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  1. Ms.Zoe

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    I think I did mention a few correlations of both PA & TRotCH in here before. There are words that LGX may be playing YG so since LGX had played YWY, I find 2 things that YWY & YG have in common: 1. They each have a feathery friend & 2. They each have a pair of couple swords with their lovers :D.

    Edit: title of the fmv is Looking at each other for 1 second is remembering each other for a lifetime....how sweet is that for a title about XingYue :icon12:.

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  2. Ms.Zoe

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    Another Carmen Lee & LGX - YWY connection lol. Remember I posted a fmv about YWY being the most miserable hero, I believe I didn't say the connection then so here is the connection, the song in that video is the opening song for Carmen's drama called An Amazing Story (1999) and in this drama there are bats, when YWY goes out at night he wears that bat shaped cape :D.

    Edit: P.s. The song title can be translated as "When a man cries." When a man cries, it's not a sign of weakness; I rather see a man cries than seeing him struggle to hold his tears in :).

    Here is the opening song

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  3. saobomp

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    LOL, so funny but good caption hehe...
  4. saobomp

    saobomp sarNie Adult

    credit to the owner:

    this pix of push looks lik YWY from that angel hehe...

  5. Ms.Zoe

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    Hmmm I don't see any similarities lol.

    I see similarities between them though <3 <3 <3 :D

    Edit: Left is YWY (Kenny) & Right is YG (Louis); 2 wuxia leading men that take my breath away with their looks & love for their women :D.

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  6. neenavaj

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    LGX is so perfect to play this character!! He does look like Louis back in the day!! Crossing my fingers for their reunion!
  7. Ms.Zoe

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    Happy Lunar Moon Festival!!!!!!!!! In PA I think the Cold Festival that XingYue went to is similar or the same as Lunar Moon Festival. YWY bought for XE a rabbit lantern :love:. For Lunar Moon Festival, there arehot tea, mooncakes, lanterns & etc...yummmmyyyy!!!


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  8. Ms.Zoe

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    Another full moon night has gone by, YWY is still out of sight...he is still missing, not confirmed dead lol, PA2 possibly will happen :sad6:...I just hope they come out & make a statement whether we will have PA2 or not to end this tortuous waiting once & for all :BangHead::BangHead: :risas3::risas3:. In the meantime enjoy this fmv :p.

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  9. Ms.Zoe

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    So funny in one of the variety shows, LGX dressed up as Batman :D.


    This photo of LGX in one of the variety shows reminds me of Big Boss from Kdrama DotS :D. In PA YWY is Big Boss of the spy organization lol.


    I thought of another similarity between YG & YWY. They both waited for their ladies/were separated from their ladies for many years, within those long lonely years they remained faithful, their love for their ladies never wavered. YWY & XE were separated for about 8-10 years when she was with YX & another 2 years when XE thought YWY had died in the icy lake. YG & XLN were separated for 16 years. I do feel for both leading men, their ladies left them :D; each lady has their own reasons lol. Good to know both couples get their sweet reunions at the end.

    P.s. I did remember I talked to someone in here before about the long year separation of both couples.

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  10. saobomp

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    wow, handsome!!!

    yes, interesting that the hero/heroine stay single/virgin for that love one they long for? it's like a must hehe. or they know that love interest is with that other person but it's okay they still love? hehe
  11. Ms.Zoe

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    Happy Birthday to ZLY .... she turns the big 3 0 :D.

    That is one cute huge cup.....one of the few most unique birthday presents I've seen.


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  12. rennayj

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    There still no news yet if the director and producer want to do PA2? PA leave with a cliffhanger. I really hope they do PA2 and still keep ZLY, LGX, and DX as the main characters. They are taking forever to confirm about PA2. :(
  13. Ms.Zoe

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    I know! The longer they keep making fans wait the faster the fans will get bored of waiting...They have got to make a move fast.

