[CH7] Sampatan Hua Jai (Mummai) : Weir Sukollawat / Thisa Varitthisa


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@DaoRisa Yes, I thought I saw that he was pairing with Stephany. Hopefully, it's good. I haven't heard about Thisa pairing with anyone. Like, you I wish they can pair up again.


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Hey! I was going to watch this on thaiflix but all the ch7 lakorns are gone! Anyone know what happened or where i can subscribe to watch this lakorn?


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Before I start on this, is the boy Thisa's real son in here? I may start this out of boredom. I'm no longer a fan of Weir's acting. He's too animated for my taste.

Eve Taylor

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Pin Anong was annoying and stupid and evil af i couldnt watch after ep 12

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First things first, Weir is so handsome here LOL. I thought this lakorn was going to be better but it was incredibly slow. They spent so much time on that island with practically nothing happening and if something was happening, it has happened the episode before and then repeats itself. The city scenes weren't much better either, I would have preferred to have a p'ek be less sulky. The leads are grown ass people who have been in marriages before, it is annoying to see them constantly misunderstand each other and sulk at each other until the last episode. I watch lakorns all the time where the leads sulk and it's fine when they do but only when the sweet scenes outnumber the sulking. I can count the number of sweet scenes in this lakorn on one hand.

Weir and Thisa are fine together, they have chemistry but it's nothing special. The love story is developed so incredibly slowly with barely any good scenes. Also, the ending was also super draggy, if it's going to drag, make it like Lah Ruk Sood Korb Fah where there is genuine substance and not just random filler. I liked Jinn and Hana's pairing, though it took me a while to get into them because they were sort of a drag in the beginning, then they got better.

One thing bothered me about the villain, he just suddenly became obsessed with siring a child. Like where did that come from? Why does he only want a child from one woman, it's not like he even loves her. I rolled my eyes when his motivation and weakness was his child, it seemed very thrown in.

I was bored for a lot of this lakorn, not saying it's a bad lakorn but it isn't great either.