Mark Prin Bashes Mint Chalida and Her Mother...

Discussion in 'Mark Prin' started by Sweet_JJ, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. x0unerthanlater

    x0unerthanlater คนไม่รักดี

    Agree with you. There's 3 side to every story. What they tell you. What you want to believe. and then there's the truth.
    I honestly adore Mint. She's such an underrated "newbie" star...
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  2. SonYukView4ever


    As a Mark fan, I don't want to say too much. Saying too much is going to make me come out like I am defending him.  Silence is golden sometimes. :)  I just know Mark was sincere in his apology.  Life will go on.  A mistake is a mistake.  It can be forgiven.  I also believe that Mark will mature over time, be better and even gain more support in the future.  There's a reason why fans worldwide continue to love and support the person they do; hard to explain; it's a feeling that comes from within.
    I wish good luck to both parties.
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  3. Devotely

    Devotely sarNie Egg

    This is a very sensitive issue that involves Mark, the manager, Mint and her mom. The support is greatly appreciated, but the choosing sides is childish. I'm quite disappointed in some individuals that aren't involved and they choose to display themselves in light of this unfortunate situation when its not necessary. Displaying the support is one thing and can be done privately or in a way to show that their neutral. It's disgusting because friendships are loss, people in the channels are looking like its divided and peoples morals are in questions. Somebody's mom got cursed out and threatened and that's total disrespect period. Mint and Mark may have provoked one another, but it should never have gotten to the point of that. 
    If its true that Mark created the Line to include his friends so they can know how much he has endured from Mint and her mom has to be the most selfish reason to involve them. He jeopardized his friendship by putting them all in a precarious situation which enables the public and media to attack them. Just plain selfish!
    The channel is looking divided all because of Mark and Mint's drama. It's a domino affect where it may seem like friends are choosing sides, producers are divided, the channel elders are appearing to be in favor of getting the drama over instead of really assisting with the core issues, respected actresses/producers have come out in social media to express support for one individuals and etc. It's just a hot mess all because of Mark and Mint's drama. 
    Peoples morals are in question, it's just not right period for Mark to say what he said to Mint's mom, that's his friend's mom. I shake my head at Ann and Nok Sinjai. Also at the perception of the people that supports his behavior. Yes, lets just forgive him, right?! Ok, but come out and be sincere at the press conference!
    During Mark's press conference, not once did he apologize to his friends (Nadech, Yaya, Boy, Margie) for reporters being a nuisance to them regarding his and Mint's drama. In turn, he took a defense to Kim. I bet Makers are laughing at Mark right now and I know they're smart people and will stay quiet. It can't be help that Jett's name have been dragged in this mess too. Yes, I'm implicating something, but anyways. Mark was better off not doing a press conference. He mentioned he did not speak to Mint and her Mom yet, but have gotten around to speaking and probably showing the whole conversation on how it was provoked to his producers (Nok and Ann). Again, getting other people involved and not appropriately addressing the real issue with the people he got issues with. 
    Just my thought. 
  4. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    I agree. Support can be given in private. That's why I was so disappointed in Anne </3 
  5. Sweet_JJ

    Sweet_JJ ^_^

    Even though Anne and Nok support Mark, they shouldn't have done that, yes, they might know something we don't, but that's the thing. We DON'T know what's wrong. The main reason was Mark was being disrespectful to an elder. If someone threatened to spit of my mom's face I swear my fist will land in his/her eye. The public only knows that Mark was disrespectful, so when they're showing support, it's as if they're saying "Oh Mark, please spit on my mom's face, we support you!" Oooh Anne and Nok, why must you hurt us all by doing that... :(
  6. Ninja007

    Ninja007 sarNie Adult

    Actually, it's the other way around.  I think Mint is getting tons of support.  And Mark is being bashed so badly, like he's an animal. 
    To be fair to Ann, I went to find Anne's post.  It says ...
    "If you lie to someone successfully, it's not because that person is stupid.  It maybe because the person give you too much trust that you don't deserve". 
    Is it just me or what?  I don't think about Mint when I see that post.  But I think about Mark's manager ... Haha.
    Poor Ann.  Maybe it didn't even have anything to do with this scandal.  Many people is already disappointed in her.  She has a company.  Maybe one of her worker is cheating on her or something.  Why is everyone just thinking that she's commenting about this scandal.  She didn't even dare to post Mark's picture on her IG since this scandal started.
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  7. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    It's not..I seen the evidences...

