[Ch5] Nang Singh Sabad Chor [Exact]


A Fan names "Nutj" asked/wroted that She likes the Drama Kham Wela Har Ruk and when She saw Tono and Vill on that Drama She like it and wish that they should have a New Drama togehter and they should Be pair up on the Next drama.

And the answer was that They (Tono and Vill) have a New Lakorn togehter names Nang Singh Sabad Chor and Fitting Day was Done.

Ps: Today is the First Shooting Day of this Drama (News Fron Num Attaporn' s twitter)


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When I scroll down I was like ??? Lol...anyways would someone please translate tat news for us...thanks


sarNie Adult
I'll be honest, I stopped reading after the headline. Then I noticed it was TVPool, another reason not the read the entire article. The headline says that Tono has been downgraded to a supporting char and to act along side View because his previous lakorn failed to get ratings.


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TV pool..they are so funny and ridiculous when they write things. I guess they must have only one p'ek and one n'ek only.

Tono is a leading p'ek..P'Boy said it and I'll sit and watch. I don't think Exact really dwell on ratings like the other channels. They care about quality.


sarNie Hatchling
In my opinion, both Pong and Vill are being used too much in Exact's lakorns these days.
I think they should've let Egg or Note The Star pair up with Tono as supporting instead. Or even better, bring back Peung; they'd make an adorable couple!


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Photos from the opening......OMG Mos is also in here. I think Pong is not in here any more. They replace him with Mos...sad that Egg is really in here also.

Cr to: Tono Fans @ pantip & PhakinBoxingCamp for clip




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AKHHHHHHHHHHHH SO EXCITED!! Finally opening ceremony picts! Thank you so much dancy! I'm glad they replaced Pong with Mos eventually, too much starring at Pong will caused me from love him to loathe him. Happy that it won't happen though


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I'm glad mos is back,maybe because pong is busy with his other lakorn there are news say pitsawad his lakorn with bee will be filming this year still unconfirmed.


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Omg mos and pang wow these two are never pair before. Glad before mos will become a father he still one lakorn song long didn't see mos on screen. Um happen why do they change pong to mos? Want to see pang n mos pic.


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View look so pretty in this lakorn...about pang hmmm...idk I felt like I like her more when she palyed da n'rai role or da 2nd n'ek...maybe her role in tat last Aom and Captian lakorn is stuck in mine mind toöö much lol...