Pairings which you fail to see what all the fuss is about

Discussion in 'Thai' started by Cupid Candy, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. mayag

    mayag sarNie Adult

    Not a Mint, Yaya or Kim fan but I personally think Mint looks her age, Kim looks older and Yaya looks younger.
    Back to main topic:
    MK are great off-screen but I don't feel anything while watching their on-screen work.
    Same with PJ.
    I loved NY in their very first lakorn together but since then it's been mehh~
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  2. p.smilez

    p.smilez SMiLeZ

    Old or mature? I think Mint looks her age and can appear to look mature in magazines. But yes, we all do have our own opinions.
    On topic,
    PJ...I see no chemistry.
    Sorry, I'll have to add BowChael (Bow/Michael) too
  3. sarN

    sarN sarNie Granny

    Yup, Bow/Michael ^^^^ I adore Bow & I don't want her to have koojin , noooooooooo
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  4. saki

    saki sarNie Adult

    Yes, that's how I see the three girls also. You said it perfectly.

    As for pairings, I prefer it when the couple look the same age, or when the guy looks a little bit older. i don't like in when the p'ek looks too much like a little brother of the n'ek. Of course, there are exceptions like if I find the lakon really enjoyable I will still watch anyway.
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  5. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    My problem with Bella and James. Sorry but in the latest lakorn the gap is more visible. Both girls look too much like his older sisters and I don't think his look has matured one bit
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  6. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    Haha i don't get it either and i think all of their lakorns turned out to be fails. Maybe except for their first one?
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  7. Mango12

    Mango12 sarNie Egg

    I think Kim looks older for her age and will match older looking pra'ek like Aum, Ken, etc.

    As for Bella/James, she does look older than her age but for some reason they look good together in Padiwarada this time. I think cause James look more buff and muscular and the way they do his hair makes him look old enough to match Bella this time.

    Yaya/Nadech: I think they are dating in real life but just don't want to admit it. i think they are cute together but I think they need to branch out and pair up with other actresses/actors. Yaya looks young so I can't take her seriously when she try to act older, lol. As for Nadech, he was so handsome with Mew in his latest lakorn. That dude grew up handsomely from his 4 siblings days.

    Mark/Kim: loved them when the 4 siblings came out but the whole drama with Mint just left a nasty taste in my mouth. So I can't watch their lakorns now without taking it seriously.

    Mint/Mario: they were good in their last drama, I think Mario looked young in some angles but like James Ji, the hairstyle can make a big difference. I can watch them again. I just feel bad for Mint, she seems to get crappy sorry lines except for the one with James Ma. I was excited for her last drama with Mario but the storyline started to become too typical towards the end and I lost interest. I wouldn't mind her doing a period drama with Mario again.

    I really wish the stations won't pair these couples up so much like Nadech and Yaya. I don't have a dislike for a particular pairing as long as the storyline is good but YaDech pairing every year or so is too much. I want that Nadech handsomeness to get spread around with other na'eg, not his girlfriend alone ✌️

    I want another period series lakorn, maybe this time about sisters instead of brothers with this pairing:
    -James Ji/Bella (sorry, I'm into them right now)
    -James Ma/Patricia Good
  8. Super_Fan

    Super_Fan sarNie Egg

    What about margie with nadech??? I think nychaa or narm tarn p with mark?? They both have delicate elf/fairy like auras. I think it would be an interesting .
    What about Matt with someone other than great???
  9. babie_sara

    babie_sara sarNie Adult

    Yes, I'd love to see Margie with Nadech too!
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  10. Step

    Step Mrs James Ma

    Vill, Margie, Preem, I want to see Nadech with soooo many N'eks and reunions but I doubt it will ever happen. He keeps rejecting lakorns with other N'eks cos he dont want to upset his koojin fc and ch3 always cover up for him lol
    Everytime I see him, I wish he was like my JMa, without koojin :bhehe:
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  11. preetam

    preetam sarNie Oldmaid

    Tired of Matt and Great too or Rome. Would like to see Matt with ken or Mario. Mario is older than Matt but Matt looks mature. Anyway to see the acting
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  12. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    I second this. They both look good together.
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  13. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    For awhile now I don't really get into pairing and most pairing is Eh...whatever to me...
    Don't care for 
    Ester&sean - didn't appeal to me and tried to watch the lakorn, not interest 
    James/bella - tried lakorn (few ep) but no attraction to it
    MK - Don't appeal to me, she looks older than him....couldn't get pass it 
    PushJui - Though I didn't give their lakorn a try but it couln't even get me to watch
    PushLilly - Lilly didn't appeal to me
    AnnKen - Seen 2 of their them but Didn't feel the Fan craze
    TooMoo - I can only imagine her as the craze girl in that lakorn..Moo doesn't appeal to me
    can't really think of any other pairing since I don't really follow it anymore
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    VILLNAN ♥ Adore ToomVill Only♥

    Ester & Sean: Tried to watch their first lakorn, I got stuck at ep1. To me they look like sibling.
    Push & Jui: I see nothing so nothing lol I couldn't even finish  FF ep1, She looks way toooo old for him.
    I tried to watch them cuz they are too famous now so emmmmmmm don't even know why
    That's all haha since I never followed anyone of them..
  15. Uh for me, I'd say Nadech and Kim were AWKWARD in Raeng Pradthana. She was tall and kind of thick like for him in that lakorn. He match more petite actresses like Taew and Mew. Even with Yaya I have to say they look awkward as well! She is too tall for him. He almost have to struggle carrying her not that she's fat. And please Yaya need more mature roles. She needs to challenge herself! Also, Ken T and Namtarn were off because she was kind of young and tall in some scenes! Cherry and Tik were a disaster as well since he was too short for her. Don't get me started on Mark and Kim. She is kind of big and mature for him!
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  16. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    Push-Jui, mainly cause of Push, his face looks like it can break anytime, why do I feel like he has more foundation on than Jui too now I'm kinda over Jui.

