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    @Ms.Zoe , haha, thank you dear! Don't worry, I survived at your comment :p
    I didn't disliked YWY too, but I was disappointed. Especially when I read the novel and the comments of the writer.

    At first, the writer of the novel had planned that it would be Yan Xun the main lead character, that's why he suffered so much and the first part of the drama depict that well. It's him that we saw first riding a horse in the city. We knew YX first. He had more script part than YWY too.
    Chu Qiao loved him sincerely in the novel, she was in love with him and they had sweet and kiss scenes too. In the drama, it's not that at all, she was worried and cared about him as a sister only, not as a lover. And in the end, the writer chose to abandon Yan Xun character in favor of YWY to be the main male lead and made him a cold hearted person. I hate that! :crybaby2:I want to say, some people hated him at the end, but, if it was you... If you saw your entire family exterminated in front of you, before your eyes. Your sister pregnant of 7 months was killed too, that's inhumane. And after that, all the people who said was your friend are there to watch you like that in that platform. How will you react? No one stand for him except Chu Qiao and Chun'er, the other were all afraid of the emperor to do anything. The real villain in this show was the emperor, not Yan Xun. If I were him, I'd also want to avenge my family.

    Anyway, I keep watching this video when I miss the beautiful smile of Shawn Dou and the happy moments of Yan Xun :)

    For the season 2, I think it's pretty sure that there will be one. There is also a petition from fan too haha And, the drama can't end like this, there are too many questions unresolved and the novel doesn't end like that either. The only problem will be to keep the same cast. Apparently Zanilia Zhao Liying refuses to do the role if there's a second season because when she accepted the role to be the female lead, the production tricked her into thinking that they were going to film the whole novel, but they only filmed half of it. And later on Lin Geng Xin said he wouldn't come back without Zanilia Zhao Liying.

    I heard that maybe it will be Angelababy as Chu Qiao to replace her, but it's just rumor and Angelababy denied it : https://onehallyu.com/topic/560819-angelababy-is-not-starring-in-‘princess-agents’-sequel/
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    No doubts that the emperor is evil too, that is what happen when one has power & fear that others will rebel against them, they become suspicious of everyone around them, they start to eliminate who they are suspicious of. YX & his family didn't rebel against the emperor but his suspicious against them was too strong & it clouded his judgement.

    YX when he is in power, he is a reflection of the emperor. I understand YX on his quest to avenge for his family but of course the quest wasn't easy & many lives were lost for him to avenge for his family. What made me most furious was when he shot an arrow into YWY's chest on the left (clearly he wanted YWY to die) at the icy lake. Correct me if I'm wrong, YWY didn't kill his family nor had anything to do with his family's assassination & eliminating YWY wouldn't help him getting XE's affection back. In the last episode, clearly YX didn't have any good conscience left in him. The author killed all of the goodness in him. YWY wasn't the good guy in the beginning, XE did play a major role in his transformation into the good guy. XE had more things in common with YX than with YWY but when she saw how YX had changed, he drifted off the course of their planned path, she couldn't continue that path with him. You could see that she cares for her comrades unlike YX, he cares for getting what he wants even if many of his comrades' lives will be lost...so the author is pretty evil against YX :D.

    Edit: correct the word assassination, what a long word lol.
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    Haha, yeah, I would say more than evil:crybaby2:
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    Hehehe the author is really kind to YWY. She molded him into the best wuxia lead man in my book!

    Here is my PA t-shirt that I wanted to share a few months ago but didn't have the chance to:

    A closeup on YWY's face :D

    It is a little big on me so I wear it to sleep ...very comfy having YWY with me :D . It was accidentally put in the washing machine (it is handwashed only) but it survived, just like how YWY survived the icy lake :risas3:.

    Credits go to me & the person who gave me the t-shirt :thumbup:.
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    HAHAHA, you literally killed me! :risas3: I'm not jealous at all and hope you sleep well with your dream man ;)
    You gave me an idea! Just keep your YWY, and I keep my YX :icon12: :thumbup:
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    I have so many competitors, YWY has so many fan ladies, even women with husbands and children adore him lol. What's not to like about YWY :). Well I know I have one less competitor & that is you :D.

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    Not sure if I had posted this fmv up or not, since I am missing YWY & this fmv focuses all about him so I am posting it.

    Cr to 2mumu & anticuti
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    Does that cherry blossom tree shape like a heart? :D This scene reminds me of the song "The Moon Represents My Heart" --- How deeply YWY loves XE :icon12:.

    PA Moon1.jpg

    The singer is Yoona, she & LGX are in the drama God of War, Zhao Yun (same last name as ZLY). I will be back to comment some more on some interesting connections I found. They have something to do with generals. I find generals are way cooler than kings :D.

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    "And my hear's at home when my hand is holding yours" - Unknown

    Edit: adding gif

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    This thread is like my PA journal. When I think of something I want to say, I would post up some photos, gifs or quotes so I could go back & comment about them later.

    Too cute so I have to share this gif :).


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    Again I'm not sure if I had posted this fmv up or not but today I received a great news so I'm in great mood therefore I post this fmv :).

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    P.s. I will try to comment more on my other posts :).
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    This photo is too cute. I read that it was when ZLY said that LGX looks very handsome when he doesn't smile....:D then he got all shy & smiled....LoL so does it mean he isn't handsome in this photo according to ZLY....ahhh who knows she might think he is cute when he smiles :D.


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