars. I think they should've got Nadech for Buang Hong instead of him. I mean, I'm happy with the opportunity he has  but he's too child like now to convince me of being a hotel owner. 
    Any pairing with Vee Veepabarb (is that his last name?); I don't know he's just really bland to me. 
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  17. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    I agree with what you said about the koo jins.
    For MK, their fans only defend MK when others talk bad about them like any other FCs but they are really happy if Mark and Kim are paired with others. MK fans are supporting Mark and Patricia's Buang Athithan and Kluen Cheewit with Yaya, Kim's PCKNMCPW. Their FCs are always supportive when they pair with other actors. Mew, Kim, Taew, Pat did not get the same support when they were paired with Nadech, instead got bashed. JJ also got bashed for paired with Yaya in the beginning. Its not same with MK. They have IGs for Ananberley, KimBarry, KimJa (JMa and Kim), Jiraberley (JJ and Kim), Mark-Bella for reunion and fans also want to see Kim with Mario (Mario and Kim are presenters for mitsubishi from last few years, fans are waiting for them to be paired since then), Great, Ken :)
    Push and Jui - Cant ship them in real life. Unfortunately, they are dating lol
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  18. aymieluvsyu637

    aymieluvsyu637 sarNie Adult

    Ruj & Gybsy dated? OoOo
  19. aiyaja

    aiyaja sarNie OldFart

    Gybsy has a history of cute guys. Haha.
  20. TubbyTinker

    TubbyTinker You're Average Person :)

    wait back up! Gybsy and Ruj dated? as in Gybsy who is now dating Jes? If so wow, i did not know or maybe I did but forgot hahahah
    as for koojin stuff, I'm not gonna comment on anything specifically bc I understand everyone's POV and their love for their stars. But some fans can be so hypocrite though. I mean a certain fan will say oh this couple is so overrated and blah blah, they're too much but imagine if it was your fave couple being the one "overrated", you wouldnt be complaining. 
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