    Are you reading PA translated novel? I am from different blogs. From reading I come to adore YWY even more....He is such a gem! :icon12:
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  14. rennayj

    rennayj sarNie Adult

    I know right. They can't expect to leave PA last ep with a cliffhanger forever :BangHead: Yes, I read some of the PA translated novel from the blogs. YWY is very gem type of guy that make me like him even more lol. I really want to see the proposal (marriage) and their little family scene if they are doing PA2.
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  15. Ms.Zoe

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    I want to see their first night of passion :p the most...this is when YWY realized to himself that he is the most luckiest man in the whole wide world :D. The next day after their night together is pretty funny based on the novel
    he keeps asking her "does it hurt?" Bwuahhhhh LOL...:risas3:

    Yes I really want to see the scenes of his marriage proposal to her & their happy never a dull moment family too. He lives up to every word he told her (giving her the title of his wife, creating a country/state she wants to live in and etc.). I also want to see the following scenes:
    1. YWY fighting for XE's attention & affection with one of his sons who likes to interrupt his private moments with her (the son likes to sleep between them in bed lol...deja vu of Moer sleeping between them lol)
    2. When his uncle wants his daughter to be YWY's wife (2nd wife I guess) because YWY & XE didn't have any baby yet or don't have many children, YWY turns down his uncle's request immediately....SIGH I love this man :D.
    3. YWY and XE meet each other at Cold Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival when she realizes he is still alive.
    4. XE shows YWY's ex flame &/or female admirers who is the boss (who holds the key to his heart back then, now & forever)
    5. XE sees YWY's scar from the time they fought in bed at the cabin and XE taking care of YWY for he has suffered so much from icy lake...she builds a heat warming system for their bed. I would love to see XE as a housewife, the queen of their country/state, basically the ladylike side of XE.

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  16. Ms.Zoe

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    YWY with Hua Qiangu (ZLY's character in The Journey of Flower drama).....anything with LGX & ZLY together will come out great :D.....Great fmv, Hua Qiangu looks so cute and youthful while YWY so :love: dreamy!

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  17. Ms.Zoe

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    I saw this gif many times while on my searches for some chibis of XingYue (I want those chibis of them kissing each other or at least in each other's arms....urgh can't find any yet....I do wish there will be PA 2 so fans could create cute XingYue chibis of them kissing or in tight embrace) but never thought about a phrase to go along with it....well I have it now :).

    "She dances her way into his heart" :D

    She sure did...she melts his icy heart (literally) lol....


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  18. neenavaj

    neenavaj sarNie Hatchling

    Love XingYue but....only onscreen. Idk what it is about LGX and ZLY Off camera but I feel I lost the idea of their off screen chemistry. Maybe the results of PA and the fan wars wore me out so now I lost interest in them acting together anymore...PA 2 is probably not going to happen...getting on stage together is as hard so I have stopped wishing these two would ever film together for...a while. Until then...I give up on XingYue.
  19. Ms.Zoe

    Ms.Zoe . : Lady Yue : .

    Still giving up on XingYue offscreen? @neenavaj :p

    I will be back to comment some more. In the meantime, enjoy XingYue fans, LGX & ZLY fans :D.

    Looking good in white together, their skin color even match lol


    That eyes to eyes look of theirs


    Apparently he likes to whisper to her :p


    They remind me of Song Song couple during SJK' fan meet (need that photo to compare lol)....getting off the stage & whispering with each together


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  20. Thookatha

    Thookatha sarNie Elites

    A lil late, but i just finished PA...Wtf?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! The ending!!!!!!!!

    I am a huge fan of ZLY...her work just blows me away every damn time...it's funny bc when I first got exposure to her, and saw the preview for hua qiangu, I was like 'that is the lead? Hmm. She looks kind of plain'...but it only took about 5 mins until I fell in love with this gal...then I started researching all of her other work...and watched everything!! Love her!!

    ...wasn't all that crazy about LGX either before...like, he was ok...but after PA, OMG, he got me...!!!

    ...even though LGX and ZLY did not get to depict as much on screen romance as I would have liked in PA, what I got was still enough to throw a fit if PA2 does not happen!!!!! It better happen!!!!!!! Please? Pretty please????
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