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Discussion in 'C-Series & Movies' started by Ms.Zoe, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Ms.Zoe

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    @Thookatha hi, PA was the first drama that I got exposed to both LGX & ZLY. I think I fell for YWY due to LGX's acting before ep 5, I forgot when I like Xing'er due to ZLY's acting. I think I fall for her eyes like how YWY falls for Xing'er's eyes :D. Besides PA I finished 4 of LGX's movies and 1 drama of ZLY - Cuo Dian Yuan Yang.....I like this drama as much as I like PA.

    LGX & ZLY didn't have much intimate scenes in PA & fans were already on cloud 9...imagine if they have more intimate scenes in which Xing'er will be responsive lol.....ZLY will have no problem delivering those scenes, LGX he may have problem but by watching their most recent event promoting The Lost Town, I think he will do fine :D....it will be a shame if there is no PA 2 with the same cast....and I hope it will be better scripted & edited.
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  2. Thookatha

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    Omg, ms.zoe, i LOVED cuo dian yuan yang!!! It amazes me how ZLY can just strike chemistry with everyone she works with. Those crazy, sympathetic eyes that she kills the “boys” (and the audiences) with are just so addicting. I have yet to see her movies!! Only seen her series, but i will be sure to get on that soon!

    Like you said, if their lack of intimacy and display of onscreen romance in PA made us squirm this bad, it would almost be STUPID for producers to not continue with a PA2!! LGX and ZLY would be the hottest pair for a while! The actors AND production team overall would gain so much praise and popularity!!! Please please please give us PA2!!!!! Thatz all i will ask for!!! (In a while...lol...)
  3. Ms.Zoe

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    Yasss her eyes are so deadly in CDYY, I love her character...so sassy, so determined, so outspoken...a gal I would want to be friends with. Her intimate scenes with the lead guy, gosh if I am her boyfriend or hubby I would get jealous watching those scenes hahaha. At first watching it, I was imagining LGX as the lead guy, I was thinking how great it would be if LGX & ZLY are acting out those similar sweet, romantic, intimate scenes lol. I like the height difference of her with LGX & Qi Ji (CDYY's lead guy)...they carry her so easily & she nestles into their chests so sweet :D.

    If I'm a multimillionaire or a billionaire I would definitely invest my money to make sure that there will be PA2 & LGX and ZLY will be in it. Also I would definitely not going to let the same bad edits & scripts happen again.....YWY's & XE's love story needs to be shown more in depth in PA2.

  4. Thookatha

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    Totally agreed! I saw CDYY before PA, so I couldn’t imagine LGX in there. But maybe thatz for the better bc if LGX and ZLY had that script, i would die from squirming too much and having a broken jaw due to grinning too big!! They are just so hot together!!! Lol!!
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  5. Ms.Zoe

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    If LGX overcomes his shyness, he & ZLY will sure make fire because I agree with you too about them being so hot together. There must be something going between them offscreen to contribute to their sizzling chemistry onscreen or both brought their A game to filming, they both brought the best out of each other :p.

    Do you know about LGX's shyness during filming PA? Lol

  6. Thookatha

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    Shyn2ess issue? Wrong profession! Lol. Or actually, right profession...my ZLY will un-shy him...muahaha...
  7. Ms.Zoe

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    ZLY's PA interview gives insights about his shyness lol....one time after their kissing scene, he ran off & sat in a car hahaha....& did you know that he requested a substitute in the massage scene at the inn (the scene when XE gives YWY a shoulder massage, both don't know who the other person is)? Apparently ZLY's lips & hands are his weaknesses :risas3:. I do think he is less shy around her now based on PA press conference & The Lost Town event.

  8. Thookatha

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    Omg, that sounds so cuuuute!!!!!! But wait, hopefully, it really is bc he is shy...not bc he is gay!!!!
  9. Ms.Zoe

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    Nope I don't think he is gay. In fact he had lots of girlfriends in the past. As of right now it is speculating that he may be seeing someone. Isn't it strange that he is shy onscreen but had lots of gfs? :D
  10. Thookatha

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    Okay then, I have hope for them. Can't believe she is older than him...she looks so much younger...lol...
  11. Ms.Zoe

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    Hehehe IKR, LGX looks about 2 years older than her even though she is older than him about 4 months.

    Even the actors who worked with him also commented that he is a very shy guy. He is shy around his colleagues, doesn't matter if they are females or males. When he is shy, his ears turn red....there are some scenes in PA that his ears turn so red :D.
  12. Thookatha

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    Wahhh, that is so cute!! You are a true fan!! Thanks for all the inside scoops!!! I love reading your posts!!
  13. Ms.Zoe

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    Aww thanks & you're welcome. LGX is a cool individual & I like to share what I know about him since it has been so long that an actor playing the main guy in wuxia dramas could capture my interest like Louis Koo did as Yang Guo back in the late 90s :D. There are more I want to share but my thoughts are all over the place at the moment lol.
  14. Ms.Zoe

    Ms.Zoe . : Lady Yue : .

    I miss these twos, sharing some photos of them :D.

    Which do you prefer?

    A. Onscreen


    B. Offscreen


    C. Both

    I prefer both but more leaning towards B because he stood in the wrong side. He knew it but he still did it :D :naughty2:
  15. saobomp

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    hehe, i prefer the first pix B as well. That eye look he's doing :))).
  16. Lizabetha

    Lizabetha Miss KimBarry ❤

    OMG, all your comments literally broke my heart! In this C-drama, my favorite character was Yan Xun! He suffered so so much, I never blamed him for what he has done. I must say that I am a fan of Shawn Dou but it didn't biais my opinion. Yuwen Yue disappointed me for letting Yan Xun misunderstand him. I mean, when YX was in jail and YY said he was the one who shot the arrow in his shoulder... Anyway, this was a good drama, I enjoyed it. I cried and smiled a lot while watching it. I missed the beautiful smile of Yan Xun in the second part of the drama. I don't know if I'll watch the second season, I fear of what they will do to YX character...

    Looking forward for the new drama of Shawn Dou and Li Qin "Tears in Heavens" :love:
  17. Ms.Zoe

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    I hope one of my posts about Shawn & YX (I don't think I talked about them much in this thread, it has been a while so I forgot lol) didn't break your heart :). I do feel for YX but what he had suffered don't justify his evil deeds. Speaking of Shawn, I think he has a gorgeous smile & his portrayal of YX doesn't make me to dislike him. YWY must have his reason for letting YX misunderstood him (I need to find out why). Near the end of PA YX shot YWY so I guess in YX's mind he thinks they are even. In contrast I will definitely watch PA 2 if the main leads return because of I love XingYue. It is a given that in PA 2 YX will remain ruthless maybe even more but maybe the screenwriter will give him a change in character at the end of PA 2.

    Speaking of Tears in Heavens, I'm looking forward to it too. It is going to be one roller coaster ride too like PA :).

  18. Thookatha

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    So is it confirmed that there will be a PA2 yet?? Judging by how everyone is commenting, it sounds like so but i dont want to assume??
  19. Ms.Zoe

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    As of right now PA 2 isn't confirmed, I hope they will give a final statement whether there will be PA 2 or not by Lunar New Year because I'm sure hate waiting, let end this waiting game once & for all lol.


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