Mark Prin Bashes Mint Chalida and Her Mother...

Discussion in 'Mark Prin' started by Sweet_JJ, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

  2. alwaizemeeh

    alwaizemeeh sarNie Adult

    i dont know what his manager said but i dont think his manager is a very good manager. The manager should've explained why mints mom said all those things. Her answer was vague compared to mints mom. Her mom had examples and reasons. What was the managers reasons? She should apologize for not teaching mark well. Yes he is a grown man but if the elders had taught him right he would've thought before he spoke. Mints mom accepted fault she said she did it to indirectly insult the manager. For being such a big part of the problem i think it's so funny how everything was just shifted to mark. This has been ongoing those who know the story knows what Mints mom is talking about.
  3. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    well you just said it "mints mom accepted fault she said she did it to indirectly insult manager" when normally she is an elder she shouldn't react like that  hmmmm so did mark he insult her every body is in fault and let me summarize what mark's manager says she says although i don't remember it word by word she said their's a financial problem between them and she wanted in many occasion to clearify it but mint's mom refuse to meet with until a project of ad was proposed to  mark and i think their was kim and min as choices to be with him but when the decision was kim here her mom declame the war and about the things said that mark's manager tried to use min to break hus relationship with vill   here she says she dosen't have the power to control his love life and about the news she hate min she asked the source because she never claimed such thing well in my eyes this's not a vague answers 
  4. ImQueen

    ImQueen sarNie Adult

    Omg, thank you for writing this out! I had enough of this bias thing going on here! We all know who's wrong and who's not, but being bias just messed up our truth because we decided to defend our biases even though their actions are wrong. People, we need to be human here! What's the point of trying to find justice when we, ourselves, is not being fair. 
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  5. thatsouthernasianchick

    thatsouthernasianchick sarNie Adult

    OMG. Many people misread my comments. I said nothing about flaws. What the frack?! Some of you are really taking it too far defending Yadech, acting like I criticized them and such. I said nothing about their, or anyone's flaws. Go back and read my comments. I said, "If you follow Yadech only, stay out of this." Why? Because Yadech chose to be neutral, and we, whether we are fans are not, should respect their opinions. However, I did say that if they did know something, they could've just replied a simple "yes" or "no", but whether or not they want to disclose information and/or additional details is solely up to them. We can't make people talk. Paparazzi can't make these daras talk. But, it would've been better if they said, "Yes, we are aware of Mint and Mark's situation", or, "No, we are not aware of Mint and Mark's situation." Boy replied he knew about it because he did. Now, we all know that Boy is trying to help and both sides, support both sides, and he admitted that to the public both directly and indirectly. But oh, okay, maybe Yadech are trying to help indirectly, but still, why not tell the truth when asked? If Yadech chooses to stay neutral, that's good for them too. Why? Because I understand how this will take upon a domino effect. If Yadech are dragged into this situation, think of the many other people who will be involved: his mother, elders, Ae Supachai, etc. By remaining neutral, Yadech could not be protecting themselves but also the people who care for them. But!!! Just one simple word, "yes" or "no", is so difficult for them when asked if they are aware of this feud between their two friends, Mint and Mark. Sure, they're gonna be bombarded with questions and criticism anyway, but again, it's up to them if they want to provide additional details. They don't have to. Simple.
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  6. m9saeteurn1

    m9saeteurn1 sarNie Adult

    How are we being baised just because we don't feel they need to step up? This isn't even about defending Yadech. We're just saying it's none of their business why meddle into ppl problem, but no "some folks" are making it their issue. If you guys are such hard core fans, why don't you fix the issue via IG between the two to see what result you get?
    Exactly! There goes your answer! You quoted it!
    If Yadech chooses to stay neutral, that's good for them too. Why? Because I understand how this will take upon a domino effect. If Yadech are dragged into this situation, think of the many other people who will be involved: his mother, elders, Ae Supachai, etc. By remaining neutral, Yadech could not be protecting themselves but also the people who care for them.
    They never said they didn't know..they just don't know the reason for it esculating also, they did give an answer..what did they get? This drama. lol smh
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  7. Charlenem

    Charlenem sarNie Adult

    i totally agree with u.
     it is none of yadech's business, pls dont drag them into it.
     i read about what mark's manager said, it is definitly something more behind this. i dont want to judge mint or mark because i dont know the truth and i believe both sides have their own reasons to act like that. it is better to wait mark and mint to clarify their problem by themselves.
  8. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    I'm trying to not be bias but to help prevent fan wars, especially since this problem was only about MM, in the first place. C'mon if we don't want the gang to split up why would talk bad about the members. They know more about us, like what Boy said, he don't want to say anything because if he messes up on something the mess would be worse. I'm thinking maybe thats why yadech said they don't know about it. The Reporters/paparazzi can be really annoying, they will ask the same thing over and over, rephrasing the question until, something spills out. Even if they came out saying they dont know, i sure hope they are helping MM behind the scenes. I think some people should talk more politely on here, then maybe there won't be more problems, stars are already fighting, it would suck that the fanclubs are too. Lets just try to support the gang, Yaya is close to Mint and Nadech is close to Mark, even if yadech doesn't help MM, at least we have Bargie. Lets forget about Yadech and their response due to whatever reason because this problem is about MM anyways. :)
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  9. roselovesice

    roselovesice 방탄소년단 x Bangtan Sonyeondan x JiTaew

    Press conference is coming up soon but they're still waiting for Mint to agree. Hopefully we see Ploy, Prae, Mark, Mint, and Mae May. This is exciting! Hahah!! What a sight it'll be. lol
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  10. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    Again I see lots of fans making it escalate....This news about manager problem exist since 2010 (mteam followers know of this). There was a few issues from this.

