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  5. Dearest

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    Holy moly! So much drama and emotional scenes...this is supposed to be romantic comedy or melodrama? o_O What in the world is happening...I'm starting to have a little mixed feelings for this drama, but will keep holding on for Pook/Mik scenes.

    I'm so confused who that guy is that shot Kade--was he in an earlier episode. Seems like he's demanding money from May? Can we learn more about May and her trauma soon?

    Omg was Ruth going to kill himself wtf? For some reason everything is so extra dramatic with Pin/Ruth/Mom that it's borderline hysterical:risas3:

    They're also prob playing with us with the bath tub scene in next episode, but a bit of me hopes not :p
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    I haven't seen episode 9 yet but from the pictures wow.
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    Wow. Episode 5-9 what a ride. Ruth’s mother really is something. How can she be so crazy like that? She can kill Ruth just because she gave birth to him? What kind of logic and mother is that? Don’t tell me Pin, Ruth, and his mother’s storyline was based off Kwan’s life because it was quite similar to it with the mother controlling the child’s life. On the other hand Ruth was finally able to stand up for himself. Gotta give it to him for that. Pin and Ruth become more tolerable. As for May and Kade, their sweetness is still as sweet as ever. Hopefully we get to see May confessing her love to Kade soon.
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  8. Liddysopretty

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    The guy that shot Kade works for May as a branch manager at her hotel. He was introduced in Episode 2.

    It's for sure that Nakarin wants to hurt May, physically. He was so psychotically happy when May was being tortured by that group of bandits. Haha. His bodyguard doesn't have a clue though. His bodyguard seems like a pretty good guy. Seriously, I hope they wrap it up with May, her Father, fake Bon, and Nakarin, soon. Nakarin is beginning to show more and more of his intentions known front of May.

    In the preview, Kade loses his memory. Dude, I hope he fakes loses it for the next 3 episodes because I don't mind just watching Kade taking advantage of May scenes as a tease. Haha.

    I guess, as it nears the end, the story gets more serious. But it's a good thing that they never lose touch of the funny scenes. It was scary for May to be harassed with photos of the First Wife and then when she's comforted by Kade, she smiles again with his jokes. I like it that they keep it light, still. It was funny when she gave him his medicine and said that she doesn't want to get sick. Haha.
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  9. Liddysopretty

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    Ruj's Mom is an example of what really goes on in third world countries or Asian countries. It's honestly not far fetched. And I think it's not a coincidence that they made her a CEO of an airline. Haha. Didn't you guys read about that one story of how a Korean female elite, her family owns the airline, treated some flight attendants like shit?! And another Korean male elite who kept spitting and hitting some of the flight attendants for no reason? They have absolute power and are above the law, sadly. They buy the press and will never pay for their crimes. Why do you think there's so much corruption? Rich people who are used to getting their way believe their children are puppets they can control for the rest of their lives. It's actually true, though. It's probably only 2/10 that are like Ruj and choose for themselves but 8/10 times, Ruj and May would end up getting married, combine businesses, get richer, and move on with life in a loveless marriage.
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  10. Liddysopretty

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    So I guess we got all 3 episodes for this weekend.

    Anyway, let's see how the next episodes will be since they will be all freshly filmed scenes. We've seen all of the scenes in the MV, opening and ending credits already. I hope the quality of the directing, editing, music, and storyline will still be there. It's harsh to film and air at the same time especially for Mik who has two lakorns to film. Gosh, it's tough seeing them fall asleep on set and being prohibited to eat. Haha. The next scenes were when they were filming on Instagram Live while the first few episodes were aired. I hope they had enough time to do edit the episodes. Lol

    I hope the acting and chemistry doesn't get affected from the intense filming schedule. Mik and Pook have EXCELLENT chemistry but when you're tired, you're tired. Haha.
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    C587F7B9-3F62-457D-A8C1-889CF4440900.jpeg The rating is increasing
  12. JuDee22

    JuDee22 Dee

    Why did the hotel manager kidnap May? I didn’t understand.
  13. Dearest

    Dearest 恋の予感

    Thanks Liddy!

    Ohhhhhh, he was the branch manager lol now I remember in ep 2.

    Nakarin is crazy and I don't think he cares that May has her own fair share of trauma. Seems like Nakarin's mom was insane and tried to hurt May. Gosh, I blame their father ruining both of their lives.

    I do hope Kade is pretending to lose memory too. Kade and May scenes are usually light hearted and funny which I like.
  14. Dearest

    Dearest 恋の予感

    I think he was demanding money
  15. Liddysopretty

    Liddysopretty sarNie Hatchling

    Yeah, it was for money. He wanted May to transfer 20 million baht into his account. That's probably why May's hotel is going bankrupt. He had been doing all sorts of illegal activity.

    The unrealistic part of it was when May chased the bad guys herself and asked them if they were the ones stealing from the customers?! Like who does that? Haha.

    Nakarin is straight out a creep for going at his sister, May, like that. I don't care if he's doing it out of revenge or if the writers want to make his identity mysterious. We all can kinda guess who he is and it's just weird. Watch, he ain't even the brother. Hahahh.

    Anyway, so behind the scenes interview, Mik and Pook were joking that Guy who plays Nakarin doesn't even know what he'll be filming or doing on a daily basis. I guess, his scenes are given to him every day on the set. Haha.
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  16. Rita

    Rita Nadech <3

    What is going on? Unfortunately I won't be able to watch anymore since eng sub are no longer being released. Damn trolls ruining it for everyone so I'm stuck on ep 7.

    The photos looks so intense grrr. I'm so upset. I want to watch it.
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  17. Dearest

    Dearest 恋の予感

    Pfft haha yep the entire kidnap scene was :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:

    Tsk tsk Nakarin is creepy and I would shocked if he wasn't the half-brother. There's such strong implications he is the half-brother, but then again there was that other boy that helped steal the cupcakes with him when he was little...o_O

    Either way, I want more May/Kade scenes :love::naughty2:

    Omg that's sad that they don't even give Guy an advance notice on filming his scenes. Prob why the storyline is all over the place cause they write and film as they air the drama. Usually dramas that do this are pretty stressful for entire team.
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  18. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

    Just finished watching episode 9, Another good episode.

    I do hope Kade is pretending to lose memory too. Kade and May scenes are usually light hearted and funny which I like as well.
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  19. MTan

    MTan sarNie Egg

    I just finished ep 8 and 9... try again. I think the site is up again. Hate those annoying trolls..

    I think that scene where Kade got shot is nicely done.
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  20. LoveLizzy

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    I feel like nakarins bodyguard is her brother. Just a feeling I got from the first couple of episodes. We'll see
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