    Mint and her mom is being bash more and in the same way..Mark is not god
  8. "peace"

    "peace" sarNie Tombstone

    this will be my last word in this topic please is not like you mention it "oh mark please spit..." believe me no one see what mark did was okey  or even accepted when we say they support him it(s mean in this way "you make a huge bad misake you have been disrespectful but because we are your friend we are a people who loves you and we know you know your fault and we know you are sorry we will support to pass the result of this mistake to learn from it and be a better and more mature man in the future" in other word you have a friend you know well but someday he did sutch a thing and you know he's not a bad person he can be better and fix his self will you support him or not? in the end it's very natural to have disagreement but it's the best when it be taken in a civilize way  it's like min's sisters with mark's sisters and the real truth can never been known every one can guess based on their life experiences and every one believe what they want to believe based on their mind and emotions so their's no point now to continue to argue last thing because people forgive him doesn't mean they don't care about human value but they do believe in forgiveness    
  9. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    Don't think that this quote is about Mint too. If we don't like what Mark did by jumping to conclusion then why should we. We shouldn't just automatically think a picture is about someone and get mad at the person. I thought people agree that was stupid
  10. Sweet_JJ

    Sweet_JJ ^_^

    Of course if he learns from his mistakes and improves himself I believe he's being sincere. Let's just wait until time proves he's actually doing it. I watched 95% of his lakorns and this doesn't mean I won't stop following him, but it's more like disappointment in him. The support he's getting is not impressing me, he needs a serious punishment, not just a press conference. How will he learn his mistakes if no one is doing anything serious? I know if I said that to an elder and my mom found out. I would be kicked out of the house.
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  11. phatman

    phatman POPE's #1 MIA LUANG

    So this is what she posted?? I don't even know what MM's issue is, but how is this supporting Mark?? I honestly don't see the relation.

    Mahalo and byebye, being in the industry without a single scandal is hard to achieve as a public figure. Anne and Nok being able to do that means they know how to avoid scandals, so by them tuning into this perhaps mean they know something we don't. I don't support them picking sides, but I was just saying that as a possibility. =). However, I don't even know if her quote relates to the issue here.
  12. alwaizemeeh

    alwaizemeeh sarNie Adult

    I dont know why we are arguing amongst ourselves. We all argue our point but no one really takes the time to understand instead we're trying to correct each other. All in all cold hard facts. Mint mom posted picture against marks manager. Mark said horrible dishusting
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  13. Ninja007

    Ninja007 sarNie Adult

    Really?  Where did you see that?  If you'd seen it on Mint's IG, you should have a look at Mark's IG. 
    On pantip, 4 thread are bashing Mark.  1 thread is supporting Mint.  Mark is being bashed like an animal. With so many verbal abuse, A weaker person might already commit suicide.  Seriously.
    No, Mark is not god.  He's just a human being.  (Personally, I don't even think he's handsome.  Nadech is more my type .. Hehe).
    What Mark did was wrong.  But he shouldn't be treated like an animal.  Not everybody who give him a much needed support, is being bias either.  It's kindness.  No, I'm not Mark's fan.  I'm not siding with him either.  I'm just being sympathic toward him.  I'm just stating a different point of view.
    All 3 parties did something wrong:  Mint's mom for provoking Mark.  Mark for losing control & being very rude.  Mint for exposing the Line to the public, causing all her friends to be involved.  There is no innocent stand-by.  Everybody is getting criticized to some degree.  Mark is just getting the worst end of the stick. 
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  14. Ninja007

    Ninja007 sarNie Adult

    Yes ... When I saw Ann's post couple days ago, I didn't even think it was related to this scandal. 
    But now that we are talking about this scandal, if Ann has any intention for her input, it sounds like Mark's manager. 
    I was just joking about "Poor Ann" statement. 
  15. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    I don't get why Mark had to apologize to all his friends, he didn't leak the picture. Everything is blamed on mark but you guys won't look from Mint's side too. Talk about being biased, he already apologized what else do you guys want? At least i'm admitting that my bias was wrong, yes he said that to Mint's mom but just cause he didn't break down, you guys think its not sincere. Yes i wouldn't want him to talk to anyone's mother like that but you either forgive or you don't. Stop saying he is the culprit of this whole situation.
  16. Mahalo