    Fact is mark said those vile things...boy/Margie/mint mom confirm that it's true...yet ppl still saying "maybe it's not him"

    So what If he practice Buddhism? ! Well as a person who devoted to it...they protect others and promote peace...that is why SOME PPL HAVE issue w/him just leaving. I'm explaining ppl reason...Idk one way or are making this worse "gin poo long tong"

    Like many people said..If some1 saw another getting attack ..even if they don't know them they will intervene.

    I follow this forum and spicy. ..those in spicy actually read thai ...evidence is there..fact is he said it..he's a grown ass boy..using such vile words...we would all be pissed if it said to our mother. ..

    they are just DARA, NOT god/saint...fanatic are to much...they are human life is not going to be over be Cuz of this..I like the dara but I see them as human being, I don't defend all their actions, wrong is wrong...A REAL MAN don't be so vile like mark to someone mother. .I disagree w/lot of elder and many have insult me...I CHOOSE to react in a mature manner and not attack..ppl make mistakes. ..we can easily forgive someone who repent and have personal responsibility. .

  11. m9saeteurn1

    m9saeteurn1 sarNie Adult

    You're right AnnTfan...I'ma just sit back & hush up. It is really pointless & a waste of my energy to type. Lol

    Physically attacked & verbally attacked is a big difference! You don't jump into someone conversation out on the street & if anyone says yes, now that's a lie lol

    I don't disagree about Mark. Yes, what he said was unnecessary but them again I don't know wth happened..I know when I'm pissed I say things I'll regret later too or not regret haha
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  12. queenyeon

    queenyeon sarNie Adult

    So they will do a press conference?? 
    Hope Mint attend it, too. 
  13. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    Yeah. I really don't like it when profanity is used to speak to other members here. If anything, we learned that cursing only make situations worse because it comes off as rude and aggressive. Look at Mark, for instance. I think we all should just drop the he said, she said and focus on MM. After all, the problem centers around them. Let's see how they'll resolve this and focus less on who's trying to help or who didin't. It wasn't Bargie or Yadech's business to begin with, but Mark is the one who involved them in the group chat in hope that they'll be on his side. It's so unfair to place your friends in that position. Remember, this is Asianfuse. We're a friendly forum. No fan wars please and don't hold grudges against one another for their opinions.    
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  14. Sweet_JJ

    Sweet_JJ ^_^

    Oh la la, what a lakorn this is turning out to be LOL 
  15. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid


    There too many mistake in the world to do on our own....we can learn from other ppl mistakes

    It is a awkward move to put other in the middle on purpose -.-
  16. Sweet_JJ

    Sweet_JJ ^_^

    Agree with every word you wrote, Mahalo.
  17. m9saeteurn1

    m9saeteurn1 sarNie Adult

    Got it Mahalo! Thanks for reminding us. ;)
  18. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

  19. fun

    fun YGfamily

    Obviously people are mistaken that many people believe that Yadech is involved in the actual fight. Yadech are not affiliated in the actual fight nor did they chose side. Yadech played ignorance. This issue between Mark and Chalida has been ongoing for years. There must have been a reason for them to claim not knowing anything, which is fine. Just that a few people are not pleased and they can't please everyone. I am thinking it's more of their PR that made them answer that way. Business wise, it's a smart move to remove yourself from the situation and claiming not knowing anything since Rising Sun Series will be airing soon and them knowing that this has been ongoing for years will be dragged out but it really did backfire on them after Boy was swarmed by the media. It really suck that Mark (or his impostor if you still believe in that) had to drag the gang lom into this by using the group chat. He could have LINE Chalida personally. It is due to someone who wasn't using their brain. If he had personally LINE Chalida, Yadech and Bargie wouldn't have been hounded by the media as much. 
    In a way I sort of think Chalida wants to protect some people by dodging media and have her mom cover that it is between Mark's manager and her mom. If more gets disclosed, more names will be exposed which will lead to other scandals (those who follows M&M over the past years will know what I'm talking about). Maya should stop posting up quotes as well. Then in a way I could understand her frustration and anger, the person getting the most hate is Chalida on IG. Mark has a large supporter who wants him to apologize, willing to forgive him and continue supporting him. People are giving Mark constructive criticism over the issue although there is a small number calling him out with vulgar words but Chalida on the other hand is getting massive malicious comments. I had to intervene and told some Chalida fans not to feed the haters. (btwn I was just referring to the comments written in English) and it seems like it sort of die down a bit. 
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  20. siraphun

    siraphun sarNie Hatchling

    what exactly did mint's mom say about mark to make him so mad?  i'm missing that information.  as outsiders i believe that none of us really know about everything that went on.  if mint's mom is like pancake's mom, omg, maybe she deserves it lol  i wished vier could have said those things to pancake's mom haha...  but i guess it's better off for your image to stay a gentleman because those words just sounds so rude.  as for yaya and nadech, i can see why yaya doesn't want to get involve.  she's a girl, younger than mark, they're not close buddies, and it's really none of her business.  as for nadech, i never liked him in the first place.  he should have stepped up a notch and man up.  could have said something along the lines like boy, hey calm down and speak to each other nicely.  instead of pulling out like he pulled out of the military i read somewhere?  i dunno.  to me he kind of comes off selfish.
    then again, everybody thinks that these people are the best of friends and forget that they are more like just et acquaintance.  they just work together as a group.  i'm pretty sure they have friends outside of the et biz that they are more closer and maybe call real friends.
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