    Nadech and Yaya - I don't know i wanna watch their new lakorns cause Nadech is great in comedy and he looks hecka hot as the bodyguard but like I get a icky/cringe feeling from them. Tbh I think my problem is as soon as they date or as soon as I think they're dating, it turns me off. I like Nadech with anyone, he can make it work but I don't know with Yaya it's just boring, yucky, and plain.

    Mark and Kim - Same as NY since they dated I snapped right out of my MK phase lol. I miss Kimmy on screen but I might have to pass on Kom Faek. I can't deal with the whole having a relationship and working together.

    JJ and Bella - I really really really tried to watch this couple, i mean they aren't dating and they aren't heavily promoted but I just don't see a spark. I'm sorry i don't think JJ's acting skills matches Bella's. JJ's face look the same in every lakorn, sometimes I just think he's just being JJ instead of his character. He'll be his character then stiffens up back to regular James Ji

    Mark and Mint - 2 people who can't act just doesn't work.

    Esther-Sean I did like this couple, they were cute but I find myself slowly shifting my attention to Gypsy and Jes instead. I don't think SeanEst should've been koojins. It was more of the good script rather cause in LR they were cute but no where else.

    Yaya and JJ - Yaya's not the best when it comes to working with other p'eks, she can't seem to have any explosive chemistry with anyone, both plain. I really tried to watch their lakorn. JJ is also the same as Yaya, although I don't see sparks in both NY and JB, there was still more chemistry when they are with their koojins than each other.

    Mark and Yaya - Although I do like them together, i think I like them together more physically than chemistry wise. In another way they remind me of Sean and Esther. They shouldn't have put Toey and Louis in KC, they over shunned them in acting and I started wondering if it would be better if they were the stars instead, if it was just Nycha and Masu, lol MY would've been the winning pair.

    Kim and JJ - They're obviously not a couple where they have lots of fans but I thought I'd add them just so i didn't look too bias haha JK I have to say they didn't have anything interesting with their romance and when Kim was "seducing" him in the beginning, I forgot what was going on cause they were so extremely boring, I was more focused on her ugly wardrobe. Then half way I was interested in just Kim.
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  17. Vico

    Vico sarNie Egg

    Yaya and Nadech
    The thing is I hated Game Rai Game Rak, so now I hate this pairing and I almost hate Yaya (but then I realized I don't hate Yaya : I hate seeing her playing victims, which is pretty different but don't ask me why)
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  18. xodxo

    xodxo •Muey❤️Thian•

    Lol this is so real. I have never cringe so much at the mismatch of Kimmy with Mark.:risas3:
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  19. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Saw Prawada and I enjoyed it..J&B were good in that lakorn....but still could careless for koo jin
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  20. Bieluvr

    Bieluvr XiaojuXiyou

    Yadech - I loved them in DJA but after that, I just couldn't get into them. But I do agree that Yaya has the most chemistry with Nadech, out of all her co-stars. As for Nadech, I think he can do way better. I mean I think his chemistry with Taew is way better than with Yaya. And here is when you realize that Yadech has been paired up too many times, when you can't even think of other actors or actresses that they acted alongside with. I see thy have chemistry, but it's just that they get paired up too much to the point where it's too annoying.

    MarKim - I'm not saying I don't love them, but same as Yadech, they get paired up too much, but still not as much as Yadech. I agree that Mark still needs improvement on his acting, but Kim's acting is already amazing, even Ananda says so. He says that she knows how to work with the script and even when he goes off script, she knows how to bring him back. Like Yaya, Mark has the best chemistry with his KooJin which is Kim, but like Nadech, Kim can have amazing chemistry with her other costars. As of Kim looking more mature than Mark, it's not a bother to me, because either way, I know that she is actually younger. Also with Kim having a bigger build, it doesn't bother me too. It's life, you can't expect every couple to have a big tall muscular man with a petite woman. "Love" and life just doesn't work like that, so I learn to accept it.

    Weir&Min - I just don't get this couple. Min was so stiff and all that viewers loved were just all the intimate scenes between them.

    Weir&Pancake - I see no chemistry.

    Weir&Mai - I am a big fan of Mai so I tried to watch their lakorn, but I didn't finish it because there was no chemistry and they were just awkward.

    Mark&Mint - I thought they were cute, but I didn't like Mint's acting. For me, Mark's acting was a bit more tolerable than Mint's. There's just something about Mint when she talks that is not attractive.

    Great&Matt - I just don't see what's the hype.

    Honestly to say, I don't see the hype between any couple because it's just a drama and it really just depends on the script and the actor or actresses ability to get us to believe that they are that character or not. Some just do a better job than others. So I can love any actor/actress by them selves, but it will take their best to get me to get into their onscreen pairing.
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