Mark Prin Bashes Mint Chalida and Her Mother...

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Didn't boy came out and admit what's said on line is all true..I'm on my phone..hard for me to link vdo...its at sunkissdara and sugardaily? Not sure. .but it's on spicy forum site to. .


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Can someone send me the Pantip link? It's not like I can read Thai but I am gonna make someone translate lol my sis hates it when I force her bf to do these kind of things for me.


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Someone shared the link over at spicy. I forgot what page or who shared it. The GIF's and pictures on there are hilarious. lol

So seems like Mark's gonna hold a press conference, maybe, since his lakorn shooting go cancelled. Don't know when but I'm excited to hear what he's gonna say and do. lol

I don't think Mark's a bad person. He has his good side too. I'm just not too big on him like before. Actually, it has been like that for awhile now so this problem has no effect on my feelings towards him. I still adore him in some ways. He's still just as adorable as ever but his behavior throws me off sometimes. Just saying. Hahha :)


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I just read that khun pear, mark's manager, just did an interview. But i can't read thai, so i'll just wait for the translation. Lol.


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Regarding yadech, what's ever they say or do, they would still get bashed so whatever .
This topic is out of hand. To me it's more about mm but yet everywhere I turn it's about yadech .. Smh .. As for boy n Margie to step in , i understand cuz boy is the oldest as he claimed,
M sure he will say something , but in the end
He wants the two of them to solve it themself .


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roselovesice said:
I don't think Mark's a bad person. He has his good side too. I'm just not too big on him like before. Actually, it has been like that for awhile now so this problem has no effect on my feelings towards him. I still adore him in some ways. He's still just as adorable as ever but his behavior throws me off sometimes. Just saying. Hahha :)
I'm the same as you. I agree! As a Mark's fan, i'm tired of these stupid rumors he's been getting into. Regardless if it's intentional or not. I'm sick of his behaviors sometime too. But like you said he does have a good side. There is a good and bad side to everyone. Even though, i'm not happy with these rumors and news of his, i still adore and like him the same. :)


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If yadech was to say they did know about it, the press would just ask more about it. And I know they wouldn't want to make it a bigger problem. I understand that Boy came out about cause yes he is the oldest among them. Good that yadech dont want to be fully involve because it would be a bigger mess between the gang. They are probably trying to cheer up MM, cause they're all very close to each other.


I get annoyed by other dara's behavior too lol but if in conclusion, Mark really did curse at an elderly woman then he needs to own up to it and apologize.  More than people are willing to forgive him. The fans are begging for Mark to speak up. I get lost sorting through his 5,000 comments on IG. lol


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Seriously Yadech does not need to state anything to anybody! Whether they want to be apart of this mess is up to them. Sometime some friends just need to learn to back the f up when it does not involve you. They could only be making it worst! Sure, they say it's to help resolve but eventually you know you'll be siding with one which lead to you trying to tell the other he's wrong.. Then where does that lead??? I would have said the same shits Yadech did, end of story!


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:( we all care so much... i just wanted to say I'm glad we all care. Though things may not be the same after this with the lom gang or if we ourselves decided to take one side rather than the other im glad everyone here cared. And at one ppint in time we were fans of the lom gang


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i really dont understand, this issue is only about mark and mintc, why some fans would like to get yadech involved? they could choose to step in or to take a side or do nothing, it is their own choice and they didnt even know what happened between MM. Mark and Mintc r both their friends.
yadech r celebs, they have to be care of their behavior too, like this type of issue, i think both sides have their own reason, there is no definitely right or wrong, and no one knows what the fact behind. why yadech should get them involved in something unknown with uncertain factors? 
plus, they didnt abandon their friends, they r still supporting them, but the best way is give the time and space to let two parties to resolve by themselves.
for the fans who r disappointed about that they dont want to do any efforts for MM, i have nothing to say, different ppl different views.  Honnestly, when i got this news, the first mind came out was i hoped yadech didnt get themselves involved....and now, i agree with their choice, that is a wise decision to not step in this type of mess. 
(ps: i m only a fan of yadech. but i understand some of us r the fans of lom gang, i hope it could be resolved smoothly and their friendship could last.....give MM a little time, maybe they will figure out the way soon! )
Seems like there are Yadech biases here...smh...if you follow or like Yadech only, stay out of this.
I follow them all because I like them all. I might not be a fan of some but it doesn't mean I don't like them.
Yadech are neutral about this, which is good...but! They shouldn't reply they don't know anything about this drama because everyone does. I'm sorry but don't some people look up to daras? It's not good to lie and we all now that. If they know something, they could've said it's true or not true and leave it at that because whether or not they choose to provide further details is solely up to them.
As for Boy and Margie, they are just doing their "friend" part...keeping friends together. I'm sure it's soo much more than just fame and fortune. As far as I know, they are being good friends. Not saying that Yadech are bad friends, but they should be able to answer whether or not they know about the whole situation. If you do, say yes; if not, reply no. No one should be bashing on anyone because these actors and actresses are grown enough to make up their own decisions. People make mistakes without their own intent sometimes (cough, cough, the managers!) and like someone said earlier, there will be a solution that will probably "involve a lot if hugging and crying..." For all you biases, look from all sides, not just your favorite!!!
I really don't get what's so hard about a simple "yes" or "no" and leave it at that. You can choose to be neutral without providing details, duh!!!
By the way, I hope this mess untangles quickly because all of these stars have so much potential than to just be involved and criticized for a whole bunch of crap. Yes, I said "crap". It does take time...something Thai paparazzi should take note of!!! Leave these celebs alone while they figure out their solutions!!! They don't need you thirsty paparazzi gawking and harassing at them while they are doing their thing!
I hope to hear good news soon, from both Mark and Mint...Mint...that poor girl! Best wishes to them both. Kudos to those who are trying to help and not just protect their own fame and fortune.
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