    Mahalo sarNie OldFart

    I think it's bad timing in general to start posting quotes about backstabbing or lying since Mark's starring in one of her lakorns. People can jump to conclusions and drag her into the situation. I wouldn't want her to be involved because she has always been a well respected figure in the industry. Regardless of what her intentions were, it made her look like she was siding with Mark which is bad publicity. I wish she would've thought twice about posting it whether she intended for it to relate to Mark or not.
    To me, I think the quote was insinuating that Mint and her mom are playing victims to the situation when they're the ones who started it by provoking Mark to this extent. They're pretending to be nice people in front of the public to make Mark look bad when no one knows that Mint and her mom are actually villains in disguise. There are more details to the story, Mark's side. Hence, Mint and her mom lied to someone (the public) successfully and are able to do so because the public trusts and sympathizes with them through their one sided and twisted stories. So Mint and her mom don't deserve the public's trust because they twist their stories to make themselves look good. That's what I think. She can't be talking about the manager. The manager collaborated with her to get Mark to play in her lakorn, and Mark's her beloved p'ek. All odds point to her hinting at the other side. That's IF her hidden intentions were to support Mark. But since I'm a fan of Anne, I'm going to let this pass and think it was a "random" post.  
    I think what really matters here is that he apologized guys. Whether he meant it or not, at least he apologized. Let's all give him the benefit of the doubt and let him redeem himself. Only the future can tell whether he will change or remain the same. I never personally watched his lakorns anyways so this won't affect me either way. I just feel sorry for Chalida and everyone who's ganging up against her. I wish her the best and hope she is able to continue on in the industry and still be successful. Also, please don't let this affect Anne's production. Please tune into Abb Ruk Online when it airs na ka :D
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  17. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    He put Kim into it cause everyone assumed Kim and Chalida was fighting. Also that there was something that Mark was protecting Kim other than that, Yadech/Bargie wasn't involve with the rumor. So why would he apologize,like i said he didn't leak the picture out
  18. spanky

    spanky sarNie Oldmaid

    I seen on both...Did u see both? I have no gain here. ..I am not infatuated by M & ...though I do like mint... I'm not a fanatic who stalked any dara...

    I'm on my phone...I couldn't post link which compile and compare...and I won't Cuz it's pointless

    It's just going around in circle..The dead horse has been beaten to the point of annihilation

    Fact is he said nasty disrespectful things and it not warrant...If u ok him being nasty. each their own...

    I never said he bad or good. ...His behavior is uncalled for no matter what...I am not here to justify any actions...stating fact... No one force or hold a gun to his head for him to say or do what he did....understanding why is fine..always finding excuses to justify it another thing

    Wrong is wrong

    I would call out my family members if they did wrong. 1 of my bro did wrong many times (crime), don't matter his reasons. ..I will call the cop on him if I know/see him do it

    Fact- he said it and He apologize and admit it.... doesn't not mean what he did is ok...personal responsibility and move on..not keep up w/excuses/justifications

    "There's always a reason for anger, soldem a good one." -forgot who said it
  19. AnnTfan

    AnnTfan ❤ BTS ❤

    I don't think just cause people support Mark means its okay for Mark to spit on our mother, at least he apologized. I'm going to support although I know he was wrong. But i believe he can learn from this ...
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  20. Devotely

    Devotely sarNie Egg

    Mark should apologize to his friends and all parties expressing and wanting to choose sides for the simple fact they are being bothered and criticized by the media for either knowing or not knowing what the real drama is about. It's just a COURTESY because people are being pulled in. Even if he did not leak it out, it's just courtesy because the media somehow got a hold of it and are asking his friends to elaborate on it. Mark still has not addressed the situation and continues to display arrogance through his interview, IG, sharing his side with others and again, not with the people he has issues with. Talk about manners, forget that his manager can't keep him from being in scandalous news, I blame his parents for not instilling morals and values in him. This is where you as parents can't look people in the eyes for your child's behaviors. 
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