Mark Prin Bashes Mint Chalida and Her Mother...

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The drama is about MM issue but it always lead to Yadech. Yes, Yadech did a selfish move by taking themselves out from the line cb. Can you blame them?? One of them leak their private conversation out and how can they trust anyone in there. The line cb was suppose to be private. The person that leak the cb is selfish and only think about themself not thinking what the out come is once it's leak out. Now it's a mess and have more ppl involve. I don't think anyone wants to get involve, even the ch3 boss told them to handle the situation among themselves and reach an agreement.


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Once again they did say this is an on going issue. That this issue has been there for so long now. If this issue has not be resolved since then what make you think it will now or saying something to Mark will make a difference? Do you believe everything they say to the camera? Is that just how gullible some of the folks are? Why is it I hear from some "Oh that's just what the thai celeb always uses, but we already know it's more than that" blah blah blah.... Why is it not the same here? Like I said b4 beating and verbal is different. Of course if I see an innocent person getting beat I would call the cops or something..I wouldn't jump in for sure and get my as% beat too..I am sure their friends are grown adults who should know from right to wrong...
This is my opinion:
- Boy and Margie are great friends. I love how they support both sides and try to calm both sides down with intent of a better problem resolution.
- Nadech and Yaya may be labeled as bad friends by some people, but it's not just their decision to remain neutral, it may also be their elders' decisions; whatever their elders recommend and/or order, they do. Whatever their decisions are, we must respect it because they are only human. They already shared their voices and to me, that's all that really matters.
- is natural for her to support Mark because they are seemingly best friends. We all don't even know what her relations with Mint is like at the moment. To say that they have a feud just because she unfollowed Mint on IG is immature act and immature thinking.
As for Mint C., I don't think she's ready to have a press conference and reveal the details at the moment. There could be various reasons. One, she's emotionally not ready. Two, she's not ready due to lakorn projects and scheduling. Or, maybe it's both. Maybe it's due to wait of the elders' decision.
I have a feeling there is going to be a bittersweet ending to this. Mark apologized to Mint and her Mom; whether he really meant it to or not, we don't know. He may didn't sound sincere but we all must keep in a mind, he's a guy. Some guys are "khang raeng", if you know what that means. They're strong and it isn't easy for guys to be all emotional like that sometimes in situations as this. That's why Mark's sad scenes in lakorns seem unrealistic sometimes. LOL. He's still a good actor, though, and I still love him as well. The thing is, Mark apologized. Now, we're awaiting Mint's part. There may be some crying involved and you never know, that may softened Mark's heart. Her tears may make him feel bad for what he did. Lol. Still, he apologized and no matter what, they're going to public. Personally, it may take them awhile to re-establish that bond they used to have.


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Ninja007 said:
Really?  Where did you see that?  If you'd seen it on Mint's IG, you should have a look at Mark's IG. 
On pantip, 4 thread are bashing Mark.  1 thread is supporting Mint.  Mark is being bashed like an animal. With so many verbal abuse, A weaker person might already commit suicide.  Seriously.
No, Mark is not god.  He's just a human being.  (Personally, I don't even think he's handsome.  Nadech is more my type .. Hehe).
What Mark did was wrong.  But he shouldn't be treated like an animal.  Not everybody who give him a much needed support, is being bias either.  It's kindness.  No, I'm not Mark's fan.  I'm not siding with him either.  I'm just being sympathic toward him.  I'm just stating a different point of view.
All 3 parties did something wrong:  Mint's mom for provoking Mark.  Mark for losing control & being very rude.  Mint for exposing the Line to the public, causing all her friends to be involved.  There is no innocent stand-by.  Everybody is getting criticized to some degree.  Mark is just getting the worst end of the stick. 
i just want to verify, are you just assuming that Mint exposed the conversation or is it really confirmed that she did it?  :cry:
BTW, i also saw a post in the IG, they were students who show their support to mark and it's really sweet for them to do that. 
It's sad how a mistake can make people forget all the good things you did. That's when he needs his solid fans the most. So that even though he's being bashed by many people, as long as there are people who tries to understand and support u no matter what, u will stay strong.
I'm not saying that because i support mark, it's just the reality. 
The real thing too is that, you cannot forget & forgive someone easily if they hurt your loved ones. *insertWhatMarkDid*
I think it goes for everyone us here, right? That's why time heals. You cannot undo the Past but still the effect of what u did will show.
Only feww people know what's the TRUE STORY. I just hope the elders will not be biased too by hearing only one side of the story or covering what's really happening. I wish all the best for both parties  :rockon:


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For once I agree! @thatsouthernasianchick!
We are not in their shoes so we don't know what really went down & we are all human, mistake happens.
@kimsaj kinda like that saying "you do 1 bad thing & that's all everyone can remember vs. all the positive thing you've done" I know there's a better wording somewhere lol but anyways you get what mean. Lol


This is a very devastating incident. Only time will tell who was sincere, who was not. I will still wish the best of luck to my favorite and number 1 Thai actor in the world. He was truly the reason I enjoyed Thai Lakorn so much. This incident hit hard but time will heal and life will go on. I want him to choose his friends carefully in the future. I will support him regardless because I know his work ethics and personality well. We cant find anyone like you anymore thats why you are unique and wonderful; special to your fans. Mark, you will mature over time, grow and come to prove you are real, a man and a beautiful handsome actor always inside and out. ❤

I dont want to say much about the other party since I dont follow her work but chalida good luck to you as well.

Finally, I dont expect the lom gang to return to normal. There will probably be that tension or discomfort in the room if they all meet. But lets give all of you time to heal and grow. Everybody can learn and grow from any mistakes. Nobody is dead in this situation. People are harsh but let them slide since not everyone can see your point. May u all continue to grow and deliver great acting to your fans worldwide. Good luck all.✌


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I was on IG and realized that a lot of celebrities have unfollowed Mint Chalida during the time where the news of her and Mark came out. Not sure if there's any relations to the two things but I can't help sympathizing with Chalida. 


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Jeedlove, I think it's good and bad depending upon how one look at it. If I were Chalida I would take that as a positive because when times are tough you know who your true friends are. Because true friends will never turn their back on you. So at least it'll help her filter out the fake from the real.
Yeah she lost a lot of followers, but I really admired her because of how she handled the situation. But like byebye said Mint learned who are her true and fake friends. 
This is what happens when people are so bias with their co-stars. Poor girl is the victim but people act like she was the one who wrote that mean message to Mark not the other way around.


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I don't know the issue and I can careless but honestly, no matter how young I may be it who's an elder or whatever, if you're a b*tch and you're pissing me off, I will call you out.

I'm not saying I side with Mark but just because someone is a mom or dad it elder doesn't mean I keep my mouth shut and let them bad mouth me (not saying that mint's mom did this). Just saying I'll defend myself and I would understand why mark or someone would lash out like that. Being an elder doesn't mean people automatically respect you. Again, not saying that mark is good and mint is bad, just saying in general
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