pang ornjira

  1. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[CH8] Pbop Phee Jao (?): Nampueng Natrika / Smart Krissada / Pang Ornjira

    This is airing starting tomorrow, replacing "Ruen Sai Sawart".
  2. inbetweener_guy

    ❤️[GMM25] Turn Left Turn Right (GMMTV): Singto Prachaya / Pat Chayanit / Beam Kawee / Pang Ornjira / Nanon Korapat / Puimek Napasorn

    This is directed by Dan Worrawech (who's also taking the helm for 2 other GMMTV series - the currently-airing "Love beyond Frontier" and "BLACKLIST"). This is an adaptation of the 2003 Hong Kong film with the same title, and is expected to air early next year.
  3. KhoOnxNouxWanxJai

    ❤ [GMM25]Ngao: Aum Atichart/Pang Ornjira/Kao Jirayu/Pattie Ungsamalin

    Cr: DJchod IG This just had one like 3-4 years ago.... lol the last version was channel 7 with Kelly, Thissa,, Ouan, and Aimee. Guessing Aum will take on Kelly's role Pang - Aimee's role Kao - Ouan's role Pattie - Thissa's role.
  4. D

    [GMM 25] Club Friday Series 9

    Okay I think there are two series of this Club Friday are filming. One is "Series 9" and the other is "Celebrities stories." I decide to do this thread for this series 9 so ya will know who in which series. The press from today event: Cr to: tikwasinee...
  5. D

    [CH.ONEHD] Sot Story season 2 : Sean Jindachote, Nat Thephussadin, Hunz Isariy

    Sean, Nat and Hunz are back for season 2 of this lakorn but the n'ke from first season are not back. The n'ke for this season is all new cast. Couple: Pang & Thanachote K with Sean Charebelle & Koii Korakod with Nat Gyeon Seo and Anis Mild with Hunz Cr to: kanth639_hfc, missbabylily...
  6. Maricon

    [oneHD] Ching Ruk Rissaya: Oil Thana/Pang Ornjira/Marie Broenner

    Teaser To be aired on January 4th, 2017
  7. krisayaporn

    [CH8] Ngao Arthun (D Wun D Kuen) : Mungkorn Pawin / Pang Ornjira

    Fitting pics for "Ngao Arthun" new project lakorn by D Wun D Kuen production, this is horror lakorn which tell about vengeful spirit who wait for a lover - Pang Ornjira come to work with Ch8 for first time, pair up with Mungkotn Paphawin, alongside with Nachad Kaviyanant, Omyim and Pook...
  8. krisayaporn

    [GMM25] Plerng Kritsana The Project : Peek Thong : Sean Jindachot/ Pangko Jintanudda/ Pang Ornjira

    New project lakorn of GMM 25 that based on Novel of Kritsana Asokesin who is winner of S.E.A. write  and national artist of art created language in 1988   In this project consist of Lai Hong (A Trait of Swan), Peek Thong (A Golden Wings) and Pah Kammathep (Cupid Jungle)    VTR of this series  ...
  9. S

    Pang Ornjira (MAXIM Vol.12 No.135 March 2016)

    cr magazinedee
  10. krisayaporn

    [OneHD] Sanaeha Karm Sen (Exact - Scenario) Captain/ Been N./Pang/New C./Ek T.

    New lakorn of Exact as Sanaeha Karm Sen, the starring is Captain Phutaneth, Bee Namthip, Pang Ornjira, New Chayapol along with Ak Akkarat and Ek Thanachote (aka Ek The Star 11)   Credit : Member 1286070 @Pantip   
  11. S

    [ONE HD] Nork Jai (Exact)

    credit news Pantip mint or Look-Wha from Songkram Nang Ngarm has said on interview that she will be a part from this lakorn but she didnt know who will act as pranang I hope it is a new lakorn plot I never heart about the lakorn title before
  12. krisayaporn

    [OneHD] Song Jai (Exact - Scenario)

    Exact and Scenario will start filming new lakorn as Song jai, so Jet Jetpipat will pair up with Pang Ornjira.   Cr. Member 1286070  
  13. Alice

    Pang Ornjira (TV POOL Vol.25 no.1291 February 2015)

    credit magazinedee
  14. D

    [OneHD] Jad Ruk Viva Luang (Magic If - Exact)

    I heard that Bie and Noona's new lakorn is called Jad Ruk, but I'm not sure. It was also said that Khun Boy himself will direct this lakorn. We'll have to wait and see on the 13th. Please ignore the other same topic of this lakorn, I accidentally created it 2 times. Credit to...
  15. krisayaporn

    [One HD] Kay Hart Dao (EXACT)

    Grand and Ak fitting new lakorn as"Kay Hart Dao". It is remake lakorn I don't know that both of them is main couple or supporting couple. so this lakorn have three couple     The other stariing is Pango Jintanadda, and now she prepare for this lakorn  by studying acting.  
  16. A

    Various Stars (EXACT MAGAZINE vol. 2 no. 5 June 2013)

    Credits: Magazinedee.  
  17. N

    [Ch5] Pik Marn (Exact & Scenerio)

    credit: from wiki EXACT
  18. N

    [Ch5] Hua Jai Rua Puang (Exact & Scenerio)

    Opening tomorrow 20 Febuary !!!
  19. A

    Pang Ornjira (SPICY no. 421 October 2012)