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  1. Ms.Zoe

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    I think I did mention a few correlations of both PA & TRotCH in here before. There are words that LGX may be playing YG so since LGX had played YWY, I find 2 things that YWY & YG have in common: 1. They each have a feathery friend & 2. They each have a pair of couple swords with their lovers :D.

    Edit: title of the fmv is Looking at each other for 1 second is remembering each other for a lifetime....how sweet is that for a title about XingYue :icon12:.

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  2. Ms.Zoe

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    Another Carmen Lee & LGX - YWY connection lol. Remember I posted a fmv about YWY being the most miserable hero, I believe I didn't say the connection then so here is the connection, the song in that video is the opening song for Carmen's drama called An Amazing Story (1999) and in this drama there are bats, when YWY goes out at night he wears that bat shaped cape :D.

    Edit: P.s. The song title can be translated as "When a man cries." When a man cries, it's not a sign of weakness; I rather see a man cries than seeing him struggle to hold his tears in :).

    Here is the opening song

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  3. saobomp

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    LOL, so funny but good caption hehe...
  4. saobomp

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    credit to the owner:

    this pix of push looks lik YWY from that angel hehe...

  5. Ms.Zoe

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    Hmmm I don't see any similarities lol.

    I see similarities between them though <3 <3 <3 :D

    Edit: Left is YWY (Kenny) & Right is YG (Louis); 2 wuxia leading men that take my breath away with their looks & love for their women :D.

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  6. neenavaj

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    LGX is so perfect to play this character!! He does look like Louis back in the day!! Crossing my fingers for their reunion!
  7. Ms.Zoe

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    Happy Lunar Moon Festival!!!!!!!!! In PA I think the Cold Festival that XingYue went to is similar or the same as Lunar Moon Festival. YWY bought for XE a rabbit lantern :love:. For Lunar Moon Festival, there arehot tea, mooncakes, lanterns & etc...yummmmyyyy!!!


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    Another full moon night has gone by, YWY is still out of sight...he is still missing, not confirmed dead lol, PA2 possibly will happen :sad6:...I just hope they come out & make a statement whether we will have PA2 or not to end this tortuous waiting once & for all :BangHead::BangHead: :risas3::risas3:. In the meantime enjoy this fmv :p.

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    So funny in one of the variety shows, LGX dressed up as Batman :D.


    This photo of LGX in one of the variety shows reminds me of Big Boss from Kdrama DotS :D. In PA YWY is Big Boss of the spy organization lol.


    I thought of another similarity between YG & YWY. They both waited for their ladies/were separated from their ladies for many years, within those long lonely years they remained faithful, their love for their ladies never wavered. YWY & XE were separated for about 8-10 years when she was with YX & another 2 years when XE thought YWY had died in the icy lake. YG & XLN were separated for 16 years. I do feel for both leading men, their ladies left them :D; each lady has their own reasons lol. Good to know both couples get their sweet reunions at the end.

    P.s. I did remember I talked to someone in here before about the long year separation of both couples.

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  10. saobomp

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    wow, handsome!!!

    yes, interesting that the hero/heroine stay single/virgin for that love one they long for? it's like a must hehe. or they know that love interest is with that other person but it's okay they still love? hehe
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    Happy Birthday to ZLY .... she turns the big 3 0 :D.

    That is one cute huge cup.....one of the few most unique birthday presents I've seen.


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