Mark Prin Bashes Mint Chalida and Her Mother...

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Charlenem said:
i totally agree with u.
 it is none of yadech's business, pls dont drag them into it.
 i read about what mark's manager said, it is definitly something more behind this. i dont want to judge mint or mark because i dont know the truth and i believe both sides have their own reasons to act like that. it is better to wait mark and mint to clarify their problem by themselves.
I agree!


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roselovesice said:
Press conference is coming up soon but they're still waiting for Mint to agree. Hopefully we see Ploy, Prae, Mark, Mint, and Mae May. This is exciting! Hahah!! What a sight it'll be. lol
Really? So, it's not just going to be mark by himself but mark and mint together?
Come to think of it, I can't believe how much they all have been holding onto for years...
I know I am the type of person that says things without intending to when I am upset or angry...and we should all admit it that we do have those moments too, right? There is one thing that I like about Mark, Mint C., Yadech, and Bargie...despite of all of the criticism and drama, they are quite calm about it so conference or not (I'm sure there's going to be one), I bet they're all trying to resolve the dispute in a calm manner as adults or mature people would.
Whether you're a fan of Mark, Mint C., Yadech, Bargie or not doesn't matter at the moment because we don't even know for sure what happened; they do. Sure, as die-hard fans, if we could help them resolve the problem, the majority of us would, right? I know I would. It's not who's problem it is and who chooses to stick for who, it's the role we play in society. They are daras whereas we are fans, people who look up to them. But, sometimes daras need air to breath too. They are human too. At the end of the day, we are all human who makes mistakes, forgive, and give second or third chances. We all get angry sometimes.
Some people are like, "Wow, whatever Yadech do or say, they'll be dragged into it." Well, they're not. Paparazzi flocked them with questions so they must answer it, and to me, they should answer it honestly. They don't have to provide detail. I can't say that enough. Why is Yadech and Bargie dragged into it? Because they were once upon a time all friends, best buds, etc. I respect them all for that and look up to these kids because even off-screen they maintain that friendship bond. Even though it has diminished over time, I'm sure somewhere in their hearts, they have soft spot for that friend. Why? Because they've worked together long enough to know each other well. That's why Kim, Yadech, and Bargie are spoken of. No one ever said that they're dragged into it. They were just approached by paparazzi and curious news media reporters as any normal celeb. Questioning and involved are two different things.
AF is where we state our opinions. So far, I haven't seen anyone drag Yadech or Bargie into this. They are simply spoken of and mentioned in our opinions, comments and concerns. To be dragged into something is to be involved. No one said they should be involved. If they want to, then that's up to them. Sometimes, replying with just a "yes" or "no" clarifies a lot already.


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Beginning of the year...mor do prediction...i think i read it from


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What baffled me is that, the tension has been going on for years and it has happened behind closed doors. So, why all of a sudden Mark decided it's a good idea to go public with his fight and do it in a big way? But it still remained whatever the reason may be he should choose his words carefully, those words really what got him in the deep in the first place. You never degrade a woman that you know and once like in the way he did (and I am sure he did once upon a time like Mint's mom)
And with Yarry's fans there is one crucial point that most are missing but I'll leave it at that. If not, we'll probably go in circle without an end in sight. I think a debate is fine and healthy. Not everyone is going to agree and the world would be one boring place if that's the case. I like to hear people's different outlook on things and sometimes you learn something new with what people have to say.


I'm speechless, but I only believe Khun Tu's words, Mark is a sweet person. ^^ of course if he made a mistake, he'll have to apologize but life goes on. He will become stronger and wiser! Maybe life will change for all of them in the Lom Gang but life goes on.^^ su su!✌


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spanky said:
I read from the link I mentioned earlier and spicy forum
Oh ok, I shall go check it out. ^-^ I wonder if Woody's show will interview either M or M. He usually does whenever a Dara scandal hits the headlines.


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But Woody is still in hot waters. Maybe this scandal will lift him off the media and viewers lol


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Ugh I cant even concerntrate on the game. This is getting spicy mad. Mark is having a press con right now.


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I think there's somebody in the group who's not as innocent as they appear to be and is jealous that is adding fuel to the fire. 
After reading all of the articles from sugardaily, Nadech and Yaya have my respect. Finally, they've spoken up about what they know, what they want to do, and how they're going to deal with it. Considering that they've got projects lined up within their careers, it is reasonable that they don't want to be involved until Mark and Mint clear things up. They've finally done their part and provided information that they know and even give "moral" support for their friends. Their celebs and they're busy with their queue of work so they're doing what they can at the moment. Great job, Nadech and Yaya.
As for the others, they have my full respect too, especially Margie, who's trying to heal all the wounds. She and Boy are what you call "day ones". No matter what, they're there for their friends.
Nevertheless, I respect all of their opinions. I like their maturity. Two thumbs up!
Adora said:
He's having one right now? Are you streaming live or is it just news online? Lol.
Well you know, if you follow Nok Sinjai on IG, you'll see she posted a photo of Mark at this very moment. Don't know how things are on that end, though. Mark and Mint both have my full support!
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