[CH7] Jao Sao Jum Yorm (Pordeecom) : Mik Tongraya/Pooklook Fonthip

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  1. alissaax

    alissaax Just staring into those eyes, warms my heart. ♡

    Im listening to the ost on repeat.
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  2. Liddysopretty

    Liddysopretty sarNie Hatchling

    It may be a while for a MikPook reunion. It takes Pook forever to pair up with the same male lead again and as for Mik, he's the most eye candy actor at Ch. 7, so he's going to star with 10 leading ladies before he pairs up with Pook, again, and then we risk Pook leaving Ch. 7 because she's wanted. It's complicated SO enjoy this moment.

    Pook may have had a shady or rough beginning but she's come around the past 5 years or so. She's definitely polished up her image, her personality, and her acting skills. She's Aum, Min, and Weir's best friend. People all have wonderful things to say about her. She's professional when it comes down to it and keeps personal issues private. I've been reading, watching, and going back to a lot of the news just these recent weeks. She supported her sister through school, too. She's a good daughter. Her Father is a lawyer.

    I usually summarize their Vlogs in here. Hahah. Just the juicy points about each other.

    I love the OST.

    There are rumors about Pook leaving Ch. 7 because she knows Pope and his manager and hangs out with them.
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  3. Liddysopretty

    Liddysopretty sarNie Hatchling

    Mik was on Pook's IG and he joked, in the end, nang'ake dies. Hahahah.

    They're STILL filming. That's so surreal because they both catch it live every weekend to resume filming the next day. Hahahh.
  4. MKfan132

    MKfan132 sarNie Granny

    Good ratings :).
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  5. Liddysopretty

    Liddysopretty sarNie Hatchling

    I hope we get better ratings. Haha.

    This is the only drama I'm following. I'll wait for this one to end before I start on the others. I can't think with Kade and May always on my mind.
  6. JuDee22

    JuDee22 Dee

    Oh..that's kinda sad to hear that this could be their one and only show but good thing is it is this show which is worth it.

    I'm not familiar with Pook until now and good for her that she's pull through and is able to manage in this industry.

    Where can I read them?

    Pope Thanawat from Ch3?
  7. JuDee22

    JuDee22 Dee

    NOOOOOooo! it must be a joke :) They enjoy their show as much as we do which is actually good because they can see and feel as an audience and can get points for improvement.
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  8. Liddysopretty

    Liddysopretty sarNie Hatchling

    Pook is nearing her 30's, she's being selective with her projects now, too, and we all know Ch. 7 is a channel full of newbies and youngsters but hard to find leads in their 30's and up. Eventually, Pook will have to branch out, same goes for Min and Kwan. I hope Pook and Mik has at least one more together before anythjng changes. After this one and the one with Min, I don't know of any other Pook lakorn. I think she finished filming the one with Min?

    Oh, I just drop some summaries of their Vlogs in my random daily rants here at the thread, follow my posts and you'll see them. Lol

    Yeah, Pope from Ch. 3. Pook and Pope know each other for a few years now.

    Yeah, I like it that Pook and Mik are watching Kade and May and are still filming so they can critique themselves and put in more emotions towards the end. Like they can still insert this or that, improve here and there, and go all in as Kade and May.
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  9. JuDee22

    JuDee22 Dee

    I hope for another Mik and Pook lakorn too. If she moves to CH3 she will also compete with the younger nang'eks.
  10. JuDee22

    JuDee22 Dee

    Are they talking about JSJY?
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  11. Liddysopretty

    Liddysopretty sarNie Hatchling

    ^I'll watch it and let you know.

    This lakorn is up against Angkor. No wonder. Angkor always does so well with every remake.
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  12. JuDee22

    JuDee22 Dee

    Thank you :)

    What is Angkor about?
  13. MTan

    MTan sarNie Egg

    I used to like Rome but did he do something to his nose? He looks kind of “different” now. I prefer the old Rome when he acted in MIA Taeng.
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  14. Ele

    Ele sarNie Adult

    Yes, actually 5 is good, but I want it to get higher than 5 , so we will see this pair again in the near future. Since they are hot and sexy pair for this year :angel10:
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  15. Ele

    Ele sarNie Adult

    yes, his nose looks different and it is not nice , look like he had surgery on it , but it should look better, how come it looks worse. I like how he looked before. I hope he fix it to make it look better
  16. Big Pearl

    Big Pearl sarNie Egg

    It is rare to see many sweet and kiss scenes in 1 Thai lakorn. Mik & Pooklook have great chemistry.
    They are both good kissers. :p

  17. Liddysopretty

    Liddysopretty sarNie Hatchling

    That video didn't mention this drama at all. Lol The only drama they mentioned was probably the one they're filming together that it's almost done filming.

    Pook went to go pick up Min because Pook is sleeping over at her house. Min kept complaining that Pook is a fast driver. Pook was like, I drive like a teenager, meaning slow cars should move to slower lanes. Then they talked about how Pook wanted a taller nose bridge as a child, so she would use clothespins to pinch her nose higher. As for Min, she used to have a huge mouth but it disappeared with time that people think she did plastic surgery. Pook was like yeah, people think that way when in reality, they're skinner in person, so they look different in person versus onscreen. Naturally, when you lose weight, your nose projects a bit out making it seem like you did something but when you take off your makeup, it's the same nose. Pook was teasing Min that she sleeps with her mouth open and wants to know why. Min was like my teeth are too big. Haha. This is Pook's new car. Min loved the comfortably in it and wanted to borrow it sometimes, Pook said yes. Min kept saying, we're almost there to her house but it took 20 minutes to get there. Hahah. Pook was complaining how she was driving this one time on a one lane each going and coming street and the car in front of her stopped in the middle to sell desserts. She was like? She would understand if there were more lanes but in a one lane each way?!

    Pook must like this outfit. It's the second time she's wearing it, Khun May's outfit. Hahah. Maybe they filmed it during the same day or maybe she wore it twice. Hahah.
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  18. Liddysopretty

    Liddysopretty sarNie Hatchling

    As for Rome, I'm happy that his lakorn is doing well. He had a lot of issues in the past, so I'm glad he's back.

    Angkor is about tiger spirits. It's based on folklore. It definitely attracts rural for sure because it has folklore, action, love, and very Thai. I think the hit concepts this year has been very Thai themed like Bpoop Phaeh. I remember seeing bits and pieces of the older versions when I was a kid kid and thought Emma was so pretty and then Pinky took on the role next. Both remakes were very popular and good ratings.

    I don't want to keep my hopes up with the ratings of this drama going up because it seems to be consistent at a 5-6 which is good already. I just hope the cast and crew are rewarded for their hard work and continue to produce good dramas like this. I'm telling you, Kade isn't aggressive enough like kidnapping May into an island, so it's not going to garner that much popularity. Hahahah.
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  19. Rita

    Rita Nadech <3

    lmao oh god. while slap kiss is good time to time, we do not need slap kiss, kidnap, rape, force marriage all the time. those ideology is so old school, we need to keep up with the time. i want to see a strong female lead for once in a thai lakorn who takes no shit from a man.
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  20. Liddysopretty

    Liddysopretty sarNie Hatchling

    Yeah, that's why ratings don't always matter. I really liked Bpoop Phaeh but I like this drama even more and the ratings for this one will never reach Bpoop Phaeh's, so if people go by ratings, they'll miss out on this one.

    I'm going back and watching all of the Min and Pook episodes, Pook is quite cute. Min has such a pretty house and you can tell that Min is a clean freak. I really like their relationship. I used to think that Min was prettier but they're actually the same now. Haha.

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